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Robots from the 120th century reinterpreting Shakespeare. XD

I've recently got rather sucked into the story for this game, even though I'm never actually going to play it. Most likely. Probably.

... >.>

EDIT: Also finally finished my new GW2 backpiece.
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Was watching some TOS vids lately and came across this one that brought up some revelations about fanon vs canon.

No, I'm not talking about a potential Spock/Uhura match. But rather, how he interacts with the rest of the Enterprise crew.

For one thing, fanon seems to have adopted the view that vulcans hate to be touched, ostensibly because they're touch telepaths. And, of course, the fact that he and Kirk get a lot of physical contact is a sign of his feelings for Kirk. (I'm guilty of this myself because it can be a plot device used to drive slashy plotness.)

However, based on that vid, it's obviously not true. And I'm betting that there are a lot of other instances where Spock manhandles fellow crewmates without any problems. (He also gets into physical altercations with enemies, but naturally those don't count.)

Also, I did a brief search through ENT scripts to see if this fanon idea originated from that series. But no. Nowhere in ENT does it indicate vulcans avoid physical contact. T'Pol does say vulcans don't like to touch their food with their hands, but that just might be an etiquette quirk. When they visit P'Jem, she's careful to tell the crew not to touch any artifact or speak out of turn with the monks, but don't mention anything about not touching said monks.

So yeah, total fanon.

The other thing I noted is that clip at the end of the vid, where Spock does an extemporaneous musical performance with Uhura singing ad hoc lyrics that's pretty much making fun of him. He does this in the middle of the rec room, with lots of other junior crewmembers around to listen and laugh along. He also shows a lot of expressions, including smiles, grins, and exasperated eye-rolls. Now, you could say that this was in TOS season one where they haven't nailed down vulcan stocism... but this episode came after "The Man Trap" (the clip before it) where Uhura berates Spock for being emotionless on receiving news that a member of the landing party (potentially Kirk) had died. So yeah.

Anyway, back to the earlier point... TOS fanon tends to depict Spock as awkward and not well socialized for human contact, and needed Kirk to teach him how to socialize with the human crew. This...is very obviously not true, given that rec room clip. Spock seems to get along with other humans in a recreational setting just fine. Also, even lacking that clip, the idea is unlikely, given that Spock had previously served at least a decade on the Enterprise under Pike, and he gets along just fine with others in "The Cage".

Besides, do we even see TOS!Kirk ever socialize with any of this crew that isn't Spock or McCoy? Now there's a question.

EDIT to add:

One more fanon item I've noticed... A lot of TOS fics have stuff like Kirk and Spock sparring with each other while off duty. Now, I don't think it's out of the question for the Enterprise to have a gym/dojo. The security guys have to get their exercise somewhere. I can even buy TOS!Kirk occasionally working out with his security guys, given how often he breaks into the melodramatic flying kicks.

But Spock? I dunno. Aside from "Amok Time", where he was hopped up on the really good vulcan hormones, his record of fisticuffs with various alien bad guys, when compared to that of his human colleagues, isn't all that special. Certainly it doesn't seem to match up to the 'vulcans are 3x the strength of humans' claim.

Honestly, I think it would make more sense to think of him as the geek who sits in a lab all day and *doesn't* do practice martial arts in his spare time, and thus why his abilities in fights are comparable to his human teammates. Also, the whole '3x strength' thing could just be comparing the average (pure) vulcan against the average human, and not Spock himself in particular.
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This is pretty neat. I didn't know ancient chinese had so many rolling R's.

Y'know...usually in time travel or crossover fics to settings in ancient eras never consider the dialect barrier. Of course it's so you don't want to bog down the plot. But still...

Other awesomeness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdO3IP0Pro8
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Wat. Just... Wat? Starfleet. GW2. Korean. Chinese patriot song. Great Leader? What? *squints* Not sure if parody or someone who has no idea what they're stitching together.

EDIT: Ok, apparently it's a guild theme? But... WHYYYYYYY?!

More o_O from the same channel - not sure if I should be moved, amused, or horrified.

EDIT2: For my sanity, here is actually a good GW2 music vid that makes sense.
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It took me a week but I've finally uploaded all the vistas I recorded from the beta weekend. The playlist is here. (Play All)

5/5 Rata Sum
8/9 Metrica Province
6/6 The Grove
5/5 Hoelbrak
8/8 Caledon Forest
3/5 Black Citadel
6/6 Divinity's Reach
9/9 Lion's Arch
6/7 Brisban Wildlands
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Eleven Days Left... *dances in joy*

Current plans are to finalize the looks like what will be my Sylvari Ranger main, with detailed screenshots on each of the settings so that I can zip through them quickly at launch. Same for the human elementalist main. Not as much worried about the Asura and Norn, since the names I prepped for them are less likely to get taken quickly.

For actual playing, I think I'm going to try out Asura Thief this time. See how the thief mechanic actually works before I cross it off my list. You never know. I might like it. Haven't decided yet if I want to actually play a Sylvari Ranger or if I'll just take the Norn Ranger through the sylvari zone (mainly to spot charmable pets).

