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AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

This one's not tenipuri based. Both adult OC's are in-game characters. Here's hoping I did Vulcan romance domesticity justice.

Work-Life Balance

Stardate 25857.8

Straak scrutinized the plate of coarse reddish paste that was placed before him, its appearance reminiscent of still-molten basaltic tephra. He looked up at his wife in askance.

“I do not recognize this item from the food synthesizer database,” he noted. “Have you amended the system again?” It wouldn’t be the first time she had done so since becoming the Sarek’s CMO.

“It is Lemm broth, made from a common Indorian tuber,” T’Pirit explained, sitting down across from him with a plate of the same foodstuff. “I have determined that this is the optimum comestible to rebalance our nutrition intake, following the sparse rations we have undertaken in the T’kon structure for the last three point seven days.”

Knowing better than to argue with this doctor on matters of health, Straak steeled himself and took a tentative taste of the broth. Fortunately, it was not as unpalatable as it looked, and he was hungry after nearly four days of fasting.

Upon finishing the repast and clearing the table, Straak was about to continue onto his evening meditation routine when T’Pirit forestalled him.

“My husband, I would speak with you.”

The traditional phrase in their native tongue gave Straak pause, used to has he was to Federation Standard even much of the time in private. However, the expected response slipped reflexively from him.

“My wife, I am at your service.”

T’Pirit took a slow breath as they both seated themselves again, this time beside one another. “Do you plan to accept promotion at the end of the Sarek’s current five year mission?”

Ah. He had been expecting this conversation since he had been made aware of the offer.

“I plan to decline it,” Straak informed her, recalling a very similar conversation between them before he had received command of the Sarek.

“Explain,” T’Pirit requested, folding her hands across her lap.

“I am seeking an assignment to the Ship Design Bureau team that is expected to begin work on the next generation Starfleet science vessel,” Straak elaborated. “It is a logical use of my abilities.”

T’Pirit studied her bondmate. Knowing him as she did, she added what he did not say: “And you also wish to command it once it is commissioned?” She shook her head slightly. “You must realize the probability of receiving such an assignment is less than zero point seven percent.”

“It is not zero,” Straak pointed out, though the sentiment was something of a human one. “Recall, at the time, the probability my receiving command of the Sarek for two consecutive five-year missions was equally unlikely.”

Frowning minutely, T’Pirit studied him for a bit longer, before finally inclining her head in acceptance. “Very well, Straak. I will support you in this, if that is what you wish.” She paused, then added: “Given design and prototype construction times, that will be at least a five year ground-side duty, correct?”

Straak gave her a searching look. “Six point two five years, by my estimates,” he said slowly. “Why?”

His wife hesitated for the barest moment, before pushing on. “Do you recall our conversation after your tour on the Selaya?” T’Pirit answered with another question. “My...thoughts on the subject have not changed.”

Given the direction of their conversation so far, the admission did not surprise Straak this time as it had eleven years ago. “Parenthood,” he recalled, voice even and not giving away any of his thoughts.

“Affirmative.” T’Pirit squared her shoulders as if readying for a debate. “You are aware that my preference for deep space assignment is not as strong as yours. I am willing to remain in ground-side assignments, or even take sabbatical, if it becomes necessary. And…if you agree to this now, you will have over five years with the child as well before the question of reassignment arises.”

There was a short silence as husband and wife stared at one another, before Straak spoke up at length.

“I have...reconsidered that conversation when you joined me on the Sarek,” he admitted. “While I no longer hold to my objections from eleven years ago, it is still a significant change to our lives. Will you permit me to meditate further on the matter?”

“I will await your decision,” T’Pirit agreed readily.

In closing, their fingers met in the traditional gesture of embrace, a brief touch, before parting.


Stardate 26707.7

The house was silent when Straak returned, as was expected of the late hour. With silent motions, he left his carry case and padd on a desk, before heading to the nursery room.

