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配角光环(穿书)BY 橘子舟

Kinky BL quick transmigration
http://www.ldzw.org/41_41607/ (slower update)

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Veteran quick transmigrator hired by new system to prevent a blackened system from overpowering the villain boss and killing the MP/FP of worlds; later just becoming MC chasing ML, then ML chasing MC fluff.

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BY 墨泠 / 快穿:男神,有点燃! (NEW!)

Inhumanly motivated MC with a 'throw money at everything' system trying to get good person cards out of blackening damsel in distress ML.

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【穿书】每天都是傻白甜(np) (free popo novel on hiatus)
暖暖的奇迹穿越 / alt 306 Explicit BGH (need to login to master site first)
快穿:邪性BOSS,坏透了! (90% romance; soul rock; censored)
快穿:反派男神,别黑化 (BL uncensored 90% romance)
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putting god back together

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9 lives love trial with overgod heir; missions to fix worlds with bad protags; replace kind hosts

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快穿独宠:男主,下个世界约么 (6/10...not sure if want to keep)

Unexplained quicktrans, fulling wish. MC has tiresomely low EQ, nearly emotionally stunted; seems to be always freaking surprised and unresponsive when the ML hits on her. A little too...傻白甜. Also an unequal love, since it seems like MC is slow to fall for ML each world even having memories, while ML always immediately falls for her at first sight even without memories.

https://www.ranwena.com/files/article/88/88425/ (COMPLETE! On extras)

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BY 帝九夷 / 快穿系统:扑倒男神手册 (completed) (revive herself & yandere lover ML)
BY 帝九夷 / 反派BOSS是女帝! (completed) (demon goddess conquering former foe wargod ML)
BY 帝九夷 / 快穿:极品女神皆美腻! (NEW...too much water)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:女主驾到,女配速退散! (completed) (evolving companion to creator god)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿小妖精:腹黑男主,别过来! (completed) (item spirit, phoenix)
BY 素手折枝 / 快穿:男主,开挂吗 (completed) (MC *is* ML's golden finger)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿女配:反派BOSS有毒 (completed) (OP future MC, damsel in distress ML)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿系统:反派BOSS来袭! (completed) (gluttonous goddess MC, narcissist tasker ML)
BY 墨泠 / 快穿:男神,有点燃! (WIP) (OP!MC with 'throw money at everything' system)
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Notes: Non-romance/Anti-romance, Quick-Transmigration genre with a meta-plot that's taking over the narrative, WIP

RAWs: main alt - read up to 3462 (3630 task)
Links: Novelupdates thread Translation TOC up to mid Arc 7

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Photos are up on Facebook, opened to public (there's no images of me in there anyway and I was careful not to mention names). I've put in captions to the albums and photos as much as I can. Facebook does resize the images that are larger than normal, so if anyone needs a better quality copy of a photo (and assuming I've kept a better quality image), let me know and I'll pass it on by email.

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This story came about from reading one too many Stargate AU/crossovers on SB forums. (Especially this one.)

The "original" timeline used will be an AU. I'm ignoring all of the time travel episodes. There is no solar-flare induced time travel option to the gates, and the timeships that SG1/SGA found were abandoned precisely because they didn't work/couldn't change the existing timeline.

However, for those events which do take place in canon and here (the black hole system, Tollan's evacuation, etc.), I'm using the original air date of the episode in question as a rough guide for when it happens, since I'm using a different "season" system than the show.

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SG-1 Cast Transcripts Screencaps Avalon gates Ancient Language
Latin quotes dictionary 2 3 java
AU FleeTech SpaceTime Cast Errata
Ref AFB tropes disease
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NOTE: Chaos MUD was shut down in 2007 and I lost my characters. T_T
It reopened in 2009

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Well, actually, I've been back for two days now. But I've been spending the last two days catching up on stuff.

My trip to China's been a blast, except when I got sick and the flight back. I've put up backdated entries for the entire experience up on my journal. Here's a menu for easy access (and bookmarking):

12/20 Day 0 - SF to Shanghai
12/21 Day 1 - In Shanghai
12/21 Day 1 - In Nanjing
12/22 Day 2 - Stayed In
12/24 Day 4 - Shopping
12/25 Day 5 - More Shopping
12/26 Day 6 - Family Lunch
12/27 Day 7 - Shopping for Bootleg
12/30 Day 10 - Another Lunch
01/01 Day 12 - More Family Time & Lunch
01/02 Day 13 - Family Visit
01/03 Day 14 - Another Family Visit
01/04 Day 15 - Shopping Again
01/05 Day 16 - Bad Karma
01/06 Day 17 - Sick
01/07 Day 18 - Still Sick
01/08 Day 19 - Nanjing to Shanghai
01/09 Day 20 - Leaving Shanghai
01/09 Day 20 - Stop at Japan
01/09 Day 20 - Stop at LA
01/09 Day 20 - Back Home Again
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