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Thranduil = 瑟兰迪尔 = 瑟爹 = "Th-dad"
Legolas = 莱格拉斯 = 小叶子 = "Little Leaf"
Tauriel = 陶瑞尔 = 桃子 = "Peaches"
Gandalf = 甘道夫 = 豆腐 = "Tofu"
Thorin = 索林 = 大舅 = "Uncle"

Oh Gandalf... *snicker*


Also, after reading a metric ton of posts about Hobbit, I have to *facepalm* even more at the epic geography!fail and history!fail that was the new content PJ put into the Hobbit movies.

The geography!fail - Remember my previous post on how Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli had to have superspeed to have made it all the way from Rohan to Gondor in like 1/5th of the time of their book counterparts, and without horses at that? Well, it's the same in BoFA.

Basically after Smaug dies, Legolas and Tauriel take a side trip to Gundabad, and manage to get back to Esgaroth just in time for the battle. Here's a map. Notice where Gundabad and Esgaroth are located? That's right. On opposite sides of Mirkwood. So here Legolas & Tauriel made that roundtrip within a few scene changes, at most 2-3 days if we really stretch the timeline of events on the Esgaroth side. [snark]Did they make a stop at home on the way while Daddy's out with the army?[/snark]

And then you have to consider how the orc army reinforcements got all the way from Gundabad to Esgaroth as well. Somehow without anyone in Mirkwood spotting anything suspicious. Yeah.

The history!fail - So in Hobbit2:DoS Legolas mentions that Tauriel had been in Thranduil's favors/service for about 600 years. In BoFA, he tells her about how his mom died in Gundabad and she's obviously never heard of this before. Since the death of your queen is obviously not small news, that would mean the events must have happened significantly earlier than 600 years. Also, the unspoken implications of Legolas' complaint about how his dad never talks about his mom seems to imply that he himself did not remember her well, and that she died when he was really young. The LOTR visual companion previously stated that movie!Legolas was 2900+ years old, born in the really early Third Age (after the Last Alliance though). This kinda implies that's around when the queen died.

But then, the backstory for the Movie!Hobbit states that the white gems that Thranduil was trying to get from the dwarves was an heirloom/necklace that was commissioned for his wife (or maybe in memory of?). But...it was commissioned from Thror, Thorin's grandfather. Although dwarves do have long lives, it ain't that long for the commission to have taken place in the early Third Age.

So...how do you jive that discrepancy? Either Legolas' mom died much more recently, in which case he would've been an adult when it happened and should've been more understanding about his dad's silence plus Tauriel should've known all this history to begin with... Or, she died really early and just now Thranduil got around to commissioning a necklace in her memory, despite the fact that according to Legolas he really didn't want to dwell on her memory? Or...it was commissioned from Thorin's many times ancestor in the early Third Age and Thranduil just got around to asking about it from Thror in the AUJ prologue?

My personal headcanon (for the purposes of YvtW, I guess):

The narrator (Bilbo) got Thranduil's story confused with Thingol's and the white gems thing either didn't happen or was not related to the dead queen/a necklace. I'm sure there's many other reasons for relations between Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain to go sour in Thror's time.

There was no side trip to Gundabad during BoFA (I'm not even sure I want to have Tauriel around in the YvtW-verse). Legolas could've arrived at Esgaroth with his dad's army and nothing much would've changed about the general events of the story.

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Date: 2015-02-28 09:06 pm (UTC)
cashew: Nokoru looking drained with a steaming cup of tea and his fingers up in a victory sign (CCD // exhausted)
From: [personal profile] cashew
So, my housemate is a LotR buff and has all the works of Tolkien with her in many forms, including a pocketbook edition for easy reading on the bus. She has so many problems with this film.

In short, eh, it's a PJ adaptation that he clearly didn't put much thought in and is mostly just squeezing it for a cash grab. Not at all surprised at all the problems.

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Date: 2015-03-03 08:43 pm (UTC)
cashew: Nokoru looking drained with a steaming cup of tea and his fingers up in a victory sign (CCD // exhausted)
From: [personal profile] cashew
Well, the problem is that even to a non-fan, the movie was still a crappy movie. It's pacing sucked and the whole "oooh, dragon sickness is a curse" thing didn't really work for me. And not to mention in-story continuity problems, like do trolls turn into stone in the sun or not? Because you can't have them turning to stone in movie one then have the orc army using them in battle in broad daylight in movie three. Just one of the more egregious mistakes...
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