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Nov. 20th, 2005 07:11 pm
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Been reading primary texts from Ancient China (about the Tang dynasty, though written later in Late Tang or Song). Man, it didn't pay to be in the government back then...

Wei Zheng: I suggest you kill your younger brother, like, now

Li Jianchen (the Heir): *wibbles* Um...

Li Shimin: OMG die! Emperor-ship, here I come!

Li Jianchen & Yuanji: *dies*

Wei Zheng: *in jail* I told 'em so. But do they listen? Noooo...

Li Shimin: *now Emperor Taizong* I like you. Wanna be in my inner-council-cabinet-of-advisors clique?

Wei Zheng: You suck.

Li Shimin: Right. You get to be my grand-vizier-type-dude.

Wei Zheng: ...

Fang Xuanling: Um, I'd like to retire.

Tang Taizong: No.

Fang Xuanling: But I'm over 50. I'm old! Why don't I get to retire?

Tang Taizong: Are you senile? Gone stupid in your old age?

Fang Xuanling: ...I would like to say yes but my scholarly pride prevents me. Dammit.

Tang Taizong: Then no. Back to work with you!

Fang Xuanling: I'm starting to regret proposing that downsizing early in your reign.

Tang Taizong: Oh and here's some nice nick-nacks and more money for your long and loyal service and all that.

Fang Xuanling: ...

Wei Zheng: *hacks up a lung* Give it up, man. He's never letting us out of his clutches the cages court.

Tang Taizong: Oh, Wei Zheng, there you are. Here's some more jobs and responsibilities and all that.

Wei Zheng: ...

Tang Taizong: You get a promotion to go with it?

Wei Zheng: There's gotta be a way to get this disease to kill me. *hackcough*

Right, totally should get back to work now.
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So today was the second day of the last career fair at school, right? I went to the one yesterday, but I thought I'd drop by again today. So I get to Sproul and I see all these protesters all over the place and police guarding the front of the MLK center. Well, that in itself wasn't strange, since the police were hanging around yesterday too. But then I try to get into the MLK center and I get stopped by one of cops, telling me I need to get in line with everyone else.

That was when I looked around and realized that yeah, there was this huge line leading up to the MLK center. And why was there a line, you ask? Because they were checking everyone's backpacks before letting them in.

More (cut for space) )

Yeah, and that was the stupidity of the day. *shakes head*
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Got my EE122 midterm back today. I did better than I'd feared, only 2 points under the mean. Of course, the mean was like 43 (out of 100). Then again, the standard deviation was 17.5 and the highest score was only 79 (which was just O.o since usually in EECS classes you always have some nutbar genius who blows the curve with a 100+ on every exam). So I figure I'm doing okay there, based on the looks of the curve.

My EE126 midterm... don't ask. I don't know. I'm not going to know 'cause I'm not planning on picking up my midterm. I'm even avoiding having to deal with the whole grade issue in that class by getting my advisor to change my status there to pass/no-pass, so all I have to do is accumulate enough points for a D- or above and not have to worry about the rest... cuz "the rest" is just not happening. Yes it was that bad.

Edit 2: Speaking of advisors, I got an email from my other advisor about sessions for telebears. It's that time already?! But the online catalogue for Fall 2005 isn't even up yet!! O_O

Edit to add: And the last chapter of Spring Fever will go up tonight. Not too late. I promise.
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More anecdotes from my lecture notes...

cut for spacing )

I'm being amused by the oddest things...
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So one of our homework assignments for cs162 was to sign up for a day to take lecture notes, which are then posted on the class website (and graded too). Naturally, some people take better notes than others.

Some people also take notes by taping the lecture and doing a verbatim transcription.

The latter are more useful when studying for exams, though, so we like these overly/obssessively complete neat-freaks. But it also means that in the middle of some stuff on Network Protocols, we get stuff like this:

cut for spacing )

Now that I think about it, I was actually there for that particular lecture.

Be amused, dammit. :p
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Where do I even start?

So this morning I took BART back to Fremont because my new credit/atm cards came, and supposedly, I was supposed to get some legal paperwork along with the cards with regards to the unauthorized transactions on both accounts. I also needed to pick up a new pack of checks, since mine had run out and I have bills to pay, given it's near the end of the month.

