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Finished the DB run yesterday night (today system time). Total of 11 days to break prism, with ~80 turns left over and no relevant stat days for the duration. Nice.

- Completed the Nemesis quest at level 10 using reagent potions and love songs. Then still had to do ballroom to level to 11.
- Completed frat-side for war and completed all quests. Nemesis Disco combos makes the filthworm quest 1 turn per chamber.
- Did not use the reward from the Sauceror run at all
- Did not buy funkslinging
- Used 1 instant karma (had over 200 turns that day and 2 semi-rares)
- Leftover semi-rares sold for profit: 1 knob pasty, 1 tasty tart, 2 scented massage oil
- RNG hated me at hippy camp, spooky forest, hole in the sky, lighthouse
- RNG loved me at the NS Tower (didn't have to backfarm at all)
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EDIT: Analysis of cost-benefits of pasta dishes without a chef-in-the-box...

3 Fullness:
tomato - 1 turn cooking/4-11 (7.5 avg) returned = 6.5 net returns
herbs/tofu - 1 turn cooking/4-12 (8 avg) returned = 7 net (2.3 t/f)
spices - 1 turn cooking/6-12 (9 avg) returned = 8 net (2.6 t/f)
spices + herbs - 2 turns cooking/8-14 (11 avg) = 9 net

4 Fullness:
pr0n - 1 turns cooking/8-13 (10.5) returned = 10.5 net (2.6 t/f)
knob lo mein - 3 turns cooking/14-20 (17) returned = 14 net (3.5 t/f)
knoll/spooky - 3 turns cooking/14-21 (17.5) return = 14.5 net (3.6 t/f)

(non-pasta) stir-fry (3 fullness)
rat appending - 3 turns cooking / 7-14 (10.5) returned = 7.5 net (2.5 t/f)
batwing/knob sausage - 3 turns cooking / 6-14 (10) = 7 net (2.3 t/f)

Thus... best use of spices is still to save them for the lo mein...
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*squints* I did get the right day today, right?

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RNG really hated me today... 15 effin' turns for the last can lid for gourd. Only 3 spider webs before I ran out of turns. Accidentally got the semi-rare at the sleazy back alley rather than outskirts of cobb - but at least it's a good turns consumable. Only 1 powdered donut dropped from the map - but at least I was able to get to level 5. Failed the chessboard and didn't get anything out of it. Bleh 3 explosions and 2 mimics out of the first 5 tries at barrels. Haaaate.

Got 1 drink that crafted into a roll in the hay, got ice cubes from today's summons to craft a calle de miel. Other two drinks couldn't be crafted so drank them as is.

Did pick up another scintillating powder from kitchens and another pastamancer summoner in pantry. These actually sell pretty well, 500 meat total, which pushed me over the 5k meat mark to buy Pastamancy. Currently still got 600 meat left.

Switched to stocking mimic after hitting level 5, and got a few drops so far, but haven't used any yet. Unlocked the rest of the guild store and quests.


- Next semi-rare at 182
- Get enough meat to buy oven to make 3 boring spaghetti
- 1 more spider web for skirt
- craft epic weapon
- unlock fernswarthy tower, boss bat chamber
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Edit (3/15):

Killed the NS today (right before Muscle day for my next TT ascension)...
- Suicided 4 times, died 2 more times after that before I got her.
- EQ was the fully legendary sauceror regalia set, battered hubcap offhand, blackberry slippers and baling wire bracelets. About 228/313 HP/MP with that set.
- Saucemageddon (the weapon skill) costed too much and ran out of mana quickly
- Wave of sauce did too little damage to get anywhere before being killed
- Used saucegeyser as the attack to kill her; maybe got 2/3 of shots in.
- Ran out of red pixel potions and had to use gauze garters bought from mall. Should've also tried boomboxes/macrame nets but forgot...
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For once I didn't ascend right before rollover for the extra turns, as I wanted another shot at the SHC still to convert my remaining sake to higher selling versions. Also managed to squeeze a semi-rare to stick in the mall. Then, hopped the gash and played a 40 turn start for the first time. :)

So, Day 1 Log )

In other news, feeling kind of meh about playing the sauceror today. Maybe I"m just tired.

