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Previous review. This stuff really eats up your time once you start reading them. I'm only covering completed stories and not the dozens or so stories that are still languishing in WIP.

More stories by 月下蝶影. (Covered 何为贤妻 & 八宝妆 in the previous post.)
- 如珠似玉 (7/10) is more of the same. The MC's transmigrated status as much a ignored footnote as the previous two. There's less action/suspense and pretty much all fluff all the time. It's a popcorn romance, essentially.
- 我就是这般女子 (8/10) rating this slightly higher because its characters are simply hilarious. It does its job well as a romance/comedy. Still a popcorn story though.
- 勿扰飞升 (8/10) is a pseudo-xianxia romance story. I really like all the characters, including the majority of supporting and even cameo characters. I also like some of the world building. I really wish the author could have stuck to the slice of life character interaction/world exploration that comprised the first half of the story. The attempt to have a plot for the second half was...eh, lackluster. This author just isn't suited for writing action stories, her pacing is horrible and fight scenes forgettable.

巨星是个系统 (7/10 stars, slash)
Funny story about a kid genius who was put into a coma as a child, then his soul accidentally got merged with a nascent AI system which then went around helping various hosts become superstars, and now finally returning to his original body, mistakenly believing that its his new host which he must help become a star. The kid reminds me a lot of Inui from Tenipuri, his brain keeps breaking with all the illogic of humanity around him. His family is adorable, and his path to stardom (in multiple senses of the word) is hilarious. The only thing that's lacking is the actual romance. The seme seems to become more and more like a supporting character; the romance is...really really bland.

快穿女配:反派BOSS有毒!BY 墨泠 (9/10)
快穿系统:反派BOSS来袭!BY 墨泠 (9/10)
Both of these are quick transmigration stories. Best "strong" female leads I've seen in these various stories. Actually, it's a running joke that this author's female leads are actually the male leads, and the male lead are the damsels in distress. It's a funny role reversal and author doesn't even make it awkward. The meta-story/background is...interesting, well thought out and well meshed into the rest of the story.

快穿:男神大人,宠上天!BY 姩潇潇 (9/10)
Another quick transmigration story with several arcs that I liked. MC is a big flirt but does settle for the male lead. The overarching metastory is a bit more...meh, but at least it managed to keep the mystery from being predictable before the final reveal.

快穿:炮灰打脸攻略 BY 黑心女王 (6/10)
Yet another quick transmigration. There's less arcs which I liked of the whole. But the interesting bit about this one is that occasionally the female main character transmigrates into a male host and has to deal with doing her mission as a guy. In these instances, the male lead doesn't tend to show up (so no pseudo-slash alas), but otherwise, "his" interactions can be amusing.

国民男神撩回家 BY 宫九格 (8/10)
Final quick transmigration story I'm listing today. Not as long as the others, and quite a few arcs which I liked. MC is a much more down to earth person, who likes to get into her hosts' life and build it up, rather than many other MC's who just rely on their OP cheats and look down on living the original host's life.

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