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These aren't really made to be played with the normal MtG cards (except maybe the Unhinged set), which is why a lot of the casting costs are so *broken*. The "doubles" ability is something new I threw in and not actually a MtG ability (that I know of), and it has homebrewn rules to go with it. They'll probably also require different rules for the Lengendary status, though I'm still not quite sure how those work...

Anyways, enjoy the cards. Just don't click the links all at once, 'cuz Geocities is really stingy about bandwidth. Feh.

Other Schools

The pages are all in simple html. They'll probably need to be edited (or not used in lieu of the card urls themselves) if these are to be adapted to the psidai webpage.
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...playing around with CSS formatting.

Wheee... @_@

RK Cards
LOTR Cards

Need to learn how to get by w/o tables. Me go sleepy now. @_@

(Edit: Oh yeah. New icon. *points*)
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Okay, I went on a card-making spree last night and got a lot of Kenshin cards done. Since it'd be pain to upload them onto GJ and then link them one by one, I made a webpage instead. Here it is.

I still need some flavor text for those, either narration or dialogue. And also, I still have the rest of the Juppon Gatana, which I need to find good pictures for, as well as Okina and the minor Oniwabanshu peeps.

Some quotes that DK suggested )

Meanwhile, over at Rumbles, it seems that Munchy has been busy making joke cards based on stuff pulled out from the bowels of Soap Operus. I think he's rediscovered many of [insanejournal.com profile] cashew's works of art, and has made some... interesting cards. They're all very funny. I'll link 'em here:

Slayven Kitty
Slayven Kitty 2
Ball collector
Munchy Poodle
Watcher w/ Mallet
Pell Torture

Heh. Heheheh...

Update: More Mewie-inspired cards.

Disgruntled Mods
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Ideas for a LOTR set... will be updated as ideas come to me. (Check the previous entry for Anime card ideas that I've also been updating. You can look for it in my memories if you're too lazy to scroll down. :p)

Set "house rules":

horsemanship - can only be blocked by creatures with horsemanship, trample, or flying.

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Okay, I finished redoing the 0.2 Mirror cards as well, and I moved all my MtG stuff over to a tripod website instead of my angelfire one, since it was taking up so much space. I'll leave the old angelfire pages up for now, but I'll probably delete them whenever I need more room there. Besides, all the links to it from my main YvtW website has been changed to the new place anyways.

( The new pics up at Tripod. )

Also, last night, I fiddled around with making Kenshin cards... Getting the pictures and coming up with card errata isn't hard. The hardest part is the flavor text, so I left those out. However, if anyone has any nice suggestions for flavor text - whether it be narration from the manga or dialogue from a character - I'd like to hear them. The more the better, so I can find a good fit, spacing wise, on the cards. Anyways... here's what I have so far:


More cards )

The card attributes, mana cost, and colors aren't final. I might tweak things after I get done with everything. Especially attack values for cards with double strike. It occurs to me that a double strike of attack 5 is actually 10 damage total unless the creature gets killed by another creature with first strike or double strike. So technically, I can give Kenshin a attack of 3 and his combat attack value would still be 6. I might also need to fix the toughness values... but I'm not sure if I should.

Now, I need a bit of advice... I'm going to associate most of the good guys with white (good, purity, etc.), most of the villains of the Kyoto Arc with red (chaos, fire, bloodlust, physical might) and black (evil, necromancy, self-destruction). I'm unsure what colors to relate the Oniwabanshuu to though... typically, ninjas are associated with the color black, but the Oniwabanshuu aren't evil (unless we're talking about whacked-out Aoshi)... blue (psionic, duplicity, sky/sea) might be a better match...
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So I'm in the process of streamlining my YvtW MtG cards with the new card-maker program.

Here's the page.

I've redone both the 2.0, 3.0, and non-character pages. The 0.2 page is still the old version. Lookit the vast differences.

BTW, Mg, if you're reading this... double check my mana costs for game balance or whatnot, k? Thanks.
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Just writing this down so I have an easy reference when I'm making cards...

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Tis the latest rage on CBR. And then I got to thinking...

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Dusted off the ol' Apprentice online MtG program today. A bunch of peeps from CBR have been getting together over AIM to play, and I haven't had a chance to what with my busy weekday schedule and my parents.

But today, I got a chance to play. For some strange reason, my computer won't connect to MunchKING's, so I didn't get to play the guy who it seems everyone else has been beating to the ground *g*... but I played Daemon (Dantrinoth on AIM), and won 3 out of 3 games. Not bad for having not played for over a year. ^_^

Well, actually, I only won clearly for 2 of the games. The first one really didn't have a clear outcome when he said he wanted to just forfeit and start over. But at that time, we were still pretty even. Both with over 40 life points (the game starts off with 20 life points each) and a multitude of 13/13 elves (most critters are around 1/1 to 3/3 or so in their natural state). It was funny, 'cause he had a vastly pro-elf deck, which gave him oodles of bonuses for every elf in the game. I, by "coincidence", also had an elf-heavy deck, which normally would've only benefitted him, if it weren't for that I also had a smattering of blue-spells which I used to take over his bonus-generator cards. *eg*

Yeah, yeah... that's probably waaay too much info for those of you who don't care a whit for MtG. I'm just feeling good about myself right now. It won't last, I promise. :D
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