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These are (almost) all Kirk/Spock slash fics, so caveat lector and all.

Noteable Authors

* Works by Seperis

All works are nuTrek, and I love this author's depiction of the boys. They're broken, yet strong and mature. I can only wish that canon was like this. I also found the way the stories tend to be structured to be pretty good in keeping suspense, and there's also sense of understated sassiness mixed in with the angst.

My favorites has to be the one-shot "Repeat Offender", and the first fic of the author's Reboot series, "You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)"; the third fic of that series, "War Games", is ok too.

* Works by KCS

The majority of this authors fics are based in TOS, but there's a few nuTrek (and TOS crossed over with nuTrek) entries too. These are also the only non-slash fics I have on this list. There's a lot of KS friendship (and KSM triumvirate friendship). Some of the ones I especially liked are "Symbiosis" and "Clothes Make the Man".

* Works by CMM

This author does some great work in spinning off stories based on TOS episodes and movies; unfortunately it also means you won't get the most out of reading those works without also having seen the episode or movie in question. I especially liked "Expelled from Paradise" (based on the TOS episode "The Paradise Syndrome").

The author also writes a few nuTrek fics. I liked "Finding T'hy'la", though technically that one's AU, actually. Also "Viva Las Vegas", which I found to be funny.

TOS recs

Balance by Amanda Warrington -- A long story spanning the time frame of the episodes "Balance of Terror", "Arena", "Tomorrow is Yesterday", "Amok Time", "Enemy Within". A slow burn of Spock being in total denial and then finally coming out of it.

Earthshine by WerewolvesAreReal -- PWP based on the episode "Enemy Within". (A bit dubcon if you really think about the episode...but, well, it's PWP.)

The Chair by Tech Duinn -- PWP on the bridge while the ship is emptied under maintenance.

Proximity Breeds Contretemps by Dana Austin Marsh -- Somewhat humorous fic based on the fanon idea that Kirk's and Spock's quarters share a bathroom.

Rumour Has it by Dana Austin Marsh -- Kirk and Spock try and fail to manipulate the rumor mill on the Enterprise. The fic starts off with light humor, then takes a right turn at angst, before ending at fluff/pr0n.

When the Cat's Away by Dana Austin Marsh -- Fluffy fic. Summary: When a Starfleet Conference interrupts Kirk’s shoreleave with Spock, Spock’s time spent with a female collegue has the crew thinking he is being unfaithful to his lover.

First and Forever by TDazz -- Takes place at the end of the 5 year mission and is faithful to ST:TMP canon, meaning it's not gonna be a happy ending folks.

And the Smiles Dancing On Your Lips by Geritashipper123 -- Post-ST:TMP fic of our boys getting back together. Fluff and pr0n and some flashbacks.

Winter by CatalenaMara -- Post-STVI fic that thumbs its nose Generations. Our boys stay together.

Left or Right by logicallyillogical -- Takes place after Kirk is lost on the Ent-B, featuring the recently widow(er?)ed Spock visiting the Enterprise-B and giving them a much needed kick in the pants. It's as much about the rest of the minor cast and the larger issue of dealing with loss as it's about Spock.

Phoenix by museaway -- Post-STVI fic that assumes Generations didn't happen and our boys carried on with their lives (together). Some nice h/c and a surprising twist with the villain reveal that hails back to a TOS episode.

nuTrek fics

Stranded On A Strange Planet With An Honest Vulcan by luvsbitca -- *squints* The title sorta summarizes the fic.

Compulsion by Jaylee -- In which mind melds should come with a warning label and there is accidental bonding (another common plot device of K/S fandom, right next to pon farr).

What We Don't Say (or The Epic Wedding of Jim and Spock) by museaway -- Lighthearted humor. You just gotta laugh at Kirk's inner panic throughout the wedding plans (that don't really end up getting used).

Time Immemorial by Ragdoll -- Kirk gets permanent amnesia of a year of his life, and finds out that during that time, he'd gotten together with Spock (who he was already in love with) but had also broken up with him for unknown reasons. Wat?

An Unfair Wager by Corpus Invictus -- Light humor and fluff. I like the novel idea of vulcan hands and carpal tunnel though.

