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Finished Part 6
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Also made small edits to the previous parts to account for the new changes. Some notes regarding major setting changes:

* Since PJ pushed Gundabad as another major enemy location in the Hobbit films, I shoehorned it in here as well since the xover setting is half-half movieverse vs bookverse as things go. It's also my excuse of where the Sons of Elrond and the Northern Dunedain were in the movie timeline for them to not appear at all in the LOTR movies.

* Didn't manage to get screentime with Thranduil in, to my own chagrin. Then again, I wrote so much on his backstory that I guess this is sort of a break. Still working on Part 7 and that will have some more.

* So the way I'm meshing together the movie & book timeline is that the Battle of Five Armies in movie canon (and in this xover TL) took place 17 years later than it had in book canon. Coincidentally, the time between Bilbo and then Frodo leaving for Rivendell would also take 17 years less time than it would have in book canon, so that balances out. This way, Aragorn would've been around 27 at the time of BOFA (and hence it would actually make sense for Thranduil to send Legolas off to find a pal who's not a 10 year old boy). But it also means that the ages of the Kings of Dale will need to be pushed back a bit. Bain was 18 at the time of BOFA in the movies, and so here he's still the king instead of his son Brand. Not that I've gotten to showing them yet, of course. That's also in the next part.

* Still conflicted on what I'm going to do with Denethor, especially since I'm moving closer to movie characterization for him. (Mostly cuz I don't care much about him. The people I like I tend to take the best parts of both movie and book characterization, I find. =P) Maybe I'll end up just siccing Galadriel on him. Hehe.

* Modified Arwen's part a bit...still not too satisfied with her non-part. Also need to figure out what I'm going to do with Eowyn. We need more strong female characters dangit. Eh... part of the problem is that I'm mainly writing from the POV of the SI characters, so we don't really get to see a lot of the stuff going on elsewhere. I should maybe write a separate interlude in tandem with the storyline covering all the NPC stuff going on. Ugh. But that's also so much work.
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