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Found this on the Daystrom reddit (a Star Trek reddit). A limerick that's also a math equation. Kinda neat.

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Remember these?

Snagged this from some interview talk. Fun to ponder. Try your wits!

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Suppose you have two rooms. In room A are three light switches. In room B are three typical desk lamps. Each light switch in room A turns on/off a different lamp in room B. The light switches can only be pulled to render a light on or off; there is no mid-way dimming function. The rooms are completely separate from and opaque between each other. And finally, there is no geographic correlation between the arrangement of switches in room A and the lamps in room B.

You start off in room A, where all the switches are pointing to off. You can do whatever you want to any of the switches. After you are done, you are allowed to go to room B where you can see the results of whatever you did. You are not allowed to go back to room A and fiddle with more switches after going into room B.

The question for this puzzle is: Which light switch toggles which lamp?

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So this was sprung on our team meeting today and I thought I'd share... It's the typical kinda question that you'd expect to come across in a job interview, I'd think... Anyway, the puzzle.

Suppose we have 4 people A, B, C, D all standing facing a wall (marked as '|'). Two are wearing red hats and two are wearing black hats. Arranged as follows:

A | B C D

- No one knows the color of their own hat
- No one can turn around to look at the hats of anyone behind them or look at their own hat
- No one can see through the wall
- Everyone is aware of everyone else's general position
- Everyone can see everyone else in front of them up to the wall (eg. D sees B & C but not A)
- No one can move or otherwise communicate in a non-verbal manner
- No one can communicate verbally except except to state what color hat they themselves are wearing
- The person who speaks must be 100% sure of their statement (if that person is wrong then they all lose)
- Only one person can speak; the first statement must be correct
- Everyone is working together and aware they're all trying to accomplish the same goal under the same rules
- They have a 5 minute deadline; after which someone must speak or they all lose

So, how can these 4 people resolve this? Who is to speak and how can that person be certain of what color hat they are wearing?

...And how long did it take you to figure it out? ^_-

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