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Robots from the 120th century reinterpreting Shakespeare. XD

I've recently got rather sucked into the story for this game, even though I'm never actually going to play it. Most likely. Probably.

... >.>

EDIT: Also finally finished my new GW2 backpiece.
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First of all, disclaimer: I'm really casual where it comes to STO, playing only a single character and not having paid much attention to the meta discussions on reddit, so I can't claim to be all that authoritative on it. With GW2 I think I can speak better toward it, since I've played all classes pretty far and I've read a lot on the high tiers of play (raids/high fractals) so I am familiar with what goes on there.

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Christmas Hera, lvl 72, fully awoken
Freyr, lvl 73, ult evo (fire), fully awoken, +1 egg
Yamato Takeru, evoed, lvl 70, fully awoken, +5 egg

Karin, lvl 75, ult evo (phys), fully awoken, +10 egg
Blue Sonia, lvl 96, evoed, fully awoken, +20 egg
Hermes, lvl 80, ult evo, fully awoken, +5 egg
Amon, lvl 71, ult evo, fully awoken, +5 egg

Odin, lvl 92, ult evo, fully awoken, +35 egg
Bastet, lvl 70, ult evo (devil), fully awoken, +15 egg
Green Zhuge Liang, lvl 88, evoed, fully awoken, +16 egg
Perseus, lvl 64, evoed, fully awakening, 0 egg

Light Zhuge Liang, lvl 57, evoed, fully awakening, +16 egg
Sun Wukong, lvl 31, no evo, no awakening, +1 egg

Dark Metatron, lvl 91, evoed, fully awakening, 0 egg
Batman+Batwing, lvl 62, ult evo, fully awoken, +1 egg
Loki, lvl 63, ult evo (balanced), 3 awakening, +9 egg
Lucifer, lvl 82, ult evo, fully awoken, 0 egg
Persephone, lvl 70, ult evo, fully awoken, +10 egg
Hera, lvl 61, evoed, no awakening, +6 egg

Just realized I don't have a lot of + eggs. Mainly cuz I could never settle on a main main... Most of my earlier eggs were put on the healer girls that I use a lot.

Siren, lvl 74, ult evo, fully awoken, +25 egg
Echidna, lvl 70 ult evo, no awakening, +26 egg
Alarune, lvl 61, evoed, fully awoken, +10 egg
Lilith, lvl 62, ult evo (dark), fully awoken, +15 egg
Angel, evoed...

Current priorities are...

Lvling & evoing:
Angel -- evo / ult + lvl
Angelion, Drawn Joker -- ult evo

Loki -- 1/4 tamadras
Freja -- 0/4 tamadras
I love DeviBear -- 0/8 tamadras
I love PAD Bear -- 0/8 tamadras
Dino Rider Drake -- 1/3 tamadras
Fenrir / Verche / Homura -- awaken using dupes (long term plan)

Vampire, lvl 66, ult evo, no awakening, +5 egg, skill lvl 4
Angelion, lvl 35, evoed, no awakening, +1 egg, skill lvl 2

REM wishlist...
1. Red Sonia
2. Neptune
3. Karin
4. Haku

DDoS site

Jul. 16th, 2014 08:42 pm
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Watch DDoS attacks across the interwebs in near real time!

*sigh* I wasted so much time staring at this site.


(Obtained from the GW2 reddit. Because NCSofts servers have been steadily targeted by DDoS attacks recently. Leading to lag and general unplayability. The sad thing is, the target is more Wildstar, by the same publisher, and GW is just getting splashed in the collateral.)
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Because this has been eating up my brain for over a month now and I have 80 pages (WTF brain?) of stuff written down on Google docs...

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So I have been reading a lot of Worm fanfics on the Spacebattles Creative Writing forum. A lot of the best crossover fics I've seen have been with the Exalted RPG. The discussions on those threads invariably get inundated by Exalted game mechanics, so I've learned more about those than I've wanted to.

Anyway, so then I was watching CA:TWS. And throughout the movie, I kept thinking - My god, Cap is such a Zenith (Exalted "sub-class" for the Solar "class"). He would make a great Exalt expy. And then afterwards I ran a google search to see if any Exalt games/fans have tried to create a character sheet for Cap and came across this discussion.

So anyway my imagination runs away with me... )

EDIT: For my own reference
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You know, say what you will about GW's playerbase, but I have noticed that they are generally quite... anally hardcore? :-p Yeah, even...especially the PvE folks.

