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First of all, disclaimer: I'm really casual where it comes to STO, playing only a single character and not having paid much attention to the meta discussions on reddit, so I can't claim to be all that authoritative on it. With GW2 I think I can speak better toward it, since I've played all classes pretty far and I've read a lot on the high tiers of play (raids/high fractals) so I am familiar with what goes on there.

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It's all Greek to me.

I only play STO casually, so I really hate it when I have to go out and redesign my character sheet, and all the EQ I've spent so much time getting suddenly become obsolete. At least these things don't happen all that often, I guess, and at least I haven't invested in the REALLY meta builds like plasma leech which apparently has gotten nerfed to the ground.

For the phaser beam builds which I use, it sucks that FAW has been nerfed, because I don't like any of the other phaser abilities (and it's not efficient to use more than one given shared cooldowns). DEM seems to have been nerfed too (boo). And I want my money back from all the copies of Destabilizing Resonance Beam purchased for my science officers (:p).

On the balance (ha!), tanking and healing skills all seem to have been...buffed? Hrm.
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"Essentially, Starfleet is the Jackie Chan of the Alpha Quadrant, constantly shouting 'I WANT NO TROUBLE!' while holding a shipload of civilians in one hand and an unstable superweapon in the other yet easily fight off bigger meaner aggressive thugs." -- Damar (Source)

Also, just linking this poke at STO for fun:

"Although they did also dumb down the Borg by taking away their adaptation ability in space. Not that adaptation was the most logical thing in ground combat, anyway, since the drones adapted to all non-physical/kinetic damage. Including the toxin in my Gorn's saliva... which could apparently then be 'changed to a different frequency' with the standard remodulator." -- Kavris (Source)
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T'Meril was born in the late-24th century on Eirhess III.
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Finally finished the previous old "new" episodes on STO before the new new expansion pack is due out next week. Heh. Anyways, while I was micromanaging all my stuff in STO, I got thinking of the history of the Enterprises and decided to do some checking. I am taking STO as the sequel to the TV/movies, while ignoring all the novels.

Enterprise 1701 - launched in 2245 and destroyed in 2285 (STII) -- 40 years
Enterprise A - Renamed in 2286 (STIV) and decommissioned(?) in 2292 -- 6 years
Enterprise B - Launched in 2293 (ST8) & lost in 2329 -- 36 years
Enterprise C - Launched in 2332 & lost in 2344 (TNG 3:15) -- 12 years
Enterprise D - Launched in 2364 & destroyed in 2371 -- 7 years
Enterprise E - Launched in 2372 & lost in 2408 -- 36 years
Enterprise F - Launched in 2409 (STO)
Enterprise J - Up and running some time in 25xx (ENT)

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Was sort of just browsing through youtube and I came across this. Wow. This is a *big* change from the original tutorial I played on STO when it first went F2P. It hits all of the right buttons - almost every core mechanic got blatantly shoved in your face (that's a good thing, really), and it kept the general "flavor" of Trek (even the dumb parts, like the 'newly graduated cadet taking over as captain when the real captain dies' that probably got borrowed from the reboot Trek).

Makes me want to replay the STO tutorial again. Also, it seems they've introduced the Romulan faction too. (With Sela.) Mmmmmarrrrgh......

I did a little more digging and found that the revamped tutorial was released in Nov. 2013. So almost 2 years from when it went F2P... and like 4 years after it was first released.

Gives me hope that GW2 will eventually gain a decent tutorial as well in a couple of years. =P

EDIT: Oh wow, prophetic!

"To prepare the game for its eastern release, we’re building a new comprehensive “level zero” optional tutorial that teaches the core basics of the game. We’re also adding new story steps at levels 5 and 10 to help better teach core mechanics as players grow. We will also be adding a much better hints system, and a new level-up messaging system all to better teach the game.
All of these systems will be added to the game not just in the east, but to help future new players in the west as well."
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Seriously, some most of the people who rant and froth on the forums of any game can stand to chill a little. Maybe take after this guy.

