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Huh. Earendil having higher % of human in him than Elwing explains why he would’ve picked the fate of Men if his wife hadn’t chosen the fate of Elves for them both.

Also, it’s interesting that normally people think of Elrond/Celebrian and their kids as Noldorin. However, genetically speaking, it’s not either of the top two (top 3?) of their genetic makeup. Even if we’re just looking at the classification being passed by the father-line… Celebrian’s father is 100% Sindar. Elrond’s dad is majority human, and his paternal granddad is pure human. (This also explains a lot about Elros and his choice.)

I guess they just self identify culturally as Noldor (same way that Legolas self identifies as Silvan rather than Sindar).

Though... Celebrian I suppose could be argued might've self identified as Sindar, depending on how she grew up. Then again, given how Galadriel kinda eclipses everyone around her, including her husband, it possible that Celebrian might've gotten classified with her mother instead of her father. Of course, it's further amusing when you consider that Galadriel is only 1/4 Noldor, though it is on her paternal grandfather.

BTW were there any sources that Gil-galad's mom was Sindar? I would've thought it'd be more likely that she was one of the Noldor exiles.

A little more about the House of Oropher... We know that Oropher himself was a Sindar of Doriath. My headcanon is that his wife (or maybe even mother) is Vanyar, which is where Thranduil got his golden hair. Maybe she was a Vanya that tarried on the original journey to Valinor and then stayed because of love. It's somewhat less likely that she'd have come back to Arda with the Noldor exiles and that Oropher would marry an Exile, though with the right family drama, it could still be a viable option.

My headcanon of Thranduil's wife is that she's Silvan, at least bookverse. In the movieverse, she might have been Sindarin as well, with a very small chance that she was a former denizen of Gondolin (cuz of that silly line where movie!Legolas claimed that Orcrist was made by his kin).

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Hmm. I don't recall reading anything about Gil-galad's mom. I'm guessing she was a Noldor exile as you suggest.
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