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The Bandit Weapons Specialist collection gives you a 20 slot bag at completion. Uses the icon of the bandit loot bag, so I spent like a minute clicking it like a fool before realizing what it was.

Anyway, you trigger the collection with a book bought from the SW vendor for 150 bandit crests and 10s. The items in the collection you can buy for cheap from the karma weapons vendor in WvW. The price scales with level, so a newbie char could buy everything for like less than 10k karma.

For my own notes... (meta?) solo Condi engineer build. Alternatives - Runes: 4x altruism + 2x privateer, Armor: Rampager (off TP) instead of Sinister.
Another more group focused condi-eng build

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Date: 2015-07-28 02:10 pm (UTC)
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I personally prefer using celestial armor, and tweaking the stats with trinkets. Much easier that way, although clearly not min-maxing, but since engies benefit from pretty much all stats, I feel like celestial is the best way to go for a cheap armor set that works in all situations.

Also, omg, must get the 20 slot bag. Yesh.

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Date: 2015-07-28 05:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cashew
Well, since I'm crafting my ascended gear, I think the time gate is more on the bolts of damask and elonian leather square than it is on the insignias, so...

Personally, I'm going celestial for sheer flexibility.

If you're just testing exotic gear, you might as we just run to the temples and get them there for testing purposes. Invest after you've decided on a rune set. :p (I use sunless runes for easy condi maintenance and elite spam with mortar kit.)
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