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Finally finished the previous old "new" episodes on STO before the new new expansion pack is due out next week. Heh. Anyways, while I was micromanaging all my stuff in STO, I got thinking of the history of the Enterprises and decided to do some checking. I am taking STO as the sequel to the TV/movies, while ignoring all the novels.

Enterprise 1701 - launched in 2245 and destroyed in 2285 (STII) -- 40 years
Enterprise A - Renamed in 2286 (STIV) and decommissioned(?) in 2292 -- 6 years
Enterprise B - Launched in 2293 (ST8) & lost in 2329 -- 36 years
Enterprise C - Launched in 2332 & lost in 2344 (TNG 3:15) -- 12 years
Enterprise D - Launched in 2364 & destroyed in 2371 -- 7 years
Enterprise E - Launched in 2372 & lost in 2408 -- 36 years
Enterprise F - Launched in 2409 (STO)
Enterprise J - Up and running some time in 25xx (ENT)

In retrospect, the Galaxy class ships are all pretty unlucky. Or maybe just badly designed. Of the first batch of those ships, the Yamato was lost barely a year or two in service, and the Odyssey was destroyed by the Dominion without being able to fight back much at all. The Ent-D herself is one of the shortest serving ships of the name, especially when you consider that the Ent-A was a renamed ship that had already been in service for a while before, and also was eventually decommissioned for the Ent-B replacement rather than lost in service.

The Enterprise-E on the other hand, I think could have lasted longer and could have matched the longevity record of the original Enterprise if it weren't for requirements of having an Enterprise in STO and not being able to afford the IP / Brent Spiner. (Though according to STO timeline, Data was captain of the Ent-E for 22 years...*squee*)

Ah well, I have two head canons for what happened with the Ent-E:

1. It got decommissioned when Starfleet released the new Odyssey class cruisers, since they wanted the flagship of the fleet to always remain the biggest & baddest as well. Data either retired from Starfleet to become a professor like was predicted in "All Good Things", or - even cooler - he accepted a promotion to Admiral. Hm, one doesn't actually have to preclude the other, actually.

2. It's "lost" due to Q abducting it for crossover shenanigans, and he also dropped a note with Janeway advising Starfleet not to hold its breath getting that ship back. So Starfleet decided to rename the first ship of the new Odyssey class to Enterprise-F (a more fortunate name than USS Odyssey after all) at the last minute and threw it at the Dominion kerfluffle.

EDIT: Actually, it seems there was a short story "Unexpected Honor", written by the head writer for STO, which reveals that the Ent-E was most likely destroyed (or maybe just damaged beyond it being worth Starfleet's effort to fix) by an Undine attack. However many of the crew including Data survived. And while my personal headcanon wishes that Data was bumpbed up to Admiral (he so deserves it), he most likely will end actually end up retiring to become a professor (like in "All Good Things").

Anyway, I also think the storyline of STO should be taking place over a longer period of time than just a single year... I mean, going from Lt. to Admiral in a year is kinda... Yeah, the SOD is kinda broken there. My headcanon for the timeline is instead...

pre-2400 - Tutorial actually takes place (sort of flash back kinda thing). The player character is field promoted to Lt.

2400-2409 - The various storylines of the Klingon, Wasteland, Romulan, Breen storyines take place. Our PC shoots up in the ranks from Lt. to Captain during these troubled times by saving the day lot.
(Kirk was 32 when he took command of the Enterprise and had been a Captain before then. Assuming he graduated from the academy at age 21-22, that's somewhere around 8-10 years to go from Ensign to Captain on the fast track. So this promotion timeline is believable.)

2409 - The Cardassian/Dominion storyline takes place and introduces the Ent-F. Also the introduction of the Tholian & New Romulus adventure zones.
(I'm also ignoring the whole level cap is Admiral rank thing...not even gonna think of the raised level cap coming up. The fast promotion to Admiral makes even less sense. It's also narratively unnecessary, since none of the episodes has the PC leading a fleet. In fact, the PC often takes orders from Capt. Shon of the Ent-F. Thus, it makes much more sense to keep the PC as a captain.)

2410 - Borg/Undine & Solanae storylines take place. Start of the Delta Rising arc.
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