So I go back this morning and find out there were no legal paperwork along with the cards. I really hope it's just because they haven't arrived yet. So I grab the new cards and some new checks and a few stamps to mail the utility bills. (My roommate and I had agreed that I would make the checks to the utilities bills and then just deduct the total from the rent I give her.) My mom was thoughtful enough to leave a lunch for me on the kitchen table.

So yeah, things were doing okay by the time I get back to Cal and head for the post office at like, 2pm. Then I discover I'd accidentally left the two utility letters on my dad's work desk when I was hunting for stamps and had forgotten to put them into my backpack after lunch.

Since they were both due in like two days or so, I obviously couldn't wait 'til my parents get back tonight and then have them get it sent express mail ($13 each) tomorrow. So I run all the way back to BART and wasted another $7 roundtrip to Fremont. Since the post office closes at 5 and there wasn't enough time to get back to Cal and mail it there, I then ran from my house to the post office (some 30 minutes walking distance) to get them mailed under priority mail ("only" $3).

Then, tired of running, but still needing to get back before I miss my second lecture/session of the day, I took the first bus along that said it goes to the BART station. It was too late when I realized it meant the Hayward BART station, and involved like 40 minutes of local meandering before getting there. Hell, it would've been faster if I'd walked back to the Fremont BART.

And, of course, just when I get to the BART station, a train had just arrived. I manage to run up to the platform just in time to see the train going to Richmond depart, leaving me to wait for the next one. Needless to say, I was late for class - not to mention tired, stressed out, thirsty (by water bottle was empty), and starving.

Oh, and my period started this morning. So all that running around was done with cramping all the way.

And don't even mention all the work I haven't gotten to because I wasted so much time running around.

Life seriously sucks. Is there something I can sacrifice to Murphy to get rid of whatever curse has been apparently put on me? It really feels like something out there is just giving me enough rope to hang myself on, and of course, I walk straight into it every single time.
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So Saturday: worked on the stupid project from 4pm to 2am ish.

Sunday (was it only "yesterday"?): worked on it from 4pm ish to 10 am ish. Or would that count under Monday (today)?

Then slept for like 4-5 hours and then ran around campus getting errands run. Skipped all classes today. (For which I'm sure I'll regret in the future.)

Now: 6pm, and back in the computer lab.

[whines] Why meeeeeeeee!! [/whines]
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It's now 1:30 a.m. where I am. Guess where I am and what I'm doing (besides writing on GJ, that is).

At home playing around on my computer? Nope. (For once. ^^;)

I'm in the computer lab in Soda Hall working on our project thingy which is due on Monday. Yes... we have decided to avoid the problem we had last time of pulling an all-nighter on the day before the project was due... by pulling late-nighters for consequtive days before the day our project thingy is due.

Anyone who mentions the words "lesser of two evils" shall be malleted.
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Well, it's not as glaringly "I'm so dead" as other midterms tend to make me feel. But the more I think about it the more nervous I feel about how I did. Our professor should go in for Psychology... Psych warfare anyhow.

The worst thing is... it's not the memorize-facts part I had problems with. Oh if it were only that, I'd at least know where/if I got something wrong. The thing is, the exam is mostly stuff about theory. Y'know, stuff like "prove this" or "explain that". So it's basically me frantically writing down paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff, then erasing and rewriting for the Nth time, hoping I got the right idea/etc. And I have no idea how I did, after the fact too. It's going to be such a subjective test to score... I'm foreseeing a lot of potential for arguing with the Prof/TAs about this...

Incidentally, I'd like to thank [insanejournal.com profile] cashew for introducing me to Neopets on Friday. (That was sarcasm, in case you can't tell.) I think I wasted all of Saturday and some of Sunday on that place. *facepalm* (Though, thank goodness, the exam isn't what one would call cram-neccessary as much as it's "if you get it, you're good, else you're screwed".)

Yeah, neopets... Got myself hooked on the NeoQuest game. Funnily enough, I was halfway through the game before it occured to me I could look up hints and maps online. *sheepish* Though, with the cheat info, it becomes a pretty sure-fire/no-loss way to get points. It gives you hundreds to >1000 points for each boss you off, and 25x points for each level (out of 50) you gain. So level 10 going to 11 you get 250... level 20-21 you get 500... anyone remember how to do sum of arithmetic series? Well, it's a lot, since I'm on like level 30-something going onto 40. Levelling is fun. Tedious, but there's something about watching your opponents smack themselves silly because you invested in Reflex that's just so satisfying.

