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Today could more accurately be called the day of food.

This morning we have a free period to do whatever on our own. We chose to do a hour long Segway tour of the area. My first time on one of these things. It turns out to be not that different from riding a bike, except the balance is front to back instead of side to sides. In the same group with us where two kids and their parents. The dad was taking pictures with one hand as he went along. This turned out to be a bad idea, as on the pebbly trail just before the star/finish lot, he ran over some rock and wasn't able to keep his balance. Apparently the dive he took caused him scrape his leg along some sharp rock fragments, resulting in a painful and scary looking wound (going by the hysterics the rest of the family went into; I didn't see it myself). A reminder kids - somethings you just don't do with one hand unless you're pro.

Around lunch time we met with the rest of our tour group and rode the gondola up the nearby mountain (whose name I forgot). We had a few moments to snap pictures of the scenic view up high while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Lunch was a buffet at the restaurant there at the top. The food was good and the view was great. Of special note were the mussels (local specialty and very fresh), actual sushi (mmm...sashimi), and large variety of desserts (mmm...tiramisu).

Our gondola + lunch ticket also included one free ride of the Luge. That was pretty fun, though I would on the whole prefer things that used more leg muscle than arm. My upper body strength is puny. =P

Later that afternoon we went to visit the early chinese settlements from the gold rush days a century ago. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy that as much, since there really wasn't much to see there, plus the trees in the area were dropping these fuzz things that drove my allergies wild.

Eventually we headed back to town, and after a bit more wandering and waiting, we had our dinner at a korean BBQ place. Food was ok, the kimchi was nice if really spicy, etc.

To tomorrow we have another flight up to north NZ. It's not an early flight (and the airport is teeny) so there's that.
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