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This morning we went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park where we were introduced to Australia's native wildlife. The place is actually kinda a cross between a normal zoo and a petting zoo. I got to pet a koala, an emu, and some kangaroos. Koala fur is surprisingly coarse, like wool. Emu... feathers feel more like fur than feathers. Kangaroo felt like oversized rats. Things that weren't for petting: dingoes, crocodile, echidna. I did not find any platypus there, sadly.

Afterwards was a long drive to the Blue Mountains, so named due to the refraction of sunlight off eucalyptus leaf oil. Unfortunately, during our short stop in a villa for lunch it started to rain, so we couldn't get the full effect today.

At Blue Moutains we started off taking pictures from Echo Point at the Three Sisters cluster of rocky peaks. We then took a ride downhill in the scenic rail, kinda like the one in Lucerne. Difference is, the ride is very short, and the track much more steep. The track must have been like a 50 to 60 degree incline. After that we hiked for a bit (in a quick thunderstorm no less...though with more lightning and thunder than actual rain) until we got to a small waterfall. That parts was really underwhelming to be honest. We took a cable car back up. The operator in the car showed off by repeating his scenic spiel in a bunch of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, French, and Japanese.

Dinner was at a buffet inside a huge casino called The Star. Mostly western cuisine with some eastern, but nothing really stood out for me except the dessert. They had some really fancy dessert items in shot glasses. And a chocolate fountain.

In the evening, the weather was clear once more, and our tour guide took us on a walk around our hotel. We passed by the St. Andrews chapel, the Town Hall, through the Queen Victoria Building (supposedly the first mall in AU but it was renovated in the 80s so the inside looked like any other fancy modern mall).

We went up the Sydney Tower (to the "Eye"). There was a 4D intro that was pretty cool. The actual observation deck was pretty meh though. The tower wasn't as high as the ones in HK or Shanghai; nor did the city below have any especially fancy lights to go wow about.

By the time we finished everything it was about 10 pm. Tomorrow is another early day. Le sigh.

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Date: 2014-12-25 07:50 am (UTC)
cashew: dude with sunglasses looking confused (Misc // Haa?)
From: [personal profile] cashew
Pardon the confusion, but what the ever living fuck is "4d"?

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Date: 2014-12-25 11:16 pm (UTC)
cashew: Sumomo acting like Sumomo (Default)
From: [personal profile] cashew
Okay. That makes a little more sense. Except for the fact that y'know physical sensations isn't a dimension.
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