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Happy New Year to all! (It ought to be the first in the US at this point).

Before we left Rotorua proper, we stopped at the Wylie (?) Gardens for some quick pictures. Then, it was a 3 hour drive to Auckland.

We stopped at the outskirts of the city to get lunch at a mall food court. Got some sushi with fresh locally produced trout. Mmmh.

After that we went worked off our lunch with a short hike at the peak of Mt. Eden. It's not exactly a famous mountain (ex-volcano) but it does give a nice view of the city.

After that there were a few more short stops at a local beach, a ferry station, and the local bridge. These three spots weren't really worth getting off at really. The beach was more of a have fun place than scenic spot. The ferry station didn't have any really unique architecture. And the bridge honestly photographed better from the mountain than close up.

Finally we got to the hotel, which was the Skycity casino, a tower like building that's probably the highest building in the city by a lot. They have free wifi here, but it takes like a dozen tries to connect. Dinner was the buffet in the atrium. Then afterwards we went up to the observation decks to take pictures of the surrounding city. On the way down, we spent most of the remaining NZ dollars we had in the gift shop to finish off our checklists.

Tomorrow our wake up call is at 4 am in order to catch the international flight to Australia (then LA, then SFO). Kia ora New Zealand!
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