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Old builds
Optimal Build suggestions

Guardian: (Zerk/Sin legs/rings?)
Lazy BurnDmg
(Forum suggestions: ZerkerDmg)

Engineer: (Rings?)
Rifle PistolShield

Silverwastes Dry Top

Elementalist: (zerk wand, knight focus)
Tequatl General

Mesmer: (Assassin rings, Rampager staff)
GS/General DryTop/SW


Full Sup Centaur rune set + warhorn trait will still let you maintain perma swiftness from just the horn.

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Date: 2015-06-29 04:42 pm (UTC)
cashew: Sumomo acting like Sumomo (Default)
From: [personal profile] cashew
Sharkmaw doable with just half damage. If you jump right, you don't even take damage at all.

I put rifle recharge reduction on engineer because the rifle still is a good burn trigger. Also, cc plus knockback, very useful. And I'm pretty sure the rifle 5 is an explosion, so more vulnerability, yay. Rifle is also the longest range weapon an engineer can get, unless using mortar rounds, which are pretty meh compared to the more useful supply crate. Mortar kit is only useful in group events where the fields can be used, and even then, it's probably more melee distance anyway. Point is, engineer is pretty much stuck in mid-to-melee range.

When running pistol/shield, I put shield recharge on, because shield. And throwing. Yay! Yes, I'm shallow like that.

Have not run staff on mes. Staff seems kind of pointless on mes, since you can't focus burning and good luck trying to maintain any stacks of condi on enemies. GS + S/F seems to be the way to go. But, maybe should try it out in personal missions to see if GS is still as good as it was before. I put lotsa reflect on Mesmer due to using her to farm Teq. Also used mantra condition removal, because 3 instan-condi-removal is very useful.

P.S. Besides Guard and Mez, are there any other classes that benefit from using a focus? There's so many cool focus skins that I wanna be able to use them all. :p

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Date: 2015-06-30 07:40 pm (UTC)
cashew: dude with sunglasses looking confused (Misc // Haa?)
From: [personal profile] cashew

Rifle good for jumping puzzles. If you're talking about range vs. damage, rifle still out performs pistol via rifle 3. Very powerful attack. Plus, rifle has better recharge than pistol/shield. Pistol, on the other hand, is very good at bleeding, which can serve as a proc for other conditions.

Personally, I prefer the pistol/shield, but damage wise, it's less powerful. I definitely notice that I kill faster when running rifle (even if I use plenty kits, since kits are mostly better for en-mass damage, whereas weapon is more economical and faster in 1v1). The only time pistol out performs rifle is when I had piercing bullets, but that's no longer a trait. *sadface*


The other reason I'm resistant to staff usage is because I can't find a good staff skin. Honestly, none of the staff skins appeal to me. *sadpandaface again*

Huh. If scepter/focus is a viable weapon, I'm totally gonna put the ele on toy scepter and bell focus skins. XD Yeah, mostly shallow thoughts when it comes to these things. But that's a while off.

P.S. Please respond to my journal entry. *pokepokepoke*
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