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Robots from the 120th century reinterpreting Shakespeare. XD

I've recently got rather sucked into the story for this game, even though I'm never actually going to play it. Most likely. Probably.

... >.>

EDIT: Also finally finished my new GW2 backpiece.
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Awesome site giving you an idea of how vast space is:

Warning: May eat up a significant chuck of your time. But not as much as actually going there.
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Found this on the Daystrom reddit (a Star Trek reddit). A limerick that's also a math equation. Kinda neat.

Vulcans <3

Nov. 4th, 2016 11:15 am
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Ahahaha... after reading so much xenophobic comments whenever non-human species come up, I thought this was cute.

I mean, watching Journey to Babel, my impression is that Amanda wasn't exactly suffering in her inter-species marriage. I didn't even get the sense that she was all that bothered by the strain between her husband and son other than in a sort of tolerantly exasperated kinda way.
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Because of posts like this.

Warning: 20,000 words of mental gymnastics that actually makes a creditable case for the STXI reboot and the mainstream Trek shows/movies to actually occur in the same universe. Destruction of Vulcan and all. I am impressed.

Summary )

TL;DR: Future!Spock lied, Past!Spock tried, Future!Kirk survived, and Romulus died.
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Comment 1: "My personal and admittedly macabre theory is that human transporter chiefs exist primarily because the transporter is fully capable of reconstituting a subject from new base matter when the pattern of a subject has been recieved, but the matter stream is completely or partially lost.
When this occurs, no record is kept, and the computer isn't called upon to note the action in any way. The chief makes the call, which is too morally complex to be left to a computer, and he/she adds new matter to the stream.
Everyone prefers not knowing. There's nothing to be gained from knowing.
Only the transporter chief knows that the person stepping off the transporter pad isn't actually the same person who left on the away mission. Part of his/her duty is to never speak of it to anyone."

Comment 2: "Explains O'Brien's PTSD. Among many other reasons."

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"Essentially, Starfleet is the Jackie Chan of the Alpha Quadrant, constantly shouting 'I WANT NO TROUBLE!' while holding a shipload of civilians in one hand and an unstable superweapon in the other yet easily fight off bigger meaner aggressive thugs." -- Damar (Source)

Also, just linking this poke at STO for fun:

"Although they did also dumb down the Borg by taking away their adaptation ability in space. Not that adaptation was the most logical thing in ground combat, anyway, since the drones adapted to all non-physical/kinetic damage. Including the toxin in my Gorn's saliva... which could apparently then be 'changed to a different frequency' with the standard remodulator." -- Kavris (Source)


Sep. 6th, 2014 02:37 pm
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Found this being passed around baidu forums. Hilarious.

11.水逼: 待我水贴漫吧,许你二楼沙发。
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Wat. Just... Wat? Starfleet. GW2. Korean. Chinese patriot song. Great Leader? What? *squints* Not sure if parody or someone who has no idea what they're stitching together.

EDIT: Ok, apparently it's a guild theme? But... WHYYYYYYY?!

More o_O from the same channel - not sure if I should be moved, amused, or horrified.

EDIT2: For my sanity, here is actually a good GW2 music vid that makes sense.
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I found the following hilarious conversation between a couple of posters in a fic thread...

"As a cosmology/particle physics major, I can actually confirm that quantum physics is, in fact, bullshit space magic. All the complicated equations and long words like "Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle" are just window-dressing to hide the fact that it's actually bullshit magic that we control with wands and chanting in bad Latin."


"As a person with a masters degree in Physics, I would like to confirm this statement of Aleph's, and actually reveal that Schrödinger's Cat is not - as is publicly claimed - a thought experiment which demonstrates how cats do not act as quantum particles, but is instead a demonstration of practical necromancy usually first shown to second or third year students."

- EarthScorpion

"I'm not supposed to say this, and I'm putting my Bachelor at risk... but wave-particle duality? That's just the way we talk about ghosts. Same with quantum tunneling; what else can go through walls? It only even came up because someone botched a transfiguration from a wave into a particle and it wound up as both. Then it started making spooky noises and rattling the cutlery.

Everything went downhill from there."

- LatwPIAT

"It could be worst. We could all be a bunch of string theorists trying to make the universe work according to neo-hermetic principals, praying that our computer simulations could somehow perform the alchemy necessary to create the philosopher's universe.

But alas, I am a general physics major in the process of specializing into astrophysics. (With some geophysics on the side for the purposes of filthy lucre.)"

- fijkus

"And thus we see scientists as they truly are. Madmen clawing at the walls of reality in order to punch coffee into being without getting up to make it, or ever having to deal with the son of a bitch who took the last cup and did not refill it!"

- Talon88.1

"Makes me glad I chose to major in Marketing Practical Evil. Though I guess this explains why my friend the physics professor keeps looking at the world with a maniacal look and lots of alcohol."


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Maybe not completely *true*. But close enough for stereotypes. ^_^

Personally, I love the "what I think I do bit". XD
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Insert evil laughter

(Also, recs list continues to be updated)

EDIT: More, not quite brain breaky evil laughter.

In a fab montage, the pair go on a recruiting drive, in which they perch on a strip-club bed.

"That scene got exceptionally silly at one point," says McAvoy. "I don't know if I'm even allowed to tell you what originally happened. But it got pretty f---in' kinky. I'm not joking."

Was the dashing duo's bromance, uh, consummated?

"Unfortunately no. But there was a little bit of cross-dressing going on. That's all you need to know."

(For the record, McAvoy would have preferred it if Xavier and Magneto stayed together. Like, really together. "It is a little bit of a mini-tragedy that him and Magneto don't, you know, have sex and become married and become best friends.")

EDIT2: *cracks up*
EDIT3: *squee*
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The art isn't that great, but the comments are priceless. XD
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For a news based radio station, NPR can sure sometimes be wicked. Their rendition of a three penny opera about the relationship of France & Germany and the history of the EU is hilarious. Hee.

(Also, I updated the fic rec post with some more entries)

Review rec

Aug. 27th, 2011 12:10 am
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In Which I Watch Sailor Moon is an insightful and funny review-slash-parody of the Sailor Moon anime. The link here is to the index page so you don't have to slog through all 7 threads of digressions and discussion. The author also does some really nice comic art to go with his parody/review.

fic recs

Dec. 14th, 2010 11:32 pm
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HP/Marvel comics xover - Pure crack. I was in tears. *heheh*

HP/ST:TNG xover - another hilarious fic featuring Q inflicting his presence on Hogwarts. I get the feeling it didn't quite end at the last chapter tho...

On the Way to Greatness - A serious non crossover HP fic this time. This is a Harry sorted into Slytherin fic which tries to avoid all the cliches of the genre.

The Best Revenge - A Snape mentors Harry fic where the adults aren't incompetent and are willing to step up to take the risks that a student shouldn't be left to deal with.
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