I don't know how other pay-to-play games like WoW has it, but I've been reading some general whining on the PWI/STO forums about grab bag items and how the players demand transparency from the devs on the percentages of certain rewards.

And I can't just help but compare it to the Guild Wars fan base, which instead of demanding hard numbers...start tallying up the #'s themselves across large numbers of people, and then estimate a drop rate/spawn rate/etc. from there which then gets posted to the wiki or wiki discussion page. Now, yes, I do get that there is a difference here in that the GW players are crunching numbers on largely non-purchased stuff (drop rates, spawn rates, holiday mystery box rates, etc.) But given how fast the grab boxes in STO/PWI sell (only the keys need to be purchased with $$), I don't think there are any less sources of datapoints there either; just no one getting together to crunch some numbers.

Even in general, the GW wiki (and related wikis like PvX) is a pretty awe-inspiring place. Quick updates, complete records of every bit of minutae in the game, strategy suggestions that get updated according to game/skill balance, statistical analysis of all sorts of stuff...

They're all free-to-play games. But what's so unique about the GW crop of players?
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News the first. I'm getting wisdom teeth (2 of 'em) removed tomorrow morning. I've already put in for PTO Friday and next Monday. So I'll possibly be around online, if it's not too painful to... >.>

IJ - pokes cashew. Um... is it me or is the image on the left side of my journal gone. The one on top is still there. Did the site that host it lose it (looks like imageshack)? You don't have any copies by any chance? (I think I may have backups at home but I'm not going to be able to check until I get back tonight -_-)

Dragonswords - all the new alts are lvl 18 now. Still a little bit to go before they hit where your guys are (22? 24?). One thing I need help on is that I still need 3 ruby gems. The freaking place won't repop.

Incidentally... (1) The amount of wis/prac points that monk needs is insane... unarmed combat is 10 pracs per rank wtf?! and it's only 2 levels away from enhanced damage which is 4 pracs per rank. Even if the race was sprite I don't think there'd be enough to go around. As it is, I'm neglecting training both int and dex to get those two up 10% per level. (2) Why does my knight have such low hp? It's only 50% than the druid. The monk on the other hand is almost twice the amount of druid. She was the one doing most of the tanking even though she had by far the worst AC (due to no pracs to train dex, no rubies for rings, and no secondhand weapon or shield slot).

Gaia - New getup combo *pic uploaded to previous post*. I got the qipao cheap off of auction when I lucked out and caught one that was selling for almost 2k under store price with only 1 hour left on the auction. Muwahaha. Anyway, let me know how it looks and compares to the other two.

Also, signed up for Discover card for the 7k gaia cash. *stares at sky* I figure it's not that different from the Amex card I got suckered into signing up for in front of the Cal student store when I first came to Cal. I didn't actually get around to canceling that card (or using it) until we were moving this time around. So I figure the Discover card can sit there and gather dust until I get around to canceling it. In the mean time, that's about $70 worth of gaia cash. o_O
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Here's a list of where I found some of the nice items from the game...

items for levels 1-100 )

Feel free to add.

Also, list of some of my favorite places on that MUD so far...

* Murky Bayou - Even if I facepalm at myself for not figuring out the last key. Now go help me figure out how to unlock the path down from McDonalds. >.>
* Penguin Isle - So. Freaking. Cute!
* Rainbow Isle - I love the theme. And the bajillion keys I actually figured out. ^^
* Camelot - This version actually has Gaheris and "Beaumains"! That's automatic brownie points since they were my first fan crush back when I was, like, fourth grade.
* Marriage of Heaven & Hell - The room and mob descriptions amused me. Greatly.
* Seduction of Snow White - Disney as you've never seen it. *snicker*
* Hall of Shame - Well, since we've already covered religion, now it's politics' turn.
* Enterprise - What can I say? It's the inner geek in me. Also, I discovered that there are some socials that will cause the mob to attack. ^^;

Places that I *didn't* like:

* Elemental Canyon - for blowing up my newbie dreamspack *sniff*
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I've setup mushclient to automatically log to file whenever I log in. So I have pretty complete logs of my entire time on Dreams. Only thing missing was the first first session through the mud school b/c I played that on my work computer (for some reason it wouldn't let me create an account/char from my home computer).

Check 'em out here

The last entry on the 19th includes when I went through their X-Files area, which was kinda neat. Also a good representation of the fact that you don't have to grind to level there if you don't want to (I walked in there a level 40 and came out level 45).

