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Jul. 8th, 2004 11:27 pm
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Anything rated B and above I would recommend for HL or Connor fans. Anything rated A I'd recommend even to non-HL fans.

Immortal Encounters with the Kurgan, by Jan the Man
Very short. Two somewhat disjointed snippets with the Kurgan and two other major characters in the HL-verse (not Connor).
Rating: C

Delusions of Grandeur, by Jean
Very short. Methos' rather flippant explanation for the end of HL1. Not very in character. I think it's supposed to be a humor piece, except it's only amusing, not *that* funny.
Rating: C

Twelve Days in February, by Sue Kelly
Long; angsty. Duncan, Tessa, and Richie has a bit of a problem with a stalker. Or is that stalkers? Or is stalking even the real danger? I like the way the plot keeps twisting to maintain the mystery of what really is going on and who the real villain(ess) is. There's also a Connor cameo, though I think poor Connor is a bit OOC. Really, the fact that Duncan even called up Connor for help is a tad OOC, if you ask me. We've seen 7 seasons/years worth of Duncan dealing with some really bad stuff without resorting to call his elder.
Rating: B+

Family Secrets, by Sue Kelly
Longish. Richie-centric. Something of a Sue-fic, actally, with one of those Sues that you just wanna slap around. The only part I really paid any attention to was near the end, when Connor gets a cameo, and the even shorter Methos cameo. Methos was OOC though. Um, yeah, that's all I have to say about it.
Rating: C

Set of the Sail, by lynnann
Long; romance. Unlike the previous, this is a *good* Sue-fic. And boy oh boy would I love to be in that Sue's shoes. *eg* Some nice info about sea navigation in there. The author apparently did her research. It's also nice to see that part of Connor's canon history being explored. Oh, and I *loved* the kitty cat. Interestingly, the fic didn't deal with the issue of Immortality at all. It's all romance, really. Hope there's gonna be a sequel.
Rating: A-

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Haven't done one of these for a while. Most of these aren't stuff I've just only discovered. Some have been knocking around my harddrive/bookmarks for weeks or months now.

Misc recs - LOTR & HP )

Highlander Fics: )

More will be forthcoming in the future, I hope.
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Yep, three more eps this time. Some long episode names though, so I acronymed it in the title. Also, I think this is all the Methos episodes. Too bad. Well, I suppose the other eps might have some merit to them. But it's just not the same with my favorite 5K Immortal. *pouts*

*hearts Methos some more* ^_~

Through a Glass Darkly )

Judgement Day/One Minute to Midnight )
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Watched 3 eps today. All Methos eps, of course. I just wuv wuv WUV him, the dearie. *hearts Methos* ^_^

Deliverance )

Methuselah's Gift )

Till Death )
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I'm impressed with the USPS.

Last Monday (5/31) I ordered the the season 4 DVD's for Highlander: the Series. Amazon sent me an email confirmation on 6/3 (Thursday) saying that they've shipped it out. According to the post office's tracking service, it arrived sometime on Saturday, 6/5. Though, I didn't see the package at my doorstep until yesterday afternoon, since I normally come and go by car/garage instead of the front door.

I think that was the fastest that anything I've ordered has ever gotten to me. It didn't even take the standard 5-9 business days! ^_^

*wonders if ossian got his package yet*

So after getting the DVD's, I watched 2 episodes yesterday. It's pretty noticeable from the packaging and the quality of the extra stuff (like interviews and extra footage) that 1) the show wasn't really high budget and 2) it was done in the early days of that kinda thing. (HLtS went off the air like in '95.) I mean, the lady who was talking about the makings of the show was reading her lines off a script in her lap! I'm guessing they got her to do that part at the last minute or something. :p

But what do I care? I only got the thing so I could drool at Peter Wingfield/Methos anyhow. ^_^

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Timeless Review )
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Connor's Rotunda
Parda's site

Sometime I'll also need to make a list of some of the best fics from there... ^_^
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Okay, I watched "Highlander" last night and I have confirmed what my subconsciousness has been trying to tell me all along now. Yep. I am now a member of the Connor MacLeod fan following. I still love Methos the best, since he was my first, so to speak, but Connor m'luv is definitely a close second.

As for the reasons? Well, where should I start...

incoherent fangirl ramblings )

So, like, I'll probably see the movie a couple more times before I return it. Hey, might as well get my money's worth of drooling after Connor. ^_-

[insanejournal.com profile] cashew, if you wanna see it, I can bring it with me this Saturday we I come up to Cal to see "Troy" with you.
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Notes: Written for [insanejournal.com profile] cashew's challenge #6, with the theme "Murphy's Curse". I think I went beyond the word limit thingy though, and I didn't even finish it. Granted, as it stands now, it *could* stand as a completed fic. But I want to give myself some time and maybe try to come up with some more ill luck to inflict. We'll see how that goes. Also, I guess this could be something of a sequel to the two short pieces I wrote for the GRE vocab challenges last year. I had two fics where Duncan was pulling one over Methos, and I guess now's the time for him to get his just desserts. ^_~

Genre: Light humor

Summary: Hurricane Methos descends upon Duncan's life and home one morning.

Warnings: Small hint of slashiness, but nothing emphasized or explicit.

Rating: PG

Revenge Best Served Cold )
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Ah... it's been quite a while since I've (over)indulged in fanfics. I found today's foray into the untamed wilds of fanfiction.net to be quite fulfilling. Of course, it helped that I followed the experience-honed tactic of avoiding all the popular fandoms and restricting my search to the ones not overwhelmed by raving idiots such as those typically found responsible for 90% of HP and LOTR fics. So without further ado, the fics.

Fandom: Highlander

Elementary, My Dear Dawson is a Sherlock Holmes crossover. Admittedly, it has been a loooong while since I've read Arthur Conan Doyle, but I think that the author managed to capture some of the tone of the typical Sherlock Holmes story. Of course, the main plot was rather drab and straightforward, but I liked it more for the... ambience, I guess. The fact that Methos is one of my fangirl obssessions and favorite HL character might've also factored into my enjoyment. ^_^

A Guy Named Nick is a very short Christmas story. It's somewhat unique in that it uses a OC for a purely plot-driven purpose and not as a Sue-type... even if I found the kid annoying for daring to disagree with Methos on anything (but then again, that's probably just fangirl bias :p). Aaaanways, the main story is short and cute, and I think what was said and how it was said suits Methos' character quite well. You can never tell if he's actually being serious... :p

No Room At the bar is yet another Christmas story; ostensibly of the first Christmas... I suppose you could call it an AU version of the Christian tale of Jesus' birth. Not for the religiously puritan, even if the subject is treated surprisingly seriously. Should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of humor.

Fandom: Comics (Nightwing in particular)

She Loves Me Not - somewhat humorous fic following the (recent?) canon event of the breakup between Nightwing & Oracle. Certain ladies in the superhero business just happen to be passing by Bludhaven. And our poor hero is entirely unaware of the whole business that unfolds in the short story. *snicker*

After The Fall - a followup to another (even more recent?) even in canon. More of a dialogue/mood piece centering on a... heartfelt? ...conversation between 'Wing and Batman after said event. I wouldn't know if anyone is OOC, and I don't really care; I liked it.

WARNING: The rest of these recs feature SLASH/SHONEN-AI! )
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