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Internet was almost dead last night. Took about 30 mins just to get 5 clovers - that's how slow it was. So I copied this update to a flash drive and am uploading at work.

These are shorter snippets and they sorta go together anyway. And no, I still have no plot. This fandom is pretty hard to write for. :-/

Cabin Fever )

Mada Mada Dane (I) )

Mada Mada Dane (II) )
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Bearer of Tidings )

Yeah, I know they shouldn't be this bad off after only one all-nighter. For Heiji let's just chalk it up to the physical exertion of escaping certain DOOM and running for his life before getting to Tokyo. And Shinichi... I dunno... little kids need more sleep?

Added 1/11:

Communication Kills )
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MIGHT be part of a series. Who knows. Depends on if the muses stick around. I promise to try and keep the Magic Kaito cast out of it as much as possible.

That Special Insanity )

Bleh... better title wanted, plz.
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Yay icons! Uploaded a bunch of bases here. All are from colored pics taken from the manga scanlations.

Also, while I was flipping through the downloaded scans (while catching a virus), I jotted down some notes related to the so-called "timeline" of the series...

They're in a time warp! )
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No fics, but I did come across a few Heiji x Shinichi doujin/fanart. Story ain't great (and some are raws anyway) but doujins are only there for the pretties anyway.


From baidu:
http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=455142068 (some kind of AU doujin)
http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=198804891 (fanart)
http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=224825739 (chibi fanart)
http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=205410357 (more fanart)
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Is there someplace I can download the series and read it on my harddrive instead of online? My connection gets progressively worse later at night and it gets to be a pain to wait a minute for every page to load.

Also, I've been browsing some Detective Conan sites and I get the sense that most people consider Kaito Kid as a native character of the DC series. (I guess his own series is not very well known?) Supposedly he's also ranked #1 in character polls for DC in Japan, which was kind of weird. (Shinichi and Conan were #2 and #3 respectively, despite being the same character, sort of.) I guess that's why there's so much of him in DC fics...

Edit 1: I don't get ConanxAi, or at least the reasons for it... is there something more on this from the anime?

Edit 2: Some fics I kinda liked...

Edit 3: For reference, the DC/MK chapters are...

Vol 16 6-9, Vol 20 2-5 (Sonoko), Vol 30 4-7 (Sunset)
Vol 44 7-10 (levitate), Vol 46 9-10 (shounen tantei)
Vol 52 544-547 (painting), Vol 54-55 562-566 (koushien)
Vol 61 631-634 (teleport), Vol 64 674-676 (dog)
Vol 69 712-715 (s.t. heist)

Edit 4: Reference for Heiji eps
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