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General analysis - I think the Reaver/Nightblade pairing is a good one as the Reaver has 2 debuffs that don't aggro, which gives the Nightblade a bonus on its backstab.

MUD quests

Jul. 4th, 2011 10:45 pm
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Made quite a bit of progress on the new MUD quests.

For the psi lvl 40 quest, I think it's broken...the thinker asks for something that provides clear sight. The only thing that fits the bill is the --sight-- pill from Spirits/Air. But when it's given, nothing happens.

In other news... finally got enchant armor, which boosted everyone by 60 AC or so. Only 2 levels away from blind.
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The one that begins:
The Psionist Quest Giver says 'You can do the quest for the Leggings of Thought. '
The Psionist Quest Giver says 'Find the Thinker. '

IIRC the thinker is a mob in Astral?

Aba already died again trying to do the lvl 40 quest in sligs. >.
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Ones I haven't figured out anyway...

link to ninja prompt

275 Bard instrument quest:

250 Abbot quest:
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Though only Samael is affected currently. It had normal AC when I logged on this morning. But then we were in funhouse for a while and every time I checked, Sammie's AC went further into the negatives. Iono... maybe it's something in the water. XD

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Dec. 2nd, 2006 09:09 pm
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Samael's stats at present:

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I have no idea what happened. We were getting EQ in funhouse and nothing dispelled us... @_@
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Area 1 - lower gear
From dense forest road right outside Dune: nnnwwswwnwnnw
From first room in Dune with 4 exits: wwswwnwnnw
Area 2 - higher gear
From dense forest road right outside Dune: nnnennwwn
From first room in Dune with 4 exits: ennwwn

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The imms finally got off their duffs and did some fixin'. Not all that much, but at least it's a start. Pasting the relevant posts below...

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Profess is legend lvl 60... which is "only" 24 lvls away for Sammie. @_@

Sammie's inspiration now gives 4 luck. ^_^ Unfortunately Meri is stuck w/ all of her +2hr forges. But I'm looking forward to see how Arete will do once she gets her shield of honor.

Also, got 3 more fully proof containers today on the bots. =_= It's an embarrassment of riches I know. Maybe I can sell these to some lowbies or Asty or Asty's lowbies... XD
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So what do you think?

code: &@&m\&*&m\&@&rD&*&rynast&@Y&*&m\&@\&* &@&bOXX))&*&yt&rur&yk&re&yy&rba&ys&rte&yr&c>==&@=-&*&c- &@&y...&*

code2: &@&w<<<&c*&y}=&r*&y={&c*&w>>> &m\&*&m\&@&rD&*&rynast&@Y&*&m\&@\ &*&@&bOXX))&*&yt&rur&yk&re&yy&rba&ys&rte&yr&c>==&@=-&*&c- &@&y... &*

Should I rename Felline's chaos weapon? Or should I rename a sommersword so that anyone who can use a 2nd hand weapon (Meri or Aba) can use it?
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I have no words... So I was doing Tradonna and Niserine for Alfirin, and aside from coming across the mine worker (shop) on the third floor of Midgaard silver mines that was selling racoon traps, I also came across apparently a sage quest. So I figured I'd try it out and this was what happened...

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Anyway the second Rune of Air is on Samael, so Tsuzuki won't have to go through Lair of the Blue Dragon for it (though at 220 we can go through there for the eq I guess). =_=

EDIT - And also, current sage debuff stats:

Spell: 'tanglefoot' modifies armor class by 200 for 77 hours.
Spell: 'faerie fire' modifies armor class by 206 for 30 hours.
Spell: 'curse' modifies save vs spell by 25 for 39 hours.
Spell: 'curse' modifies hit roll by -31 for 39 hours.
Spell: 'venom' modifies armor class by 77 for 3 hours.
Spell: 'venom' modifies save vs spell by 25 for 3 hours.
Spell: 'venom' modifies strength by -5 for 3 hours.

Also - energy web looks like it's a mass debuff + stun, but it causes the mobs to aggro unlike the bard spells

EDIT2 - Hey do you remember the mini-quest to get the key into Jyneth Tower?
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1. Fire elemental in cave. Go west past the great mountain in red mana

Cave of Fire
[Exits: east south]
The cave goes south and east here. Steam is coming from the west,
quickly dissapating in the heat of the cave. The rock is very rough
here and when small pieces break off, they find a hissing death in a
small pool of lava.

A large Fire Elemental glows brightly
Fire Elemental tells you 'The mystery of fire has fascinated man forever.'
Fire Elemental tells you 'Do you wish to learn the secrets of the flame?'

You say 'yes'
Fire Elemental tells you 'Seek out the insect who evolved from the flames....'
Fire Elemental tells you 'You will find him in the jungle north of the wooded trail.'
Fire Elemental drops }+{ Elemental Fire }+{.
You get }+{ Elemental Fire }+{.
Fire Elemental tells you 'Present him with this fire from which he was borne.'

2. Fire Ant in Opening in Jungles

An Opening
[Exits: north east south west]
Theres a small opening in the dense jungle growth which allows
you to pass westward.

Fire Ant!!
Fire Ant tells you 'I have anticipated your impending arrival. '
Fire Ant tells you 'Give me elemental fire of which I have evolved.'

You give }+{ Elemental Fire }+{ to Fire Ant.
Fire Ant tells you 'Take this fossil. The secrets are formed upon its surface.'
Fire Ant tells you 'Find the Dragon of Fire in the Astral Plane.'
Fire Ant drops fossilized coal.
You get fossilized coal.
Fire Ant tells you 'Only his furnace can unleash power of the coal.'

3. astral dragon (eeedeuuuuuuneeene from first room in astral) - aggro

Inside the furnace
[Exits: north south west]
You gasp for breath and choke on toxic sulphur and brimstone. The sweat on your
forehead is instantly vaporized by the flames that surround you. You begin to feel faint
and dizzy from the heat...... you'd better leave before you pass out and burn to a cinder!

The fire burns away at you.
The fire burns away at you.
The fire burns away at you.
The fire burns away at you.
The fire burns away at you.
The fire burns away at you.
(W)A massive dragon is here for a purpose you dont want to know.
the dragon tells you 'It's about time you showed up. '
the dragon snorts viciously.
the dragon tells you 'The furnace has to be hot enough.'
the dragon tells you 'Give me the coal you were sent with.'

You give fossilized coal to the dragon.
the dragon tells you 'Take this to the one who rules the flaming elements.'
the dragon drops [x] Dragons Rune [x].
You get [x] Dragons Rune [x].
the dragon tells you 'Begone, before I change my mind.'

4. Fire Ruler in Elemental Canyon

You give [x] Dragons Rune [x] to The Fire ruler.
The Fire ruler tells you 'You have harnessed the energy of my flames.'
The Fire ruler drops [-<+>-] Rune of Fire [-<+>-].
You get [-<+>-] Rune of Fire [-<+>-].
The Fire ruler tells you 'May your flames burn bright and strong.'
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