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Posting this from the airport on day 6...

So yesterday morning we were allowed to get up late for once. Left the hotel at a leisurely 10 am and hit up a couple more places in the city.

We visited St. Patrick's, the Fitzroy gardens which included Capt. Cook's cottage and a "fairy tree". Then the Shrine of Remembrance, another war memorial.

At lunch we ate at Chinatown, a dim sum place called Shark Fin Group (食为先). We were actually to try the taste of kangaroo though, since you can trust a cantonese diner to serve anything. So we had kangaroo meat cooked in the style of mongolian beef. It was pretty good. The appearance of the meat looked more similar to beef. The texture when chewed was kinda a midway between pork, chicken, and liver.

Afterwards we killed about an hour or so in a local Chinese museum (澳华历史博物馆) about the history of the chinese community in Australia. It was a really well made museum, with 5 floors that made the best of its limited area. It was also full of infostats and anecdotes. Wonder if there's anything like it in SF.

In the afternoon we drove a long way over to Phillip Island. First stop was at the seal rocks place called The Nobbies. Unfortunately, the weather was too chilly for the seals to come out so we didn't see much except seagulls and one lone wallaby.

Dinner was lobster, nicely done but not much else to say about it. There was wine served for once, and I think our tour guide was a little drunk. He certainly did a lot of loud singing on the bus afterwards, though at least his singing voice was ok.

Then we waited out the sunset at the beach for the penguin parade. A lot of chilly waiting for a bunch of blobs wobbling in the distance. No lights/flash allowed, no cameras period with or without flash...meh. We actually got a better look at the penguins on our way back to the parking lot, wobbling along the causeways just outside the fence. No photos even if they'd allowed it though. The lack of ambient light meant your average digital camera and cellphone just showed a fully black screen if you tried.

The drive back to the hotel was quiet. It was nearly midnight when we got back. Then this morning we all got woken up early to catch the flight to NZ. And here we are.
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