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meta revenge arc, vengeance sub-arcs w/ early deaths

Arc 1 - 第10章 任务开始 / 第11章 Hello,校草大人
MC is rich girl revenge on slag fiance MP who fell in love with lower class FP scheming white lotus

Arc 2 - 第86章 Hello,少将
MC is country girl sold to slag soldier husband who ruined her in order to marry up to high status family in capital; ML is spec ops leader from high status family who frequents MC's restaurant

* Arc 3 - 第171章 宠妃当道
MC is "favored" concubine with strong family backing who was actually used as a shield for the emperors actual "true love" concubine; emperor sporadically is taken over by ML's soul from previous world

* Arc 4 - 第273章 黑道总裁
MC is abused girl discovered to be true child of rich family, vs swapped at birth white lotus "sister", scheming swapper "mom", and previously biased family

Arc 5 - 第401章 打倒男宠
MC is scholar's daughter married to favored wangye who's actually gay and using her as a beard; ML doesn't show up until end/MC's death

Arc 6 - 第449章 庶女重生
Revenge on reborn concubine daughter; ML is imperial uncle

Arc 7 - 第548章 变态BOSS
Taming the traumatized/abusive/controlling husband who married MC as replacement of "dead" first love. MC is actually abandoned twin sister of the black lotus "true love". Revenge against child-selling adopted parents, twin, and birth parents.

Arc 8 - 第664章 BOSS是奸臣
MC is murdered first wife of slag scholar seduced by evil system user. ML is crippled evil minister who almost destroys the world in battle against evil system. MC's first system is destroyed and gains new system.

Arc 9 - 第734章 黑暗帝王
MC is college girl on vacation in the US who was kidnapped and sold to human traffickers; ML is underworld boss; failed/abandoned mission to destroy trafficking underworld

* Arc 10 - 第823章 玛丽苏修真
Cultivation setting MC with hidden pure yin trait vs book-transmigrant white lotus mary sue; ML is split into grandmaster of sect and sealed demon boss

* Arc 11 - 第933章 影帝的心尖宠
MC is media star used by slag boyfriend + his scheming actual girlfriend (MC's BFF); ML is MC's ex-patron

Arc 12 - 第1042章 我的男友是丧尸
MC is former FProtag, vs reborn white lotus who stole her everything. ML is a zombie king and younger son of high status family at north safe zone. Mission is to kill zombie emperor.

Arc 13 - 第1148章 半兽
Crash survivors in beastman world; revenge on superstitious tribes who burnt Host at stake; break away and teach kind tribe runt how to start civilization. (no ML?)

Arc 14 - 第1237章 灰暗人生
MC is successful businesswoman vs slag birth parents who sold her to slavery & slag ex-abuser "husband" & slag "apprentice" who betrayed company & biased journalist. (no ML?)

Arc 15 - 第1330章 攻略反派BOSS
Schoolyard setting; MC is daughter of a major family; mission is to reform future villain ML who is lower class boy with potential to trigger great superpowers

Arc 16 - 第1464章 站住,暴君
MC is a slave brought to imperial court of tyrant emperor ML; mission is to prevent ML from killing entire setting out of nihilism

* Arc 17 - 第1564章 手撕种马男
Mission is to prevent see-thru-eye harem protag from learning cultivation and ruining world's leylines; MC is rival heiress; ML is spec ops from high status family

Arc 18 - 第1670章 被毁
Middle-class girl ruined by slag rich boy wants revenge

Arc 19 - 第1777章 神秘孤岛
Murder mystery (no ML) -> vampire ruled world (dies) -> 1000 years in the future schoolyard setting (hunters vs vampires)

Arc 20 - 第1975章 家有恶婆婆
Noblewoman vs slag scholar husband and mother-in-law; uncover mystery of reborn mastermind behind the marriage and other misdeeds

Arc 21 - 第2081章 BOSS,约吗
MC is a mistress trying to maintain golden thigh; ML is the lawful son of the patron fated to undergo traumatic kidnapping and turn into boss villain chasing after FProtag and rival against MProtag

Arc 22 - 第2206章 竞技大神
spirit without body??

