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Didn't actually get any sleep the last night in Auckland. Basically just tossed and turned for like 4 hours. We flew first to Sydney and then waited for another 4 hours for our connecting flight to LAX. Not sure why they can't just have us fly directly from NZ to the US but I'm guessing it is probably due to group rates. I didn't get any sleep on that flight, but did manage to catch maybe an hour's nap during the wait.

The international flight from Sydney to LAX was supposed to be about 12+ hours in duration. I watched two in flight movies (Qantas international has a pretty big list to pick from) - Guardians of the Galaxy and Inglorious Basterds. Then I think I must have slept about 5+ hours, which is pretty good, even if I missed the 'midnight' ice cream snack they served.

As an aside for the movies, they were kinda meh to be honest. GotG didn't really grab me, and I thought the male lead way too cliche. Inglorious Basterds reminds of a revenge fanfic; I didn't get what's so great about it that has so many authors on AO3 lauding it.

Anyway, the connecting flight from LAX to SFO was much tighter in schedule. We were lucky that the checkout was quick (they didn't even collect my customs declaration form, which is kinda a WTF after the interrogation in NZ), and the check-in wasn't too bad. We managed to get through everything in like 1.5 hours and just 15-20 mins before the boarding.

The flight to SFO was uneventful, as was the BART ride afterwards. One the "same day" that we left NZ, as a matter of fact, due to crossing the international date line. (Hm...looking over the timestamps of previous entries, it seems that IJ used the US Pacific Time for all of them even though I posted them from AU/NZ. Ah well, don't think it would be worth the bother to manually change them all.)

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Date: 2015-01-05 06:31 am (UTC)
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Glad to hear you made it back to the states in one piece. ^_^

RE: GotG - I actually enjoyed the movie. Yeah, the lead character was cliche, but at least he was a likeable idiot with his heart in the right place and generally not an ass (that helps a lot). I felt the pacing was a little slow and, honestly, the pseudo-romance thing they had going kinda turned me off and I was hoping for more Rocket screen time, but who doesn't love Groot? Anyway, it's solidly ranked above Thor and below Iron Man for me.

Have not seen Inglorious Basterds. Will check to see if it's available on the flight back and get to you on that. :p
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