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Because these things keep up at night (ok not really)...

According to canon, Elrond & Elros got their names from when they were discovered outside/inside a waterfall. This was presumably a discovery (and naming) by the people of Gil-Galad or even the High King himself. But...before that they spent time under the care of Maedhros and Maglor (which from what accounts I've been able to find, they were treated well), and then before they had to have spent a few years with their mother in Avernien.

So, are you telling me they didn't get names before then? Ok, I can maybe see them keeping mum about the names the Kinslayers gave them while living in the company of all those people who hate the Feanorians' guts. But what about their original father/mother-names? Ok, maybe they didn't have a father name because Earendil might've been at sea (and never returned in all the time since their birth until their capture)...but they had to have at least a mother name? Did Elwing, like, keep it a great secret or something? I mean, we know her cousin Celeborn was alive at least; she didn't tell him?

Anyway, while on the topic of Peredhil, here's the timeline I have from near the end of the First Age.

503 Earendil & Elwing born, Death of Beren & Luthien
506 Fall of Doriath
510 Fall of Gondolin
530 Earendil & Elwing wed; Tuor & Idril depart
532 Elrond & Elros born
538 Third Kinslaying
545 War of Wrath begins
587 Death of Maedhros

So what this basically tells me is that Earendil & Elwing got hitched when they were like 27. Agreeable age for an Edain...but that's underage for an elf! And Elwing was only 1/4 Edain! I wonder that no one protested... I would think especially the refugees of Doriath wouldn't be happy about such a young & hasty marriage (and hasty pregnancy!). Also, puts a new light on Elwing's abandonment of Avernien and her kids during the kinslaying...too young to handle the pressure maybe?

Note their marriage and children also goes against the whole "don't marry/have kids in times of strife/war" that the elves had going on. It's like the half-elven line just took one look at the Laws & Customs of the Eldar and then tossed it out the window. Makes you wonder if Earendil had picked a mortal fate like he wanted to, then Elwing would've been allowed to remarry as a matter of course...

Elrond & Elros were only 6 when they got taken by the Sons of Feanor. They were only 13 when the War of Wrath started (55 by the time it was over). I have to wonder if they actually participated much in the fighting. By elven standards, they would've been too young for the whole thing. By Edain standards, I guess they might've been able to squeeze by.

EDIT: W00T, bot a response to the first part of this post on tumblr... lots of interesting info.
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