There, he found his daughter fast asleep on her small bed, the two year old toddler snuggled beneath neatly tucked blankets. Her short raven hair glinted under the dimly refracted light of a stylized lamp that was carved from a thin slice of vokaya-quartz geode, which rested on the bedside table.

Seeing nothing amiss, Straak silently departed the room. Stepping into the corridor, he found T’Pirit standing at the door to their bedroom, dressed in sleeping robes, and with the dim glow of lights behind her. With quick steps, he joined her.

“You have returned early,” T’Pirit noted quietly as the bedroom door closed behind them. “Have you eaten?”

“There were some last minute changes to my transportation schedule,” Straak explained as he slipped off his uniform jacket. “And I did consume the necessary rations at the expected times,” he added.

He had traveled to the Sol system for the annual director’s meeting of the Starship Design Bureau, and also to present the finished design of the Kepler class science frigate. It was the culmination of years of work and compromise - sometimes too much on the latter, in Straak’s opinion.

“Has anything of note occurred at home while I was away?” he asked further, relinquishing his jacket when T’Pirit took it out of his hands.

“Nothing unexpected,” T’Pirit replied, moving to the closet to put the uniform away while Straak continued undressing. “I have taken the opportunity to complete Savil’s innoculations and her physical for this year. Her development is within the expected parameters for her age.”

She then went to retrieve his sleepwear from a nearby drawer. Her next question was more perfunctory than curious: “Has there been any new developments on Earth?”

“Not from Earth…” came the slow answer, prompting T’Pirit to pause and look back to meet her husband’s eyes. “I have accepted promotion to Commodore,” Straak finally revealed, having paused in his motions.

A miniscule widening of her eyes betrayed T’Pirit’s surprise at the revelation. With a few steps, she moved to his side, eyes still searching his for an answer. “Explain,” she requested.

It was an question that Straak had long pondered and answered for himself.

“I have found that my perspective has changed due to recent events,” he replied evenly, tilting his head just slightly toward the bedroom door, outside of which their daughter’s room lay. “While I have always found it easier to achieve peace while surrounded by space, I have come to realize there are...rewarding alternatives.”

T’Pirit blinked slowly, processing the answer.

“Where will you be assigned?” she asked at length.

“My next assignment will be director of Science Academy campus here,” Straak replied. He was referring to the Starfleet Academy branch campus on Vulcan, which was co-run with the Vulcan Science Academy through a tangled history of integration and litigation during the early days of the Federation. The bureaucratic snarl also referred to it as the Vulcan Science Academy on internal paperwork, which was often a source of confusion to parties outside of the Fleet.

Quickly running the calculations through her mind, T’Pirit tilted her head in realization. “Given typical assignment terms, you would be home for Savil’s initial bonding contract.”

“However, there is always the possibility that I may be reassigned to a more dangerous posting if circumstances in Starfleet requires it,” Straak warned her, referring to the recent battles conducted in the Gabriel Expanse. He then reached out to retrieve the sleepwear from her hands, fingers brushing against hers in the motion, just this side of casual.

“Of course; the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” As a Starfleet officer herself, T’Pirit understood the duties that would be required of his position. She curled her fore and middle fingers around his before he could draw his hand back. “Straak, you know you have my support in this, as always.”

Nodding shortly in response, Straak lowered his eyes to their still-joined digits in a silent question.

“And…” T’Pirit began as she took another step forward into her husband’s personal space, moving the sleepwear out of the way with her other hand, “...perhaps...you should also take this opportunity to consider a sibling for Savil.”

Straak’s eyebrows lifted in visible surprise, and it was not just from the rest of his wife’s fingers intertwining with his.


2312.Q1.M3 (Stardate 24700.3) -- T'Pirit transfers to USS Sarek
2315.Q4.M3 (Stardates 25852.3, 25853.5, 25857.2) -- Straak's last mission on the USS Sarek
2316.Q3 -- Savil born; Kepler research begins
2318.Q3 -- Kepler research completed
2318.Q4 -- Kepler build starts; Straak promoted to Commodore
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