Other neopets stuff... I've gotten quite a bit of random events and chance games wins. The wheel of monotony seems to work for me. I left it on while I went to take my exam and my results were in by the time I got back. Got an avatar thingy, which is at least better than nothing or less points than I paid that I usually get at the Wheels of Enchantment and Mediocrity. *shrug*

Ah well... onto levelling...
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At 6:30 pm on Thursday, I went to the Soda Hall lab to join my group members in completing our project (part 1) due on Friday at 3. At the time, it didn't exactly look like it was going to be that much work, since we had most of our stuff at least semi-working.

It is now 1:10 pm on Friday and we're still here... most of us including me anyhow. That's less than two hours to go and counting.

*falls on face*

Gyah. Once I got past the half-nauseous, vaguely floaty, and numbed-outta-my-mind phase at like... 6 in the morning, I'm more or less awake and lucid now. Just very, kind of sluggish.

Oh, and we're not done yet. *teeters*

Well, we're done with *most* of our assignment... just not the portion where the most of the grade portion falls on. Isn't it always that way? *stabs Murphy*

I'm also hungry. Chances are I'll be here until three, barring a major miracle before then.

CS sure is fun! *walks into wall*

Yeah... @_@
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What, do they really expect us to do these 3-hour labs without someone here to shoot stupid questions at? :p

Anyhow, the administrative problems are almost over. I've got all my classes switched over. Dropped Philo25 and added the two decals. My advisor was nice enough to waive the $10 charge for dropping Philo, probably taking pity on me. I got the residency issue settled too and now my bearfacts profile reads Resident. The only question now is if I still have to pay the $2000 on the next CARS bill - yeah, that's one big "only" right there. Just watch me start stalking the billing office people now.

On the other hand, part 1 of my cs162 project is due Friday. I'll probably be too busy pulling nighters to be stalking any admin offices for the next few days. As for ee141... don't talk to me about ee141. *thud*

...and where the heck is our TA?!
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...aside from the horrible horrible cramping and possible anemia.

I got my two 2-unit decal classes, though I'll have to wait 'til Monday to put in the changes on my schedule. But at least I won't have to worry about writing the Philo midterm paper.

Hey [insanejournal.com profile] cashew, you like Salinger (eg. Catcher in the Rye), right? Wanna take the Salinger decal with me? It's 1-2 variable units, on Thursdays 5-6. You free? If not, can I borrow your books?

The other class I picked was "History of Middle-earth", reading mainly out of the Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales. Needless to say, I'm going to enjoy this one a lot more than the other one.

And I finally got something decent to eat tonight. I skipped lunch today again 'cause I spent most of the day trying to finish my EE homework before the 5pm deadline. I didn't totally finish, but homework's only worth 10% of our grade anyhow. (Unlike, say CS162, where homework including the project is worth 40% of our grade.)

So, hopefully by Monday I'll have all of my administrative headaches over with... the residency thing, the class changes...

I have tomorrow off, more or less. If my group doesn't need to get together for our project, I'm certainly up for meeting for lunch/dinner/whine-session with cashew.
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The last three days have been the suckiest... well, they've been really really bad. Hence why I haven't been updating my journal for like a week now.

First of all, the first phase of my CS162 term project came out. This the class that required five people working overtime for two weeks just to get through the first *homework*. As you can see, we're kind of dying over there in that class. I predict that 75% of my time and energies are going to be devoted to that class this semester. And that's including sleep.

I can rant on more about the sheer "ugh"-ness of that class, but I think I'll leave that up for a standalone rant while the injustices accumulate.

So EE141... that's the class which I have to turn in the homework for tomorrow at 5. The same homework I haven't even started yet due to CS162 and other stuff. Yeah. Three guesses at what I'm going to be stressing over tonight/tomorrow morning and the first two don't count.

EE122. Dropped it like a hot potato. After spending Monday and Tuesday morning tracking down my advisor. Grr. Stupid EECS drop-in hours.

Philosophy 25A. [insanejournal.com profile] cashew mentioned the problem with this one. Though if she was unclear, let me just reiterate. I found out on Monday that this class was also crosslisted under Classics 36, a class I had already taken. Crosslisting basically means that they're the same class, just with a different name. Which means that if I take the class, I won't get any units for it; furthermore, if I get a lower grade than the previous grad I got on Classics36, the lower grade would overwrite my previous higher grade. Needlessly to say, not a good thing.

