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The big thing is the whole trait revamp. Basically they're getting rid of the old system and putting in the new specialization system in prep for the new expansion. In other words, I'm gonna have to revisit each of my PC's and redo their whole build.

Here's some build sites that claim to have the updated traitlines.

Since they're removing all the stats from traits and putting them into the equipment... I may end up needing to replace lots of equipment at the same time. Already sure my ele and guardian are both going to need more +vit gear to make up for what they're losing from traits.

Mesmer changes are looking good. Engineer got shafted at first glance (RIP speedy kits). Ele didn't get icebow nerfed, so anything else is gravy. Haven't had a chance to study the rest.

Also getting some quality of life changes, and most of those are good. Geodes and bandit crests are getting shoved into the wallet, so yay for bag space. Soulbound stuff now shows which PC they're soulbound to, which is another yay.

Only bad QOL change is that there's going to be a extra 5% stat difference between exotic and ascended. Not...as much of an issue for PvE (I hope), but sucks for the people who have multiple alts playing WvW.

As for the info so far about the expansion...still withholding judgment until more info comes out.

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Date: 2015-06-18 11:26 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cashew
I seriously am not sure if I want to deal with this. Losing all will to play. Especially since the thought of having to make ascended gear for all my characters...just...death.

Also, fuck them for nerfing speedy kits. It's literally the only thing that Engineers can use to keep pace with the rest of the professions, and...just fuck that. This is ridiculous. How else are we supposed to use kits, or anything else, for that matter? Quite frankly, kit swapping right now is the only thing Engineers could do to stay competitive. Take away kits, and Engineers become the bottom of the barrel in terms of ability, again. Not that I should be surprised, since it's not like Engineers have been getting much love anyway.

Putting geodes and bandit crests into the wallet is a definite yay. It's half the reason I was so reluctant to play, because gah, no space, no space!

Anyway, ffffff. Just ... ffffffffffff. >.

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Date: 2015-06-21 07:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cashew
Well, I'll probably be making a piece here or there and not really bothering to be too focused or anything. Meh.
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