Will take suggestions & requests for stuff in the game to look at, either with screenshots or video. I can record short snips of video with MSI Afterburner without any problems.

EDIT: Character creation videos for sylvari and asura
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I guess I should've stuck around more on the norn areas? Here's an awesome demo of a dynamic event chain (narrator's accent aside) from a norn area. Loved the detail that went to each of the NPCs involved. I guess coming across any one of the events in the chain would've seemed like it was a solo event or a series of solo events. If you don't stick around, you don't see how they actually chain together.

Also, some funny glitches:
Elementalist snowboarding/skiing
Mesmer portal trolling AFK'ers
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Apparently there was a 2nd press beta weekend.

Resource thread at GW2Guru
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Just google "guild wars 2" on google news and there's plenty of entries. Ditto youtube. The GW2 forums might be the best place to find a central location of it all...


Linking the forum page is probably not as useful as linking to what looks like the resource summary thread, until something better comes along. (Thread2)

EDIT: And apparently they're doing some limited open beta already! O_O

EDIT2: Some initial thoughts...

- Would like to see eye color be customizable as well. Currently it doesn't appear to be.
- Is it just me or is the Norn clothing sets for engineer/rogue/mesmer just a scaled up version of the human one? Then again those are the last 3 classes introduced so maybe they haven't finished the Norn-specific versions yet?
- Emotes aside, I really hope the female Charr don't sound so masculine when they talk in cut scenes. I was hoping for the classic Catwoman purr. =/
- Also, why is Charr (midlevel?) armor so ugly and...spikey? Half the professions have more spikes on them than the average GW1 assassin. Only decent looking sets are the Necro and Mesmers ones. *grumble*
- Based on the pet vid, the moas have lost their GW1 prettiness *sadface* and I still think the big cats look like they stepped out of Jungle Book. Sadly, the canines and small birds (not the flamingo...wtf?) might be the best option.


Jan. 26th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Apparently Star Trek Online just switched to free-to-play (cosmetic microtransaction) model.

Hm. >.>

Inner geek tingling...

EDIT: Also, a completely unrelated, hilarious TNG fan vid. And a cute SW mst3k

EDIT2: Apparently, my video card is too old for STO. Can only run at low settings. Foo. It's not like I'm there for the gameplay. :P

Oh, FOX...

Oct. 28th, 2011 08:04 pm
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"How much do you love Charles Xavier?"

Man, they stuff they got away with in our Saturday morning cartoons... XD
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Insert evil laughter

(Also, recs list continues to be updated)

EDIT: More, not quite brain breaky evil laughter.

In a fab montage, the pair go on a recruiting drive, in which they perch on a strip-club bed.

"That scene got exceptionally silly at one point," says McAvoy. "I don't know if I'm even allowed to tell you what originally happened. But it got pretty f---in' kinky. I'm not joking."

Was the dashing duo's bromance, uh, consummated?

"Unfortunately no. But there was a little bit of cross-dressing going on. That's all you need to know."

(For the record, McAvoy would have preferred it if Xavier and Magneto stayed together. Like, really together. "It is a little bit of a mini-tragedy that him and Magneto don't, you know, have sex and become married and become best friends.")

EDIT2: *cracks up*
EDIT3: *squee*

For laughs

Oct. 17th, 2009 11:42 am
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Funny stuff: 大侠就是我
蝶梦(穆杨) 焦版杨宗保

Also, want the mp3 version of this song: 只如初见. So far all I can find is the shorter female sang version.

*** Ignore the rest *** )

Misc refs...
BLD prequel ep guide

LnC videos

Feb. 3rd, 2009 10:44 am
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Been watching a few eps/clips on google video and found a site that has what appears to be most of the first two seasons uploaded.


Tudou (Chinese subtitles):
1st season: http://v.youku.com/v_playlist/f2537594o1p0.html
2nd season: http://v.youku.com/v_playlist/f2537594o1p22.html
3rd season: http://www.tudou.com/playlist/id/177224/
4th season: http://www.tudou.com/playlist/id/1887407/

Episode guide: http://members.fortunecity.com/lioncourt77/loisandclarktable.html

Lois kick ass - especially in The Prankster (single-handedly captures the villains) and Wall of Sound (Lois 3, Amazon bouncers 0).
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Because China is one big MMO farming community, amirite?

WOW Welcomes You


Also, more panda pics
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Well I asked my co-workers in Australia but no luck. However I did come across a subtitled version on youtube...


Not sure if it's the same one.

Also see another version on veoh but it appears to be a HK version.

Le sigh. Well, guess will try saving the youtube ones first.
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漢武大帝 slash? & remixed

I dunno, it looks kind of blatant to me. :p

This one's a moving depiction of 丝绸之路. Not sure if the song's actually from the 漢武大帝 show or a fanvid. 张蹇 must have been one of 唐僧's prior incarnations. :p

For completeness' sake, the opening and ending themes, and miscellany.

贞观之治 opening, ending, fanvid?
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