Arc 23 - 第2358章 海的女儿
Naive mermaid vs slag rescued human; ML is underworld boss (sekrit undying monster)

Arc 24 - 第2468章 星际监狱 (skip)
Framed prisoner in male section of futuristic prison planet

Arc 25 - 第2566章 我只是一个蛋 (skip)
Egg of baby snake raised by cultivators as sacrifice, wants love of evil dragon


OP MC saving the worlds rather than counterattacking
https://www.69shu.com/29441/ (completed, on extras)
https://www.myxs.net/3/3643/index.html (stuck on ch RL 94)

arc summaries from novelupates

Arc 1 - 豪门大小姐
Real heir to rich house recover from reborn half-sister sister's plot to ruin & prevent MC from becoming Go champion. Overshadows sister in her IT field instead.

Arc 2 - 相府第一才女
Genius noble daughter countering plagiarizing transmigrated rival. Saves & supports hidden genius crown prince against rival's third prince.

Arc 3 - 逆袭前世电竞女神
Recovers from stepsister's plot to get MC to cheat gaming competition. Climbs to top of LoL ranking versus a rival system-holding part time woman. Shows her up in crime solving too.

Arc 4 - 娱乐圈巨星归来
Reputation counterattack of new starlet against mobster CEO using MC as shield while actually in love with her rival "friend". Reveals all misunderstandings and becomes his new white moonlight after dumping him.

* 5. 被抱错的豪门千金
Daughter of rich house mistakenly swapped to doctor's family and neglected by both families after discovery in favor of the other white lotus child. Becoming a famous medical researcher and fixes grandpa's heart problems.

6. 被遗弃的魔法天才
Original MC was targeted by transmigrated rival and reborn elder. Ends the demonbeast threat via sacrificial casting of god level spell. ML is genius cultivator who physically broke through from previous world but didn't find MC until her death.

7. 逆袭第一医师
Setting of superpowered people who require medical support. MC is country girl once married to rich family due to father's unique medicine. Counterattacks ex-husband's new girlfriend. Climbs to top of medical research and produces miracle cures.

* Arc 8 - 最佳替身
Normal girl used by CEO slag BF as replacement for hidden crush (which is actually her cousin from rich family). Counters defamation by rich girl and pressure on mom by rich family. Slag MP discovers real white moonlight is MC and regrets everything.

Arc 9 - 都市第一神棍
Orphan becomes a top fengshui master and uncovering conspiracy behind original host's death. Sacrifices herself to break the curse on ML's lifespan.

Arc 10 - 全世界都在等着她离婚
Bratty royal grandniece in unpopular marriage to ambitious top general (ML). Becomes leading scientist/engineer, showing up her would-be space-general half-sister.

Arc 11 - 冷宫弃妃
General's daughter wangfei abandoned by newly crowned husband in favor of white lotus "true love". Leaves the cold palace and saves her family.

* Arc 12 - 网游之大神遇上大神
Daughter of landlord counterattacking MMO white lotus who is IRL MC's rich family half sister by same mother.

Arc 13 - 巧了,我也是重生的
Former prodigy turned delinquent counterattacking repeat-reborn stepsister scheming after MC's heart for replacement.

* Arc 14 - 末日女王
Apocalypse setting with 3 reborn rivals. MC uses +int power to build/level up a team and then a city, researches powerups and cure.

* Arc 15 - 姐姐是特工
Outperforming (and out secreting) the secret agent older sister that looks down rest of the family and would've brought disaster down on them.

Arc 16 - 学渣逆袭记
Teen mislead by unscrupulous uncle cleans up her grades and teaches little brother how to be CEO. Develops VR phone.

Arc 17 - 惊世炼丹师
"Waste" cultivator becomes top alchemist and counterattacks rival (transmigrant?)

* Arc 18 - 网配之美人如玉
MC became fat due to machinations of stepmom and was defamed online by stepsister. Loses weight and becomes a top voice actress, author/script writer, etc.

19. 特工女王穿成了庶子
MC is crossdressed "son" of a noble's unfavored concubine. MC makes various friends in high places and places first in civil exams. Dies by poison wine given by dowager empress afraid the new emperor ML is turning gay for MC.