Please don't touch the Vulcans by museaway -- Spock invites Jim to New Vulcan for vacation. Fluffly pre-slash domesticity.

Because Guys Will Be Guys by mattmetzger -- Humor bordering on crack. Summary: Five relationship cliches that Jim messed up, and one that runs perfectly. Because Kirks just can't do anything the normal way.

Compatibility Test by Rhaegal -- Some funny cross cultural misunderstandings. And then a lot of pr0n.

The Devil's In The Detail by Amanda Warrington -- Hilarious fic. Spock gets called into his dad's office to answer awkward questions about incriminating photos from a tabloid photographer.

The Progression Series by mattmetzger -- Kirk and Spock getting together via a series of life and death crises.

Grasp The Thorn by Ragdoll -- Itty bitty Spock meets itty bitty Kirk being...Kirk.

The Stars Came Out For Us by well it is canon -- AU where it's Spock that breaks up the barfight in Iowa instead of Pike.

Assumptions are Bad series by Misscar -- Lots of nice humor and sassiness. Hard to explain, but I liked it overall.

What to Get the Captain and First Officer Who Have Everything but Each Other series by Misscar -- Our boys get together through the barely competent matchmaking skills of their crewmates, interns, and a sex shop delivery service that's really bad at labeling. The last one in the series is a remake of ST:Beyond to the tune of the worst wedding disaster evar.

Observations by jAnon -- Humongous epic length fic that spans the first five-year mission of the nuTrek Enterprise, told more or less from Spock's POV. I love the first half for the wonderful twists to various classic TOS plots, especially the altered rendition of "City on the Edge of Forever" taking place in the early 2000s instead of the 1930s, and "Trouble of Tribbles" being redone as high stakes poker on a casino-world. However, the second half seriously jumped the shark into gratuitous grimdark torture-porn and unreadable stream-of-consciousness wall-o-text. Basically skip chapters 196-255, and chapter 256 will summarize things just fine.

Evolution by Rhaegal -- Slightly shorter but still epic length fic about the first (year? I guess?) of the five year mission. Also some very nice twists to the various TOS plots. I liked the idea of Spock being split in the "Enemy Within" redo, although the resolution a bit anti-climatic. The "Amok Time" redo is a really well done climax to the overall relationship arc though.

AUs and Crossovers

Ubi Sunt Qui Ante Nos Fuerunt by Lyrastar -- TOS crossover with DS9. No really, it makes sense when you consider all the time travel that goes on in Star Trek in general. Not compliant with the prequel to nuTrek but whatever.

Out of the Big Black series by Rae Trail -- Takes place during TNG and also features Picard/Q. Basically the Continuum brings Kirk back out of the Nexus, then he and Spock live happily ever after...on a different kinda ship.

Whenever You Are by walkandtalk -- Crossover fusion type thing between nuTrek and "The Time Traveler's Wife". Spock, living in linear time, meets Kirk in non-linear order. Compliant with both ST09 and ST:ID but not Beyond, as far as I can tell.

Refractions by bigmamag -- NuTrek crosses over with more alternate timelines! And for the novelty factor, none of those timelines involved are either the Prime timeline or the typical Mirror timeline. There's also sequel/prequels featuring the spinn-off timelines that's ok on their own.

Universal Constants by stormfirej -- Wherein Spock and Kirk are both cadets that meet at the Academy (not sure if this counts more as a TOS AU or a nuTrek AU...)

The Sum of Both of Us by spicyshimmy -- Fleeing Tarsus IV, itty bitty Jim's shuttle crashes on Vulcan and he ends up getting taken in by Spock's family. Featuring nuKirk's crazy allergies and no Nero in sight (yet?).

Leave No Soul Behind by whochick -- Epic length AU where Nero is an ongoing rampage, and all our major characters are in the Space!Ambulance!Service instead of a corrupt and useless Starfleet. Our boys still manage to hijack(?) a starship and be the big damn heroes at the climax though.

Problem Child by TDazz -- nuKirk finds out he has a eight year old kid with an old flame that he doesn't remember fathering. Also, he's been together with nuSpock for the last ten years. Mystery and relationship problems ahoy.

Also, as a note to self, the ancient Side by Side zine fics can still be reached via the wayback machine (index).
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