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Oct. 17th, 2009 11:42 am
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Funny stuff: 大侠就是我
蝶梦(穆杨) 焦版杨宗保

Also, want the mp3 version of this song: 只如初见. So far all I can find is the shorter female sang version.

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Misc refs...
BLD prequel ep guide
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Inspired by a tangent to this post.

So after all that musing about the definition of the western superhero, I got thinking on what my interpretation of "侠" is.

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Didn't think I'd find this kinda stuff on youtube. Beats trying to get enough points on Chinese BBS to look at the MVs.

..& other stuff
BLD vid
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Apparently, Changzhou/常州 (where Zhaozhao/昭昭 hails from) and Guanjiangkou/灌江口 (where Erlang Shen/二郎神 hails from) are both located in Jiangsu/江苏 province (where I hail from :p). *fangirls* ^_^

Also, not sure if I covered all the famous mountains of wuxia fame... I think I got the most often used ones... Kunlun, Hua, Emei, Tai... Am I missing some?

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Edit: added Hengshan, Wudangshan, Jinggangshan, Xiangyang, and Kaifeng.

Edit2: Apparently I have the wrong 灌口... it's actually supposed to be next to Chengdu in Sichuan.
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From an EG pseudo-fic on the bbs:

不过,这个名字起的就不是太好。 因为从五行上来看:





...Note that 白玉堂 died infiltrating 冲霄楼. I have to wonder if his name was chosen for exactly the above purpose. But probably not since his earliest literary incarnation as a mouse-spirit probably didn't include 冲霄楼.
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So [ profile] cashew and I had a girls day/night/day out yesterday and today, our last day(s) of freedom before classes start... tomorrow. *sobs*

Anyhow, we rented three videos from Blockbusters yesterday evening - "Big Fish" and "Once Upon A Time In China" I & II. This afternoon we saw "Hero" in the theaters. So yeah, reviews are as follows:

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Once Upon A Time In China review )

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