20. 总裁心有白月光
MC is a country girl whose mom married a CEO as the second wife. Her ex-BF and ex-husband left her for the same white moonlight, her older step-sister, reincarnated from another cultivation setting. They're also part of a hidden superpowered community. MC researches ways to boost powers and rises to a top position in the hidden community.

21. 黑道女王/娱乐女王
MC is the elder daughter of mob boss, using her as shield for his white lotus younger daughter. Revives & protects her entertainment company. Lets the dad get just deserts from the police. Also a hidden setting based on jade betting.

* 22. 重生女配要逆袭
MC is a former prodigy whose cultivation was ruined by her reborn cousin. Instead becomes top artificer/formations expert and creates the first god-ranked weapon to avenge/protect her family. ML was cousin's common-born slag (ex)fiance, but now builds a merchant empire for the sole purpose of providing MC with her rare material needs.

23. 民国第一名媛,请低调
MC is the neglected middle daughter of general's family in Republic era. Younger sister is overseas graduate who looks down on traditional everything. MC secretly becomes nation's lead researcher; becomes international feminist role model.

24. 绝世神医
MC is the sole surviving daughter of imperial doctor whose family was executed due to court intrigue. Recovers family reputation and proves her father's innocence. Proves traditional medicine against transmigrated western style doctor with secret spirit spring.

25. 国民天后
MC is a musician jailed for a year due to being framed for plagiarizing by her younger sister, a (reborn?) counterattacker who can see another's future from eye contact. MC creates a trap to reveal who really did the plagiarizing and who has the better natural talent at music.

* 26. 神秘大小姐
MC is a concubine's daughter in a big needlecraft family, forced out by white lotus half-sister. Opens own sewing shop, teaches her skills, while making friends in high places. Crown prince (ML) presents her masterwork to the emperor. Also, her reborn original fiance learns it's the white lotus sister that destroyed his previous life, and regrets ignoring MC this life.

27. 不会古武的黑客不是好大神
MC is the daughter of normal family cleaning up after her "prodigy" hacker cousin who tangled with hidden cultivator families. Raises her nephew into better hacker and cultivator than his mom. Also, MC actually marries ML on screen for once.

28. 机甲:大神在上
MC is the elder daughter of a former noble family, sentenced to trash planet. Younger sister was adopted by another noble family, who MC back to transplant her psi-power. MC escapes, makes important contacts, and reveals all their crimes in abducting & experimenting on low born citizens to the public.

29. 卑微少女翻身记
MC is the neglected middle child of family, whose parents only care about the older "genius" older sister and younger brother. Ends up outshining them as world famous mathematician/finance expert. Her little brother catches on first learns from MC. The parents and arrogant older sister get face slapped.

30. 军营神话
MC aces a special ops soldiers competition with a 3-man group after being abandoned by rest of the team on the instigation of a reborn rival. Then does so well in an international competition that she's removed from the score records afterwards for breaking the curve too hard.

31. 最强天师
Original host is guilty about the car accident that caused adopted brother (ML) to turn blind. Turns out the blindness is due to supernatural causes, so MC becomes a fengshui master to heal him. Incidentally shows up the long lost blood daughter of the family.

* 32. 金牌杀手
MC is elder daughter of unfavored noble's concubine in declined cultivation setting. Younger full sister is a transmigrated modern (assassin/soldier?) who dumps her mom/sister as dead weight. MC rewrites cultivation teachings to benefit the nation, with Prime Minister ML testing and spreading her teachings.

At the end, MC hacks system so that ML starts to transmigrate with memory starting from this world.

33. 女尊:大神在上
Matriarchy setting. MC is a spoiled and secretly unfavored crown "prince". Outperforms the secretly favored younger prince. ML is a rare male general and paternal cousin of the rival prince, but throws in with MC.

34. 全球偶像:c位出道!
New performer MC climbs to top of international stage through sheer talent despite attempted bullying and tricks from rival. ML is president of media company MC's signed to. MC's arrogant movie-star step-brother, step-family, and mom all come to regret neglecting & looking down on MC.

