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So, I've been trying to figure out why <b> has been rendered the same as <strong>. It baffles me. As it turns out, there's semantic reasoning behind the tags, despite the rendering looking the same. And ultimately:
Whether you use <b> or <strong>, <i> or <em>, makes very little difference to SEO if any at all. That’s not to say that it won’t in future, but currently there has been no evidence that suggests to us that Google treats them any different. Blog
Then why do we even have this differentiation anyway?!

I will still try my best from now on to adhere to the use of the correct tags, just in case in the future it actually turns out to matter or something. It's gonna be weird training myself out of using <i> when trying to emphasize stuff, tho'. >.<!!
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I don't know why I thought getting into professional fútbol is going to be any better than the frustration that is Tumblr fandom or the mind-meltingly dumb discourse that is Tony fans, but here I am, delving elbow deep into the world of professional fútbol and wanting to head-desk because the sports fandom is even more stupid than the MCU fandom. Given how much statistical analysis goes into sports, it is mindboggling how idiotic the discourse can get.

Since I know you probably don't care about sports in general, here's a quick primer. TL;DR - everything you need to know about association football to understand my rant. )

Recently, Juventus won the title in Serie A. For the 8th time in the last 8 years. This season, CR7 moved from La Liga to Serie A, a significantly less difficult league, and, despite everyone knowing that Juventus had been dominating Serie A for the better part of the decade with almost no competition, GolsTV decided they had to announce that CR7 winning Serie A is some kind of accomplishment.

Bad enough that the media is trying to cherry pick statistics to make a rapist sound like he achieved something impressive (I assure you, winning the league title with a team that had been winning the league by double digit points is not a very big achievement), fandom decided that they are actually convinced that CR7 had achieved something impressive.

The argument, as it usually goes, is that it is harder to win the Premier League, so the fact that CR7 had won the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A titles with his team makes his achievements impressive.

What they fail to mention is that CR7 with Real Madrid had won a total of two La Liga titles between 2009 and 2018, while Messi with Barça won the title seven times. In addition, the Premier League, while competitive, offers far less competition than La Liga (as established earlier). La Liga titles consistently have been won with a point difference of four or less. To put that into perspective, that means losing a single game would change the title winner. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, the point difference between the title winner and runner-up is between 4 to 8 points.

In fact, this season (2018/19) is the tightest Premier League race in the last decade, where the top two teams are a single point apart and it will very likely come down to a single point. This is the situation in La Liga for at least 4 different seasons within the last decade. But, this season also happen to be the season that CR7 is not in the Premier League, but is instead playing at Serie A, where the team is winning the league by seventeen points.

So, when some idiot decides to say This is an incredible achievement no matter how many times the people on here try to diminish or downplay it. It’s incredibly difficult to stay at the top while having to adjust to different coaches, different teammates, different styles of play, different environment, culture, country etc etc. He’s also won the Euros with his country, which makes his career nearly flawless. it is so fucking stupid that it makes my head hurt.

Going to play at a less competitive league is not more difficult than staying at the the most competitive league and trying to win. Winning only 2 league titles in the most competitive league is not more impressive than winning 7 league titles while on the way to an eighth (which is what Messi is doing). It is only impressive if CR7 is going up in difficulty, but he is not. Meanwhile, Messi remains competitive in La Liga and is on his way to another La Liga title, the hardest to win of all titles.

What's more, it is far more difficult to stay at a competitive club and be a consistent starter for the team for an extended period of time. It is far easier to move around from team to team, traveling with the flow of success and winning where one can. Sergio Ramos, who stayed at Real Madrid as a consistent starter for nearly 15 years, is a far more impressive feat than CR7, who had to bow out and go play at a lesser league to win titles, because he was having difficulties staying off the bench at the much more competitive Real Madrid.

So no, stupid ass person on the internet, CR7's title win in three different leagues is not impressive, especially not when one of those titles came from a worse league.

And none of this changes the fact that CR7 IS A RAPIST.
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