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Today's outing centered around a cruise at Milford Sound.

First, we got up early for a four hour drive ove to Te Anau (sp?) lake. There were a few pit stops at a few scenic spots such as Mirror Lake and so forth. But I admit I actually slept through most of the drive up. I am told the scenery on the way was pretty good, and we passed by a few sheep herds.

The cruise itself, despite having an English name, was distinctly Asian. The lunch buffet was Asain food, the second announcer/commentator was in chinese, and like 90%+ of the people on board were Asian. I guess that tells you a lot about the demographics of tourism here.

The view, of course, was gorgeous. We also passed by afew spots where seals were resting on the shore. The cruise was about an hour long and covered a round trip from the harbor to the place where the lake meets the sea.

The drive back was our tour guide telling jokes and riddles, and trying to get our tour members to each sing something. Ugh. I was hiding low in my seat. Fingers crossed for future long drives.
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