35. 异能女孩
MC is one of a group of high school kids that were kidnapped, escaped, then lost in the wilderness for a year. Makes sure the youkai boy of the party makes it back alive. Tracks down & cures ML, a sick young master with special physique that attracts supernatural entities; becomes famous spirit master. Rival half-yao FP ends up being killed due to consequences of her warped sense of right & wrong.

36. 王者
In a setting centered on sports stars, MC got kicked from international swimming team due to secretly drugged by rival's rich boyfriend. Makes a great comeback showing in group marathon competition. ML is a famous retired former swim star, who collaborates with MC to train her team. They sweep the Olympics and make new records. The unpatriotic actions of the rival girl and her boyfriend are revealed.

37. 调香师
In perfume centered world, MC was adopted by a kind granny. Her top exam scores were accidentally switched with a local white lotus, who runs with the mistake in front of visiting tourist rich kids. MC uses alternative ways to get into top university, double majors in math and perfume. Finds and rejects slag biological family that abandoned her for a more promising sister. Face slaps them all with her accomplishments.

38. 军王
MC is new to a special ops team, rejected by her teammates due to book transmigrant rival, on mission spoiled by bad intel. After rival and MP were evacuated, MC ensures everyone else survives and completes mission. MP regrets his choices after being abandoned by the rival girl and rescued by MC, but by then MC has already gotten together with ML with her own team.

39. 股神
Dirty finance circle setting. MC destroys the corrupt company that's been monopolizing the industry via criminal tactics. The "genius" finance girl that MC got dumped for ends up destroying the ex-husband's company.

40. 我在远古当女神
MC is discarded by a fleeing primitive tribe and picked up by another. Helps warrior leader ML kick out the modern transmigrator (MP) and priestess who were looking to take over the tribe. Build a city, start civilization.

* 41. 重生八零
MC is the middle child of a sexist mother in a small town who wants to marry her off. ML is a wounded soldier who moved into town to recover. Older sister is a reborn who failed at city life last time, got jealous of sister's husband, but still failed at life again. MC easily passes high school, skips college, and goes direct into national R&D.

42. 巨星大爆炸
MC is a modern day mermaid used and dumped by slag boyfriend, then smeared in the entertainment circle. Go on same reality show as them for counterattack - shows off fishing, predicting weather, mixing incense, heal poison bugs. Then patron fight (with ML) vs the rich girl who tried to kick her out of entertainment.

43. 车王
MC is a racer who just lost a match with injuries, and arrives as her brothers want to split the house on instigation by their wives. Takes up a new side job as math teacher at rich kids school. ML is her new sponsor after leaving old one. Wins future races and also gets her students to become math geeks, showing up reborn competitor in both.

44. 武器
MC is the orphaned elder daughter of a mastersmith line. Became a concubine to prince as part of a plot between him and her cousin to swap her blood with her younger sickly sister. Secretly builds up wealth with her masterworks and reveals her genius, as well as selfish side of sister.

From this point MC's system is replaced with 009 and all her memories of previous transmigrations are wiped for each mission.

45. 塔罗牌
MC is the daughter of a housekeeper who swapped her with newborn of rich family. Swapped girl is top HS exam scorer and famous tarot reader, who is back with ambition. Shows up rival sister in dad's company, saves birth parents with miracle medical knowledge, and convinced to study tarot by ML (still with memory).

46. 渣女配
MC host was a golddigging country girl in college. Does the usual national R&D, computer company, etc. route. Also raises (adopted) younger brother into next level genius, with top grades at HS exams, stock market genius, political genius. Makes ex-BF and little brother's biological family regret looking down on them. No ML.

47. 炮灰男配
MC is orphaned daughter of imperial cook, forcibly married off to a merchant by ex-fiance's minister father. Accidentally caused husband to go into coma (seems like ML had memories before going into coma but forgot previous worlds memories afterwards??), and his family attacked by 3rd prince (harem member of transmigrated FP). Gets chased from family after healing ML, then truth comes out. MC revives dad's restaurant while sending secret help to eldest prince. ML goes into politics. Revenge on 3rd prince.

