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DISCLAIMER: In case it needs to be said, this post is 100% my own opinions, and does not represent any other person, organization, or cause.

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That time you try to figure out the math in Chinese fiction and realize that CN authors just as bad as western sci-fi/fantasy...

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Also, just putting this here: 关羽身高九尺是多高? -- In other words, if the story is fantasy "ancient china", your stereotypical 七尺男儿 can range from anywhere between 5.3-7.2 ft.

Also, also, I hate it when even the author can't decide what color "青" is, and keeps using it differently even within the same story!
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Awesome site giving you an idea of how vast space is:

Warning: May eat up a significant chuck of your time. But not as much as actually going there.
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Was directed to this article from reddit and found it an interesting read. But, I don't think I agree with all of it.

The thing is, the article comes into the argument from the POV that the original political beliefs that STTOS was created with must be the objectively correct one against which all subsequent movies, spinoffs, and reboots are measured against. But I don't think that's true, either in terms of real life or in-universe.

Meta-texually, times change, and the prevailing political view, and what is considered objectively "right" changes as well. For a drastic example, just go back a century or a millennia back in time to anywhere on the planet and compare the accepted common morality against modern day mores.

More relevantly, TOS reflected the ideals of a generation who was still coming off the victory of WWII and still confident in the superiority of the USA/capitalism/democracy versus the USSR/communism. In contrast, TNG came after the post-Vietnam and counter-culture disillusionment with those same values. DS9 dabbled even more deeply into realpolitik and modern cynicism (thank god it didn't go full grimdark like so many other franchises did). And Voyager... ok I have no idea what Voyager was supposed to be.

The thing is, is any one of those POVs more "correct" than the other? TOS Kirk's "liberty or death" attitude is a strong sentiment certainly, but where does it cross the line between humanism and manifest destiny? Is it really an "universal truth" outside of US political rhetoric? And, looking at the modern world and where it's headed... will it still be an "universal ideal" decades into the future?

Still, it would be nice to see the question itself explored in-story, somewhere. That's probably not happening in the reboot movies though. Maybe the upcoming Discovery series. Eh. Maybe.
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Because of posts like this.

Warning: 20,000 words of mental gymnastics that actually makes a creditable case for the STXI reboot and the mainstream Trek shows/movies to actually occur in the same universe. Destruction of Vulcan and all. I am impressed.

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TL;DR: Future!Spock lied, Past!Spock tried, Future!Kirk survived, and Romulus died.
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I guess one thing that I'll give for the reboot Trek films is that they've inspired a new generation of fans into the general franchise. I'm seeing a fairly large demographic range on various reddit threads and so forth, which is cool...even if sometimes rage-inducing.

Take this thread on reddit speculating on how the major races in ST would view homosexuality. My god, the number of people who immediately jump to "Vulcan's wouldn't approve because having sex without making babies is not logical" makes me want to *stab* something.

In case anyone cares, I personally feel most Vulcans wouldn't care, in the way that they're already closeted heterosexuals who mentally treat the whole topic of sex as anathema and taboo, so any closeted or non-closeted homosexuals wouldn't even stand out next to that. I feel that they also wouldn't "logically" equate sex with reproduction, since their biology is literally screw or die. If someone screws another person of the same gender or alien or whatever for the purpose of *not dying*, why wouldn't that be "logical"?

As for reproduction, I feel that modern Vulcans would prefer to do family planning "logically" outside of pon farr, which means they can essentially have babies by mail if they feel like it, and the whole thing can be "logically" divorced from the mentally taboo subject of pon farr, not to mention optimized for scenarios such as race-rebuilding in the reboot universe, or general population planning in the prime universe.

Another topic that comes up a lot is the Prime Directive. Generally, a lot of people are critical of Starfleet's non-interference code. Granted, there are also a lot of controversial (and sometimes baffling) on-screen depictions of the PD, such as why it even applied to the Klingon Civil War during TNG given the Klingons were a empire of technological parity to the UFP.

But IMO the core idea of it was based on the anti-colonial sentiments that followed WWII, and the stricter interpretations of it in TNG onwards was influenced by Vietnam. The "White Man's Burden" is an incredibly tempting slippery slope, and it's quite visible from how much that is evident in the criticisms against the PD.

I think it also helps that for me, I've also seen the POV of the recipient of such "well-intentioned intervention", which characterized China in the 19th and 20th centuries. I've read many alt-history fics by probably-Caucasian authors covering those time frames, and inevitably when they get to China, it's "and now our uber-wanked alt-UK/USA/Russia/Germany/etc. will now civilize the corrupt/powerless court or lawless/savage warlords of China by reprising the Alliance of 8, seizing more concession areas to civilize modernize..." ...And then I want to stab someone, again.

*long breath* Back to Star Trek. Occasionally, though, there are well written posts that don't immediately get my hackles up on behalf of intervention. This one is a very relevant modern day example.

In my honest opinion, I am actually fine with the stricter Prime Directive as it's shown in TNG (and as it applies to primitive societies, not advanced ones!)...as a Starfleet directive. (I'm less impressed with some of the rhetoric that the various characters use when discussing it, whether for or against breaking it for any specific episode case.)

I think that the formal "rule" should be "don't intervene". HOWEVER! It should still be within the prerogative of the individual captain to break that rule if the captain felt an exception should be made. HOWEVER! The captain should also be fully aware of the fact that they will then have to justify any intervention before a court martial panel. If they are indeed justified in their intervention, they will have to prove it.

