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"Star Trek is one of those happy, clean, bright futures which means there is a high ratio of adults to children in adult bodies."

Came across this comment - actually an author's response to a comment on a fic - and the sentiment kinda just struck me. It does seem to be one of the aspects of my dissatisfaction with the reboot Star Trek film - the playing up of angsty manchild trauma as the main fill-in for character interaction.

And, even looking beyond just the Trek franchise, it's a little pervasive in Hollywood films as a whole, isn't it? I mean, the reboot Superman and Batman are all about revisiting their childhood traumas over and over again in every film and reboot. Perhaps this is also the reason why Iron Man is not my favorite MCU film/character.

I think it says a bit about my personal tastes...

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Date: 2016-10-25 12:09 pm (UTC)
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I completely agree. There's just too much manchild drama instead of actual drama with actual pain from living the vagaries of life, like discrimination, bigotry, cultural clash, ideological/philosophical conflict. While I understand that superhero genre is meant as escapism, specifically from all the messiness of real world politics where the problem of the world can't be blamed on a villain/villainous group, that just emphasizes the problem.

Hell, look at the current election. It's the reason Trump has as much support as he does. A demagogue who can rally people behind blaming all the world's wrongs on a group of people and saying that he and he alone has the solution. People aren't looking at the reality of the world's complexities and just want a superhero to swoop in to solve everything.

So, yeah, it's no surprise that Hollywood is capitalizing and perpetuating this problem. *sigh*
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