The problem with dropping the class outright is that the College of Engineering requires all students to take a minimum of 12 units per semester. Right now I have exactly 12. I can't drop anything unless I find another 4 units somewhere, which is what I'm currently trying to do with decal classes. However, this being the fourth week of classes already, I think you can all see why I'm so freaked out about all this. (Incidentally, I've already gone to my first decal class tonight and obtained 2 of my needed 4 units. The class was pretty cool, but I think I'll need to wait 'til all of this is resolved before I can truly appreciate, not to mention write about, it.)

BTW - dropping two classes and adding two classes will be costing me another $30 before this is over.

Speaking of cost, there's still the whole residency issue. When I went for my appointment on Monday, they couldn't find my file. *bangs head against table* So I had to fill in another one, and this weekend I'll need to rush back home and get a photocopy of my dad's documentation stuff. The lady I made my appointment says she can directly handle my case once I get the paperwork, and I can only hope that the whole residency issue will be finished by next Monday.

And finally, on top of that... I didn't eat yesterday, beyond a can of coke and a few handfuls of tortilla chips. Today, I had beef jerky and an apple danish for lunch and I'm having chips again for dinner. All because I simply have not the time or energy to cook. Plus I need to go shopping for groceries again. *sigh*

So yeah. Not a good week. At all.

Gah, kill me now. -_-
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I'm waffling very badly in the decision to drop one of my tech classes, most likely EE122 (Computer Networking).

I started to consider this option a few days ago, when I spent the evenings of half the days of last week, plus Mon-Wed this week up to 2-4 a.m. working on the our first homework assignment for CS162. (Really, the assignment was "homework" only in name, and more like a mini-project. I mean, how many "homeworks" require you to work in groups of up to 5 people and still make them stress/rush at it? And if this is called homework, then what the professor calls a "project" is going to be a nightmare.) There are 6 more "homeworks" to go and an actual project just in that class. Plus, both my other tech classes have term projects as well. Not a good combination, needless to say.

So I've been thinking about whether to drop the class. So far the only reasons for *not* dropping would be:

1. My parents will not be happy. Especially Dad.
2. Not being able to predict the future, I can't be 100% sure that I can get by with all three classes.
3. The class is pretty interesting; one of our profs is really good but is unlikely to be teaching that class again next semester.
4. Extra classes in relevant topics always look impressive on a resume.

...While on the "for" side, I have the following reasons:

1. I don't have any unit requirements that I need to cram classes in to fill. (In fact, if I hadn't taken a semester off for an internship and only taken two tech classes in the second half of my junior year, I could've gradudated at the end of said junior year). I don't need the class.

2. I am reminded of the lesson to be learned from last (well, Fall 2003) semester, when I was so busy with EECS150 that my neglect of othe classes resulted in a really bad grade for EE128.

3. With more time to concentrate on less classes, I might get a better grade than usual, and pull up my languishing GPA.

4. I'll have more free time. (This is my purely selfish rationale.)

5. Some of the topics from EE122 overlap with CS162 anyhow. In fact, most of the people in that class already have taken 162 before, and thus have a better background/grounding in that class. It would be an uphill struggle to compete with them, grade-wise.

6. The EE122 project is basically coding (a very CS-like project for a supposed EE class). Programming is *always* time consuming. CS162 is practically all programming already. A double dose would be a serious time cruncher.

7. What my parents don't know won't hurt them. *cough*

8. There are still a lot of people on the wait list for EE122, some of whom need the class more than I do. In fact, the professor told the class at least twice that if anyone knew a friend (or themselves) was wavering on dropping the class, to try and convince them to drop ASAP.

I'll make the final decision on Friday or Monday (Telebears is down for the weekend, IIRC). Meanwhile, any suggestions out there for me?
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Okay, I went up to Cal today to deal with the whole overcharging me for registration thing... And ended up getting the big runaround. *grr*

First I went to the Office of the Registrar at Sproul Hall. They told me that the reason I was being charged the Non-resident fee is that my actual residency status is still "Pending" (as listed on Bearfacts). So until they resolve the issue and actually process my residency thingy, they'll be going ahead and charging for nonresidency. So basically, yes I do have to pay the non-resident fee until they finally figure out I'm a California resident. And *then* they'll refund my money.

