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It's all Greek to me.

I only play STO casually, so I really hate it when I have to go out and redesign my character sheet, and all the EQ I've spent so much time getting suddenly become obsolete. At least these things don't happen all that often, I guess, and at least I haven't invested in the REALLY meta builds like plasma leech which apparently has gotten nerfed to the ground.

For the phaser beam builds which I use, it sucks that FAW has been nerfed, because I don't like any of the other phaser abilities (and it's not efficient to use more than one given shared cooldowns). DEM seems to have been nerfed too (boo). And I want my money back from all the copies of Destabilizing Resonance Beam purchased for my science officers (:p).

On the balance (ha!), tanking and healing skills all seem to have been...buffed? Hrm.

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Date: 2017-03-21 03:26 pm (UTC)
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It's moments like this that makes me appreciate GW2's ascended stats system. At least you'll always have relevant equipment. Just gotta spend a little more to change things up.

Actually, would love to hear a comparison of STO with GW2 in terms of how balancing, class diversity, equipment grind, and other stuff looks like. Which system do you prefer? Why? Pros? Cons? ETC. Anyway, just something I'd like to hear if you're up for writing it up.
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