My comp did crash twice near the end of that log, but I don't think anything important was lost.

Anyway, I'll need to do some shopping for this week this morning. Might be on GW or MUD this afternoon.

Dreams MUD

Sep. 13th, 2008 08:43 pm
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So I've been taking a break from GW (mostly due being subjected to too much ugly and boredom during Elona cartography), I've been dipping back into MUDs.

Anime Planet was fun at first. The races like kitsune and sailor senshi were certainly unique. But I've been getting bored of that too. Mostly, I think, due to the fact that the areas aren't that great. On first glance, everything might be prettily coded colors, but there doesn't really seem to be too much point in how/where the color is being splashed. So after a while you get used to all the glitz and every room becomes same 'ol. Add on top of that there aren't too many areas to explore, and the areas there are aren't really big or have fun mobs/rooms to explore. I mean, they have a Hogwarts area but there's nothing in it but generic student mobs? Or a Crystal Tokyo area with only stock mobs and the Witches Four (which weren't even of that time period, canon-wise -_-). What a waste of potential.

Aanyway, more recently I've been playing Dreams MUD. I like the fact that it's a huge mud, with a large list of areas, and each area is quite sizable with almost no stock mobs. It's apparent the designers took care to give each room meaning (with nice use of ASCII/colors to draw attention to the text, and the text itself interesting to read most of the time) and even the "stock" mobs unique. There's a few stock areas in the MUD, but they appear to be relegated to the least useful areas. As a whole it's very conducive to exploration and NOT in staying in one area to whack the same mobs over and over and over... Some of the mechanics such as penalties for dying, and generally low amounts of aggro make it very conducive to exploration as well.

Only downsides might be the fact that one, the race selection isn't very large (not that each of the races are too different from others, stats & ability wise), and the fact that it's not too active. Reminds me of the last year on which I was playing Chaos a little. Wonderful MUD, very well done areas, but not too busy. People who do log on are generally very helpful though.

some tips if anyone decides to play )

My character is an elf acolyte (cleric), at lvl 40ish for now. IGN is Miriel.
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So Karza the tier 6 monk decided I was spending too much time recalling to heal at the healer. He single-handedly dragged me from level 76-ish to level 200. And he did it in about 30 mins too. XD

Karza only leveled once the whole time, from level "87" to "88"... I guess if you are in a group when you pass the level restriction against grouping, you don't get kicked out and you can stay in the group.

He was also one-shot killing all the stock mobs in Crystal Tokyo and Soul Society. Two shot killing stuff in Figaro, Ronin Warriors, Stark Enterprises (couldn't kill Cap tho :P).

Level 200 is the minimum needed for reroll, so now I need to concentrate on getting low level quest EQ before I go back to level 1. (They cost 1k qp at the minimum from pluto) @_@
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Because I can't exactly play seriously at work, I might as well play/test around with new chars to figure out just how exactly their class/race system works. :P

updated blah-dy blah )

Granted, this is still something of a research in progress... I don't want to annoy people too much with "newbies" logging in and out. I guess more investigation into the more physical oriented classes/races would be the next step.

updated physical classes tests )
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Because China is one big MMO farming community, amirite?

WOW Welcomes You


Also, more panda pics
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Idealizing Fantasy Bodies is an interesting article on the most popular/successful western style MMO and how it reflects western aethetics and gamer psychology.

I would love to see a similar study done for eastern games/aesthetics, and then compare the differences.
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Or, to be more precise, a western viewpoint to an Asian type MMO. It would be interesting to read the original Chinese and see how much of the tone matches up, I think.

I actually found some of the comments more interesting (and less biased :p)... Eg. "An MMO such as ZT Online is no different than countless other MMO's like World of Warcraft or EVE Online. They all seek to exploit superficial aspects of Human Nature."
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Interesting article on virtual transactions based online gaming - actually, interview transcription. It's dated July 07, so fairly recent in terms of the technology.

Speakers are:
John Blakely of Sony, who as far as I can tell, owns the only ingame selling/buying service that didn't go defunk for a popular MMO (see Station Exchange for EQ2, though I hear they're closing that in favor of a third party deal...)
Mark Jacobs (VP EA, Studio GM EA Mythic) - no idea who he is
Raph Koster (President Areae) - no idea who he is
Erik Bethke (CEO GoPets)
Matt Firor (moderator)

I have to admit though I that I find it hard to follow who's saying what and has what opinion. But I do get the impression there's several conflicting opinions in there. @_@
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