March IOTM

Mar. 4th, 2010 10:41 am
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New area associated with the clan furniture looks kinda interesting from the forum thread. I'm going to test and see tonight if it can be accessed from HC as the thread seems to imply.

As for getting access from a small clan... there's always requesting whitelist from a larger clan, since the VIP key will open the lounge for any clan. I saw this post on the forum welcoming all comers...


Also, FYI, right now in the mall...

Mr. A: 6.999999 mil
suspicious stocking: 5.5 mil
rock lobster: 0.899999 mil

Two familiars for the price of one if you'd bought during last December. Or more if you buy some of the cheaper sea familiars like groupier groupie, clownfish, etc.

...just sayin'

EDIT: Resource links
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Around level 7-8, the Pastamancer goes from an impoverished wimp to an insane killing machine. That is, if you've played your cards right.

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EDIT to add lvl 13 fights against Naughty Sorceress & Nemesis )

In other news, I broke the prism with exactly 1 turn left. However, I hadn't eaten yet for today except for 2 fortune cookies. ^_^
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(Yes, I'm using a Gaia icon cuz I don't have a stick figure icon. :P)

So, started my softcore Pastamancer run on Kingdom of Loathing on a mysticality day with 80 turns to start off of, and a fairly well stocked Hagnk's. I also lucked out in that the daily bounty and the Myst class gourd quest both took place in the Haunted Pantry. So I was able to get 3 gourd potions and a lucre right off the bat.

At the end of the 80 turns, I was about lvl 4. I had hoped to make it to 5 so I could make/eat delicious spicy noodles, but that didn't happen and I ended up eating 5 stocked bat wing stir-fry. The myst bonus from the food (and the myst DB cocktails I got from the guild quest & stock) was able to bump me up to the middle of lvl 5. I finished the day at lvl 6.

Probably need to slow down a little on subsequent days. I've only done the lvl 2 quest and there is a bunch of stuff I need to backtrack on.

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KoL Hints

Feb. 9th, 2010 11:19 pm
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scintillating powder - spice ghost

Haunted Kitchen - shiny butcherknife (makes spearx2 good for attack)
entangle(lvl2) + attacks(x2) = 200+ dmg for 15mp
chopsticks to tide over until chefstave? nah.
Chefstaves (tempest - kettle - cauldron) + cookbook (store/haunted library)

MP Regen:
epic hat + stave + mmj for regen
possible lobster pet (floaty sand for initiative)

important stat = combat initiative, suggested eq:
upkeep springy fusili for combat (lvl 6)
infernal insole (lvl 6 quest)
DB ascension reward (~lvl 7 moxie)
Bonerdagon Necklace (lvl 7 quest)
hors d'oeuvre tray (haunted ballroom)
Lord Spookyraven's ear trumpet (lvl 11 quest)
furniture dolly, shiny hood ornament (lvl 12 quest)

References from cashew

wiki refs
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Hm.. most of the advice on hardcore, I've noticed, is geared towards making subsequent runs shorter and shorter (days-wise) but assumes that pretty much all subsequent runs will be in hardcore/no-path.

But if your goal is to just get all of the hardcore and oxygenarian rewards (sans the oxy one for seal clubbers, which is PvP oriented) and then go back permanently into softcore, wouldn't it make more sense to do the HCO runs first since you're not going to get any bonuses out of the food/drink skills?

For example...
Normal > HCO-DB > HCO-AT > HCO-SA > HCO-PM > HC-DB > HC-SC > HCO-TT > HC-TT > HC-AT > HC-PM > HC-SA > Softcore
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So. While I was stuck on a long conference call with nothing to do, I opened an account with Kingdom of Loathing. I'm past level 3 now and is there a clan I should join?

EDIT: Ok... stopping now cuz cramps are hitting... ow.
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