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Because of posts like this.

Warning: 20,000 words of mental gymnastics that actually makes a creditable case for the STXI reboot and the mainstream Trek shows/movies to actually occur in the same universe. Destruction of Vulcan and all. I am impressed.


There is only one true timeline. Spock's work with red matter was a plan to retrieve Kirk from the nexus upon it's next passage through fed space in 2410. Spock is motivated by the debt he feels he owes kirk from his own resurrection in SFS.

Spock's work for reunification of the Romulans was directly motivated by the Nero incident in hopes of waging peace to prevent history, as he saw it, from repeating.

The events that threw him and Nero back in time made him realize that he had in fact, been part of a predestination paradox. He had believed he had been part of a parallel timeline. He misleads Kirk on Delta Vega to that effect to make sure history is not changed by the revelation that this is how it's supposed to play out. He even lies about Kirk's father's involvement.

Vulcan had always been destroyed. New Vulcan required terraforming. Rebuilding the vulcan civilization on New Vulcan resulted in Mt. Selayah to look like cheap cardboard compared to old vulcan. (I found this point really clever the way BCSWowbagger2 tied this all together).

Transitions between scenes in ST09 are not obscuring a couple of days or hours, but years. Checkov's age is mixed up due to his time early in life on a sub warp freighter that dealt in time disortions, and was only complicated further by the 4 number stardate system.

The Enterprise is defit after an accident with it's sister ship, explaining the down grade in tech. It has to do with the next gen computer system after the duotronic dealing with quantum computing and miscalculating intermix chamber ratios.

TL;DR: Future!Spock lied, Past!Spock tried, Future!Kirk survived, and Romulus died.
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