Now, of course I'm not gonna pay like $9000 up front. They told me to contact the Billing and Payments office, but when I tried the phone (before and after lunch), I keep getting the busy signal. So I ended up running almost all the way across campus to University Hall and to their offices to figure out the deferment plan thing - basically I pay 1/5th of the total amount for every month of the semester. The only bright thing about this is that at least I don't have to pay anything for this month's installment yet, because it's covered under my loan (the loan that's *supposed* to pay the entire registration fee for a semester >_< ).

Then when I asked about what the heck was up with my residency status process, and they referred me to the Residency office... which was back in Sproul. When I get there, I find a sign on the door referring all residency issues to the Registrar office... which, by that time, was closed. Why the hell are these offices closing at friggin' THREE? *stabs*

And the worst thing is? They make you pay a $40 non-refundable fee to use the deferment plan. Which means they're going to be charging me $40 that I'm not getting back for *THEIR* delays, even after they figure out the original charge was wrong. *the b------*

Oh yeah, in case I'm worrying [insanejournal.com profile] cashew, you might want to check your status on bearfacts under personal profile. If your residency status is "Pending", chances are they're overcharging you too.
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Okay, so, part of the terms for me to withdraw for a semester at Cal to do this internship thing is that when I go back, I'm basically treated as a re-admit (which makes sense) and I'll have to fulfill the *current* admission guidelines for graduation. This means that if there are any changes to the required courseloads between now and when I first got into Cal, I'll have to fulfill them too.

For me, there's been one addition to the graduation requirements for EECS:

* Students must complete both parts of the College of Engineering Reading and Composition requirement for a letter grade.

The first (1A) part of the R&C requirement can be waived with my AP English scores. For the second part, I looked up the course list and guess what I found?

36 Greek Philosophy

*falls over laughing*

Never would've guessed that the class I took for no particular value at all except my own amusement now perfectly fulfills the annoying requirement that I'll have to fill.

I am so totally amused.
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Okay... I dunno if it's just my computer, but my backgrounds seem to have disappeared today. Cal Webdisk is also not letting me login, I so dunno if there's something wrong with them (Bearfacts seems to work just fine, so they can't have discontinued my service). Maybe I've hit a bandwith cap or something? They don't tell me. Grrr...

Anyhow, so I've signed up for a free image hosting service elsewhere and moved most of my backgrounds there. So now they work fine for me.

Of course, [insanejournal.com profile] ossian is also using a front page that's linking to a background on my webdisk account, so I suggest you change it as well. You can find the picture here.

My suggestion, of course, is to sign up for your own free image hosting service (these pics are too large to be uploaded to GJ's service), such as walagata.com, which I'm currently using, or villagephotos.com, or anywhere else that offers free image hosting.

Anyway, whereever you put the images, you can change the link in the journal code by going to the bottom-most text box and looking for the line "http:// webdisk.berkeley.edu/ ~Tanith/ Aragorn.jpg" (w/o the spaces, anyhow) that ought to be near the top, and replacing it with the new url.
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Ugh. Who knew that tables could be so heavy? So yeah, finished moving all the stuff from my apartment at Berkeley back home. *sniff* I'll miss that place. I'll miss Cal, come to think of it. Convenient bookstores and eating places all within walking distance, not like here. *le sigh* So yeah... I hurt... My arms hurt, my legs hurt, my waist hurts, my back hurts... oh and I'm cramping too 'cause it's the first day of my cycle. It just pours when it rains, doesn't it?

Anyways... it's not all over yet. We still have to figure out what gonna happen w/ my computer. Right now it's being stubborn and refuses to show half the sites on my bookmarks, probably because I uninstalled all the sbc/2wire/homeportal stuff that we were using at Cal. Bleh. So now I'm waiting for IE to reinstall and see if that makes things better.

Meanwhile, I'm typing this entry from my dad's laptop... which uses the Chinese version of Windows. It's kinda neat 'cause all the greatest journal menu stuff are in Chinese too. I guess the site is multiple OS/language compatible. Neat.

Aaaaaaand... it just finished installing... and it works. Yay. I'm gonna wrap this up and switch over computers now...
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