48. 被遗弃的少女
Future beastman setting. MC was "waste" abandoned on rural planet. Saves ML; becomes master energy crystal smith. Makes slag family regret looking down on her. (Some on screen making out with ML and probably secret marriage.)

49. 直播女神
LoL streaming turned to full talent show rivalry. ML is rich esport player.

50. 现实世


Veteran quick transmigrator hired by new system to prevent a blackened system from overpowering the villain boss and killing the MP/FP of worlds; later just becoming MC chasing ML, then ML chasing MC fluff.

1. 国民校草是反派
MC is a rich girl being displaced by her dad's mistress and bastard daughter, conspiring with the boy she liked. ML is the brother of the ex-not!BF, who was after the inheritance and masterminded MC's family troubles, but also destroyed all her opponents when he became interested in MC. MC died taking a bullet for him.

2. 鬼畜教授别乱撩
MC is a college girl who had been smeared by her ex-BF with a rival girl, and takes revenge by revealing the ex-BF had stolen her research papers as hers and the rival girl is a slag. ML is a finance prodigy that guest lectures at the school, then becomes MC's professor when gaining interest in her. He also has out of control possessive tendencies, which MC escapes from and then "dies" from a plane crash.

3. 祸国妖妃伪丞相 - skipped
MC is a favored concubine who's actually untouched by the emperor and also moonlighting as a prime minister helping the emperor gain control of the court. ML was the twin brother of the emperor who was raised as his secret guard and body double, but began having ambitions to replace him. ML falls for MC but still uses her as a pawn. MC helps him gain power and destroys the transmigrated FP, then dies from poison while accusing ML of not knowing real love.

4. 电竞大神宠入骨
MC was the adopted daughter of a rich family who was framed by FP for climbing her brother's bed, and then abandoned by the adopted family. ML is the president of a game company and captain of an esports team, with some memories of past life, and immediately begins all kinds of plotting to rope MC into his hands. MC joins the game team and face slaps her old family.

* 5. 称帝不如养只猫
MC is a cat spirit that gets adopted by ML, the favored son of the emperor, who had been slow poisoned since youth. Their foes are a rival prince who's being aided by a transmigrated FP who has the same looks as MC's human form. MC cures ML and they defeat their rivals.

* 6. 纯情哥哥别乱来
MC is the naive orphan rich girl who was scammed by her "friend" and "boyfriend". She dumps the slags, gets revenge, and gets back together with her adopted brother ML. ML is actually the orphaned son of a corporate president that was betrayed by the ex-BF's father; MC helps him reclaim the company.

7. 高冷徒弟求上榻 - skipped
MC is a partly-amnesiac grandmaster who was betrayed by her sect sister during the big battle between righteous & demon sects, and framed for allying with the demon sects.

* 8. 病娇帝少心尖宠
MC is the adopted daughter of the top family of the capital who hasn't had contact with the family for 3 years. She was given an arranged marriage to a slag that hired some thugs to abuct her, and his latest GF further hired them to kill MC. ML is her adopted brother whose ultra-possessiveness partly caused a traumatic incident that MC got amnesia over, but now learns to love her.

9. 反派影帝太难撩
MC is an actress who's career languished despite her looks & skills due to her unbending personality, rival "friend", and agent who appears to neglect her. ML is the media company president and former movie star, who's moonlighting as MC's agent and pulling her pigtails.

* 10. 师父是个偏执狂
MC is the loyal disciple of ML, head of wulin righteous sects but secretly also the paranoid head of the demon sect. They'd been betrayed by ML's other disciple FP, and chased off a cliff by MP in supposed revenge for his family's death. MC recovers the cold jade pieces to cure ML's poison, and reveals the real villain behind MP's family deaths.

11. 病态BOSS宠翻天
MC is the elder daughter of a rich family whose mother & sister conspired to kill her and steal her slag fiance. MC disrupts their plans and face slaps everyone. ML is a dangerous boss guy with a lame leg.

