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It started with me writing out my headcanon for the backstory of the LOTR setting that I'm using for the YvtW xover.

Basically starting with the movie-verse as a baseline and then start making changes, adding things, and explaining things from a different pov to align more book-verse themes/characterization/etc. to it. I still have a huge infodump file. And a genealogy graph (so I can keep my OCs straight).

Then I started writing post-Hobbit:BOFA plot and dialogue. So I thought... eh, I can put fic snippets in a separate file. Now, 60+ Google doc pages later, I...pretty much have a full fledged fic.

Part 1 - Fall & Winter After BOFA
Part 2 - Spring & Summer After BOFA

Total of 27k+ words. That's like half a nanowrimo. I... I don't even know where all these words came from.

Also, my muses are demanding I write First Age Silm-fic set in Doriath, a backstory to the backstory.

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