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1. Revenant damage needs to be scaled up a bit. Feels weak most of the time. In order to kill at a rate I consider normal, I had to have a full zerker everything plus food & sharpen stones...total of 2500 power stat. Or full carrion + scavenger rune + rampager weapons & sinister trinkets + food/tuning crystals...total of over 1300 condi dmg. All to get to a level that my...ranger, for instance, can do with a mere 2.1-2.2k power.

2. Lack of mobility. No ovbious source of swiftness, no gap closer skills, no passive speed buff. Every other class has at least 2 of these. Revenant however has no skills on weapon or utility that gives unconditional swiftness, no source of passive speed buffs, and no unconditional leaps/teleports. The only thing on Rev that I've found is to blast the brick road (light field), but that is difficult to do in the middle of running.

3. The drops on the staff, both traited and untraited, are way too fiddly. The randomness of where they appear is also bad. You don't want your allies to have to move out of position just to pick up minor buffs. Honestly the whole mechanic should be scrapped and just go with a simple pulse effect on nearby allies.

Similarly, hit boxes on line attack skills need to be improved too. Many times I've hit mace 2 next to a mob (that has reached me already due to how slow it casts) and it did no damage. As attacks, the hit boxes on these skills need to be more in line with lava font than temporal curtain.

4. Ventari skills are underwhelming. Way too...pigeonholed. Pretty much all its util skills do is heal or remove condi. Compare to water ele in healer role - the ele will also apply vulnerability and chill, and do some decent damage on staff/dagger 2. Staff guardian healer will also buff 12 might, do decent aoe dmg with symbol, and control enemy movement. Ventari sucks at utility despite being the support legend and needs to offer something to the fight other than pure heal/cleanse.

5. Mallyx skills have too many conditional qualifiers for its effects. Makes them too hard to understand and thus use. I get the feeling its meant more for pvp or something, but it still needs to offer some bare minimum contribution to pve.

6. Traits are underwhelming. If one trait line means the difference between decent damage and dinky damage, then you're doing it wrong. Ele can do decent damage even if they don't spec fire or air. Ranger can function just fine without marksmanship. Mez without domination or illusion. Most other classes have maybe one bad traitline but all the other specs will have some things to help kill things, plus usually 2 'damage specs'. Revenant should not be depending on one spec line to fight well.

Also, needs more synergy within the spec line, with the weapons... or with the profession mechanic. Thief has many many traits to improve initiative. Necro has traits to improve life force. Ele has traits to add effects onto attunements. Where are the energy management traits for revenant?

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Date: 2015-07-11 03:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cashew
On damage: OMG, yes. I recommend hitting harder, not faster. Because I notice the reason the dps on Revenant is so low is because it takes forever to activate a skill that hits about the same as a skill that hits at a much faster rate.

On mobility: While I agree that in terms of covering places and getting to places it can be a real freaking pain to run at normal speed, I think the idea behind the Revenant is supposed to be a fairly slow moving class. So rather than see speed buff, I'd rather see more control conditions. Cripple, immobilize, freeze, daze, etc. Stuff to make everyone else move even slower than you. Or maybe a speed buff when not in combat, to make covering areas and getting to places easier. (Like gain swiftness when not in combat. Swiftness ends when engaging in combat. So PvPers won't QQ over permaswiftness, even though everyone has one.)

On weapons: All the weapons need a reworking. Staff is a melee weapon, yet it pushes enemies back. Hammer is a long-range weapon, yet has no way to kite. Definitely need to be re-thought out.

On traits: Yeah, traits need to synergize better. I somehow doubt another dps line is going to help. But the fact that there is only one dps line contributes to me thinking that Revenant is meant to be a glacial bruiser. Hit hard, but hit very slow. And takes forever to take down. In other words, Revenant needs to be much, much more tankier. And each hit itself needs to be a one-two hit KO. That will make up for how slow the hits get in.

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Date: 2015-07-11 04:33 pm (UTC)
cashew: Sumomo acting like Sumomo (Default)
From: [personal profile] cashew
I was saying I want to hit harder, not faster, in keeping with the glacial bruiser typing. Over all, needs something like a 25% boost in damage, plus extra effects. Honestly, I'd prefer zero recharge on the skills and have the trait reduce energy cost or something like that. And use the energy (rather than crit rate) to determine if an effect is triggered. Like, if hitting with hammer and energy >50%, apply cripple. If energy <10%, apply chill. Attacks with staff give regen when energy <50%, aegis when energy >50% (or whatever, number crunching is for the developers). Mace/axe, same idea, bleed when >50%, torment when <50%, or whatever. That way there is an actual focus on the energy management, rather than just spamming and refilling the energy bar.

As for speed, I'd like to see a buff to out of combat movement speed. In combat, the Rev should focus on cc-ing so the speed is never an issue.

All in all, Rev feels like a one trick pony right now, which is hammer-ventari, and move the tablet constantly while blasting from the way, way, way backline.
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