12. 镇国公主腹黑帝 - skipped
MC was the adopted princess of the previous emperor, who worked hard as regent to clear obstacles for her little brother's path, before being forced out of power by the crossed dressed FP minister who's actually an enemy nation spy. ML is the young emperor who plays at being helpless in front of MC to get her attention.

13. 学霸男神养成记
MC is the student consistently taking 2nd place, who was talked by her "friend" into chasing after the 1st place guy, making a fool of herself and causing her grades to drop. ML is a student in the bad kids class who turns in blank exams. MC flunks into his class; they show up the 1st place guy and FP by getting top scores on the next exam.

14. 路上捡只小狼狗 - skipped
Modern cultivator setting. MC is the daughter of a mortal rich family being sold off in marriage to the mortal branch of a great cultivator family.

15. 摄政王宠帝成瘾 - skipped
MC is the crossdressed young emperor whose ignorant struggles against the imperial regent causes him to die with a city from a plague getting out of hand, and then getting ousted by her sister FP. ML is the imperial regent.

16. 男神追妻太撩人
MC was the daughter of a rich man who kicked her out as a child after taking in his mistress and their bastard daughter. After growing up in an orphanage, MC meets her half sister in college. ML is an older student at the college who immediately claims MC and helps her face slap all rivals.

17. 国民影后你好甜
MC is a famous movie star who keeps firing assistants. ML is a obsessive fan of MC who hides his background as company president to become her new assistant. They foil a murder plot by rival actress and ex-BF of MC's agent.

* 18. 哥哥总想弄死我
MC is the daughter of a general away at war, who is continually plotted against by her stepmother and (actually adopted) sister. MC foils their plots, turns away the prince trying to curry her favor, and moves in with ML, the supposed "brother" her father brought in, but who's actually a long lost prince the emperor favors.

19. 精分总裁你好萌
MC is a rich girl forced into internship at ML's company by their parents trying to arrange their marriage, but has been rebelling against this at the advice by her "friend". ML has split personality order, being a cold CEO in the day, a gentleman at dusk, and a traumatised child at night. MC moves in with him and cures him.

20. BOSS你别囚禁我
MC was a rich girl, whose ambitious adopted brother had killed her father, stolen the family company, and conspired with ML to imprison her on an island. ML is a boss who only agreed to abduct MC because she's similar to the figure in his dreams. MC manages to convince him to help her get revenge on her slag brother.

21. 王爷总把杀手当成媳妇宠 - skipped

* 22. 我帮影帝挡桃花的那几年
MC hides her background as the daughter of a media company president to become "personal" assistant to her idol, the famous movie star ML. ML is also chasing her, and after work they are a fluffy couple.

23. 打死你,我也要爱你 - skipped

24. 我就是贪图你的美色
MC is the crossdressed former prodigy of a declining cultivation family who was tossed aside after her spirit roots were ruined. She dumps the slag family, then goes off and saves ML, who's a known great master of a mysterious sect and a former prodigy.

25. 天上掉下个小仙女 - skipped
MC was the goddess of fate who was framed by her "sister" for messing up the destiny of (now former) crown prince ML. They team up to destroy ML's rivals at court and get ML onto the throne.

26. 邻家哥哥太宠我
MC was kidnapped and sold off to the countryside as a child, but was able to escape and return before she could get forced into marriage. ML is the young master of the neighboring house, whose family takes MC in, helping her face slap her sister who had caused MC's kidnapping and is further planning on ruining her, and their mother who only cares about the sister.

27. 除了钱,我一无所有
MC is a girl with unending funds and no memories of pre-18. Kicks aside former classmate who was scamming her. Buys patronage of aspiring director ML, who is plotting revenge against his father, stepmother, and father's movie star mistress.

BY 墨泠 / 快穿:男神,有点燃! (NEW!)

Inhumanly motivated MC with a 'throw money at everything' system trying to get good person cards out of blackening damsel in distress ML.

1. 神壕攻略

2. 全民偶像

3. 魔界巅峰

4. 恶灵退散

5. 末日首富

6. 王爷万福

7. 王者重临

8. 放学别走

9. 裙下之臣

10. 荣耀至下

11. 天降福宝

12. 无上仙途

13. 金牌杀手

More stories:
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