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This morning we left Queenstown for Auckland airport. I noticed that 2 out of 2 NZ airports have the same process of (dis)embarkation. Basically you have to cross the tarmac and go up and down a ladder to the plane. The good thing is that there are two ladders at the front and tail of the plane, so if you're seated in the back you don't have to squeeze through everyone in front of you to get on and off the plane, making the process more than twice as fast as normal flights in most other countries. The con is of course you're SOL if its raining.

After we left the airport the bus drove for about 2 hours to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Very pretty ceiling. Quiet boat ride under a very pretty glittery ceiling. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed there so we could only take pics of the cave exit.

Then 2 more hours drive to the town of Rotorua. Dinner was at a chinese restaurant that specializes in venison. Food was pretty good. Or maybe its just the fact we didn't have time for lunch today.

Our hotel in town is the Millennium again, the same hotel chain as before, and same wifi policy. I actually also spotted a Rydges hotel in town as well and the town brochure mentions they have the same unlimited wifi policy as our hotel in Sydney. Hrm.
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