Also, to all those bigots (anthro-centric?) people ranting about how we've always had a human captain of the Enterprise...

1. Capt. Spock (Ent-1701 in STII while it was stationed at the SF Academy)
2. Capt. Data (Ent-E in the ST Reboot prequel comics which are officially canon)

People who claim they don't "count" as non-human need to be suffocated under a mountain of tribbles.

Personally, I have no problems with a non-human captain of the Ent-F. As long as they have not officially killed off Data (again), which they haven't, it's all good. (My head-canon is now that the Ent-E was decommissioned and Data retired from Starfleet to be a professor at Cambridge or something like in that future AU in "All Good Things").
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Because I got tired of having to mess around with imageshack, even if tumblr does shrink the images down some. *shrug*

EDIT: Someone else posted pics of the new Ent-F Bridge. My thoughts: Is someone at Starfleet over-compensating? You could fit a stadium in there! Also, are holographic consoles really a good idea? Sure, it means hopefully no more exploding consoles killing hapless redshirts whenever you get torpedoed, but don't you run the risk of losing all control if the power gets cut or (more commonly in Trek) when your main computer's on the fritz? Thirdly, why is there a transporter on the bridge? Seems like it has a perfect targeting view of the captain's chair too. Finally, not a fan of the main viewscreen and the big hide-n-go-seek space behind it; looks clunky and it's just begging to have some big-bad/stowaway jump out at you... In short, yeah I can see this being designed by the geniuses at Utopia Planitia. *facepalms*

STO Pics

Mar. 4th, 2012 12:25 am
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So, on request by cashew, here are some screenshots I've taken while playing STO. First, though, I want to just list the ships my char has commanded so far...

Admiral: USS Applied Theory NCC-314159 (Sovereign class)
Captain: USS Divisible Prime NCC-333667 (Galaxy class)
Commander: USS Opaque Logic NCC-271828-E
Lt. Cmdr.: USS Rhyme and Reason NCC-161803
Lieutenant: : USS Spark of Genius NCC-662607-H

And the shuttlecraft USS Technobabble

(Yes, I had fun coming up with all the registry numbers too. XD)

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You know, say what you will about GW's playerbase, but I have noticed that they are generally quite... anally hardcore? :-p Yeah, even...especially the PvE folks.

I don't know how other pay-to-play games like WoW has it, but I've been reading some general whining on the PWI/STO forums about grab bag items and how the players demand transparency from the devs on the percentages of certain rewards.

And I can't just help but compare it to the Guild Wars fan base, which instead of demanding hard numbers...start tallying up the #'s themselves across large numbers of people, and then estimate a drop rate/spawn rate/etc. from there which then gets posted to the wiki or wiki discussion page. Now, yes, I do get that there is a difference here in that the GW players are crunching numbers on largely non-purchased stuff (drop rates, spawn rates, holiday mystery box rates, etc.) But given how fast the grab boxes in STO/PWI sell (only the keys need to be purchased with $$), I don't think there are any less sources of datapoints there either; just no one getting together to crunch some numbers.

Even in general, the GW wiki (and related wikis like PvX) is a pretty awe-inspiring place. Quick updates, complete records of every bit of minutae in the game, strategy suggestions that get updated according to game/skill balance, statistical analysis of all sorts of stuff...

They're all free-to-play games. But what's so unique about the GW crop of players?
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So I've passed the halfway mark, level-wise, on STO, and I figure I'd write down some of my thoughts on the game so far. This makes the... 3rd? online MMO I've played (4th if you count Gaia Online's zOMG, I guess), so some comparisons with Perfect World International and Guild Wars are probably inevitable.

Also, I feel we need to note that Cryptic Studios, which makes STO, was bought by Perfect World Entertainment, which changed the business model of the game from subscription to free-to-play early this year.

