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Windows 10

Sep. 13th, 2016 11:30 am
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Finally got a PC refresh at work. My new laptop is running Win 10. So far the only problems I've had were some issues with sound (found the setting to fix it), and desktop icon positions resetting on restart (not sure if fixed...). The navigation for the most part are similar enough to Win 7 to be fairly painless.

We'll see how it goes.
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Just passed the first of 3 exams for the CCNP certification. Score was 790/1000, exactly at the pass threshold. XD

Funnily enough, I had no problems with the actual routing stuff (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, etc.). It's the other stuff that stumped me. Like, what is even PPPoE and TACACS/RADIUS to do with ip routing? Meh.
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Maybe not completely *true*. But close enough for stereotypes. ^_^

Personally, I love the "what I think I do bit". XD
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I got to admit, this is much more convenient (and cheaper) than me buying a bunch of flashcards and then making them by hand.

Set 1 Networking Fundamentals.
Set 2 Cisco equipment/configurations
Set 3 Switching (need to find that old demo I had of STP)
Set 4 WAN
Set 5 IP Routing
Set 6 Security
Set 7 Wireless
Set 8 Advanced IP Concepts
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Probably should focus on tagging old entries before making new ones but it's just too tedious, even when I'm skipping a lot of the entries.

Anyway, some good stuff happened recently so I'm in the mood to share. Firstly, my elementalist and the necro both had their first birthday on GW, which means - presents! Unlike the fugly troll my ranger got (ironic considering that's the character most like me -_-), I got good mini's this time. My ele got a seige turtle, which was one of the mini's I'd actually considered buying when I first got the game. The necro got a hydra, which was one of the other first bday mini's I preferred over the others. The only nicer option would have been a bone dragon, both for the looks and for the rarity (ie. sell for $$).

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Second nice thing is I pass my certification exam yesterday, which means I can spare some time off to relax before I start getting badgered by the management again. Oh yes, the bonu$ I get for it is nice too. XD

Thirdly, still on the topic of $$$, I got a raise today! 'Nuff said, I think. ^_^

(Side note: Hrm... interesting. IJ seems to have the same "quirk" GJ does in that I don't have the option to set my post icon when I create a new post, only when I edit it. Is that just me?)

Geek humor

Sep. 27th, 2007 02:49 pm
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The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) produces RFC's (Request For Comments) which are basically used to set the standards for pretty much all of networking. They define protocols from the physical level up, security standards, and so forth, that have become standard use by everyone.

And then they turn out stuff like this:

A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service

Geek humor. :P

(More links from the wiki page for funny RFCs)
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Remember these?

Snagged this from some interview talk. Fun to ponder. Try your wits!

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Suppose you have two rooms. In room A are three light switches. In room B are three typical desk lamps. Each light switch in room A turns on/off a different lamp in room B. The light switches can only be pulled to render a light on or off; there is no mid-way dimming function. The rooms are completely separate from and opaque between each other. And finally, there is no geographic correlation between the arrangement of switches in room A and the lamps in room B.

You start off in room A, where all the switches are pointing to off. You can do whatever you want to any of the switches. After you are done, you are allowed to go to room B where you can see the results of whatever you did. You are not allowed to go back to room A and fiddle with more switches after going into room B.

The question for this puzzle is: Which light switch toggles which lamp?

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Not a good day today...

First had to drive to San Jose for the weekend on call thing because apparently their servicing some internal servers this weekend and I guess VPN might've been affected (of course, when I get there and open Outlook I see an email saying that everything's up and running fine).

And of course it was pouring buckets on the drive up. Which means I didn't feel like stopping somewhere to get lunch, resulting in my lunch being out of the vending machine. (Though ok, at around 2 o'clock someone sent around an email saying that some generous soul had gotten lunch for those of us in the building.)

Then I get saddled with four cases through the course of the day... which is what I get on a *busy* workday. Blah.

Then, I start my way home, and just as I'm about to get on the freeway, I start hearing this weird noise from the car. And I notice I can't accelerate. At first I thought it was the brake lever or something, so I pull over and check. Everything looks fine. I get back on the freeway and the noise becomes louder and ZOMG I hope it's not an engine problem.

So I pull off the next exit and park into the nearest corporate parking lot (with nice lights and security trolleys that run by every once in a while). I get out and check... it's a flat tire.

So much for plans to drop by Fry's on my way back.

A call home later, my dad comes and switches in the backup tire, and I'm pretty much paranoid the whole drive home.

This just ain't my day... *grumps*
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So this was sprung on our team meeting today and I thought I'd share... It's the typical kinda question that you'd expect to come across in a job interview, I'd think... Anyway, the puzzle.

Suppose we have 4 people A, B, C, D all standing facing a wall (marked as '|'). Two are wearing red hats and two are wearing black hats. Arranged as follows:

A | B C D

- No one knows the color of their own hat
- No one can turn around to look at the hats of anyone behind them or look at their own hat
- No one can see through the wall
- Everyone is aware of everyone else's general position
- Everyone can see everyone else in front of them up to the wall (eg. D sees B & C but not A)
- No one can move or otherwise communicate in a non-verbal manner
- No one can communicate verbally except except to state what color hat they themselves are wearing
- The person who speaks must be 100% sure of their statement (if that person is wrong then they all lose)
- Only one person can speak; the first statement must be correct
- Everyone is working together and aware they're all trying to accomplish the same goal under the same rules
- They have a 5 minute deadline; after which someone must speak or they all lose

So, how can these 4 people resolve this? Who is to speak and how can that person be certain of what color hat they are wearing?

...And how long did it take you to figure it out? ^_-

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One of those water cooler stories... or in this case told by our Solaris instructor from Sun Microsystems during break time...

So he was contracted in to this global insurance company... Zurich or something unpronouncable like that. And on the day he got to the place (a Canada branch office or something), there was like 50 taxi's parked out back.

As it turns out, it was a day for layoffs... and people who were laid off were first escorted by security to their desk to have their passwords and stuff reset, and then out back into a taxi where they're sent off home. Of course they're free to get out a few blocks away and walk back to get their car which they parked at the company when coming to work...

All this so as to disclaim from any possible liability, insurance-wise, on their last day.


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1. Bras and heels are instruments of the vilest torture designed to subjucate women to horrible pain and mutiliation for the sake of extended... measurements. *rolleyes*

2. Maintaining focus for about 8 hours straight for the training session with only a couple of 10 minute breaks plus a lunch hour... is hard. Must... not... zone... off...

3. Am I being too suspicious/paranoid/weird for noticing that of the 6 new hirees in our training group, all 3 of the females are also minority members/Asians while all 3 guys are Caucasian?

Silver lining:

At least I get paid well...

Hours (for cashew):

I get home about 7. By the time we're done with dinner and dishes, it'd be about 8:30 at the latest. I'm required to get ready for bed at 11. So that's about 2.5 hours I have free to do whatever... I know, not much time for Mud or whatnot, eh? le sigh.

Other notes:

My Windows tried to die on me today, claiming some Windows/System file was corrupted. The repair function on the CD-ROM wouldn't accept my password (grr). Then I gave up rebooting from disk and just let the damn thing boot again... and it worked fine. *crosses fingers* Hope it lasts 'til this weekend, when I can drag my dad to Fry's and buy some new harddrives to replace the old/nearly-full ones I currently have. This will also mean I will have to re-install everything on my computer again... but at least it'll be voluntary that way. -__-

I need a sulky icon.
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