This will allow there to be an form of automatic legal protection of less advanced planets from potential well-intentioned colonialism. It will also allow exceptions to be made in exceptional cases such as when the alternative to intervention is extinction. Further, it will give captains who are tempted by "White Man's Burden" an extra impetus to pause and really think before they act.

If they still feel it's a cause they are willing to potentially sacrifice their career for... well, that means they would have done it anyways PD or no. And this system would give Starfleet a way to quickly weed out captains who are wrong about their intervention, while retaining those who are able to make a valid case. In other words, the person choosing to intervene should bear the full burden of consequence for that intervention.
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This is pretty neat. I didn't know ancient chinese had so many rolling R's.

Y'know...usually in time travel or crossover fics to settings in ancient eras never consider the dialect barrier. Of course it's so you don't want to bog down the plot. But still...

Other awesomeness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdO3IP0Pro8
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I still couldn't find anything online about the actual contents of the Accords aside from that one page which appeared in the trailers. I suppose it's a good idea not to show it so that movie watches wouldn't nitpick the thing to death instead of enjoying the movie itself, but still, that prevents me from nitpicking the thing to death. =P

Also, it seems that even internally, Marvel isn't very consistent about what the Accords do. Pretty sure movie canon takes precedence over TV canon though.

Anyway, I found this article online which pretty much explains a lot of my feelings about what we do know of the Accords, better than I can. Of course, this would be in a realistic USA in a realistic universe...so of course that wouldn't include the MCU. -_-!
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Huh. I always thought the long range telepathic communion betwen Elrond & Galadriel in LOTR (and then Gandalf and Galadriel in Hobbit) was something PJ made up for the movies. Well, the contents of the meetings probably were, but the mechanism at least was not. Apparently the ability itself is book canon. See Ósanwe-kenta. Also several fandom discussions.

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Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don't want largely female audiences


Just. What.

I don't even...what is this BS...

A more calm and knowledgeable analysis of the marketing economics that's probably behind this idiocy.
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Interesting analysis of the characters in BLD. I especially like some of the stuff in the comments.

Analysis comparing the two major roles played by my favorite actor... and the fiery rebuttals thereof. XD

Analysis... and flamewar? - ok, heated discussion, of the various 仙凡 couplings in BLD, focusing on 瑶姬

Article and discussion of Purity!Sues in BLD.
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So as a matter of curiosity I was googling for slash references in Chinese history, and I stumbled on this link.

Remembers 《宰相刘罗锅》
*is ded*

More articles...
中国古代同性恋排行 - Lots of examples from Han; a bit from Song, Ming, Qing. Surprisingly little from Tang, despite the fact that it was a really sexually liberal dynasty...
古代中国为什么要盛行“男风” - Article in last comment.
古代“男风” - Seems to mostly concentrate on pre-Tang
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Yes we all know that Journey to the West is a political commentary. So no big surprises on the numbers here. It's still some interesting info. And gotta admire the JttW geeks who took the time to compile it all.
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Because my internet is still not liking GW at the moment, I spent some time reading the endless articles at cracked.com - that place is as addictive as tvtropes can be. Anyways, some gems that I wanted to share:

9 Words That Don't Mean What You Think

8 Awesome Cases of Internet Vigilantism

7 Stupid People Who Sued the Scientific Method

6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can't Explain

5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in History of Fanfiction

9 Awesome Places to Have Sex (and the Horrific Consequences) - wonder how many bad fics have run afoul of these? :P
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Written by an Associated Press journalist. Covers mainly the day to day stuff in Beijing rather than Olympics oriented. Looks like it's being updated daily. I found it hilarious.


Note that the most recent entries are added at the top. So it may seem disjointed if you try reading it top to bottom instead of bottom to top.

I love the bit about getting his haircut from some overpass volunteer guard. "...I asked him, mainly through gestures, to do me." *snicker*

And the bit about Chinese men liking to roll up their shirts in the heat. (My dad does that at home sometimes too... -_-)

EDIT: HAHAHA! This one is hilarious too. Poor hockey teams and their mismatched undies. BWAHAHA.
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It's no surprise that the western news services will find any excuse to nitpick anything with the Beijing Olympics.

And then you gotta wonder. "If that was faked, then what is this? Hallucination? Conspiracy?" *rolleyes*
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According to yahoo's news entry, NBC withholding live Olympic events from west coast viewers - it's not enough that NBC is only broadcasting SOME events "live", as well as liberally cutting time out of said broadcasts to fit in commercials, those events will only be "live" for the East Coast. *stabs* I especially love the 3000+ replies echoing disgust at NBC's broken promises, incompetence, and general stupidity.

Here's some other news entries from Silicon Valley Insider - NBC Olympics: We Don't Care If You Hate Us, You're Watching USA-China Basketball On Tape Delay, NBC Lawyers In Panic Mode, Scrambling To Stamp Out Internet Olympics Feeds, Olympic Committee Outraged About USA Fans Watching Live Online, Sends Takedown Notices.

On a more helpful front, here's two more articles from SVI - How To Watch The Beijing Olympics LIVE On The Web -- Even If NBC Doesn't Want You To, YouTube At The Olympics: Exclusive Video You Can't Watch
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