And also note - while the game has PvP (mostly Fed. vs Klingons), I don't play PvP, so this review is focused exclusively on the PvE stuff. It helps that the game is designed primarily for PvE with PvP being the "afterthought"... (kinda the opposite of GW:Prophecies).

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In Summary:
Great big authenticity stamp with regards to the franchise. Wonderful storytelling and promising RP potential. Some unique mechanics and stuff. Not much of a multiplayer game, but that's not a big issue for people like me who prefer to play in single-player mode. Still a little rough around the edges, but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt due to its relatively "young" age.
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Assimilation walkthru

For my own reference...

Master Loot Table

Shields - Klingon: Past Imperfect (Paratrinic)
Engine - Klingon: Past Imperfect (Efficient)
Beams - Klingon/Devidian: Everything Old is New
Torpedo (1) - Klingon: Doomsday Device (Hargh'peng)
Torpedos (green) - Klingon: Diplomatic Orders (photon/quantum)
Console/Eng (green) - Klingon: Secret Orders (hull alloy)
Console/Eng - Romulan: Ground Zero (EPS - up to VIII only!)
Console/Sci (green) - Cardie: Suspect (Field Emitter)
Console/Eng - Cardie: Tear of the Prophets (Shield Amp)
Console/Uni (purple) - Borg: Assimilation

Weapon - Klingon: Spin the Wheel (no fighting)
Shield (purple) - Klingon: Skirmish

Klingon: Stop the Signal, Doomsday Device

current projected pts (respec goal?)

More potential ship names:

USS Asymptotic Curve
USS Common Sense
USS Just Testing
USS Signal to Noise
USS Standard Deviant
USS Techno Babbler
USS Voice of Reason
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Icon aside, I really didn't like the Sovereign Class Ent-E all that much. It was supposedly created b/c the Ent-D physical model didn't jive well with the big screen in Generations (IMO it's by far the least of problems with that movie) and they wanted a new shiny model for subsequent movies.

And now, they turn out this monstrosity.

It looks like the over-sized version of Voyager. Ugh. What's with the trend of flattening and elongating the saucer? The nacelles are the *only* tolerable part of it.

Also, they're making this the Ent-F. Which means somehow the Ent-E is gonna be destroyed. Wow really? They better not have killed Data (current Ent-E captain in STO timeline) this time...again. *glares*

[/geek rant]
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Ah, AT&T, how you make me run around and have to call customer support again and again to get one little thing resolved, and then demand my money like you're entitled or something. Blah. >.< Damn bloodsuckers.

In lighter news - GW1's Winds of Change is finally done. I don't quite find any of the Imperial Weapons skins pretty enough to be worth my effort to do the quest chain though. Not even for the oddball greens (staff-skinned wands & scythes, sword-skinned wands, focus-skinned wands... o_O). New hero is an assassin which...I don't see the need to have 3 of. >.> And a panda pet, which I may or may not get using Zcoins instead (verging on 10 gc atm)...dangit I wanted to get the large EQ pack. :(

Did get three celestial dragons over Canthan New Years. Sold one for 80k. One went into my HoM. The other will go into Aoki's HoM when I get a chance to log both accounts.

Oh! And I got a new computer last weekend. Yeah, yeah, mainly cuz I wanted to try out Star Trek Online and it was complaining about the old computer being too...old. STO is ok, I guess. I've been playing pretty causally my Vulcan Engineer on board the Spark of Genius. Still a Lt. (Jr. grade?) at the moment. Not a very demanding game, and really I'm just in it for the geek factor.

EDIT: Reference for self, potential ship names - kinda like Opaque/Fuzzy Logic, Statistical Anomaly/Outlier, Common Sense


Jan. 26th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Apparently Star Trek Online just switched to free-to-play (cosmetic microtransaction) model.

Hm. >.>

Inner geek tingling...

EDIT: Also, a completely unrelated, hilarious TNG fan vid. And a cute SW mst3k

EDIT2: Apparently, my video card is too old for STO. Can only run at low settings. Foo. It's not like I'm there for the gameplay. :P
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