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So I flew out of SFO on Sat evening and after a stop in LAX, arrived in Sydney at just before noon local time Monday.

No rest for the weary though, and we went dierctly from the 13 hour flight to the tour.

Stop one was some spot called Mrs Macquarie's Chair. Pretty sure I misspelled that but I can't be bothered to look up the exact name right now. From what I could tell the point of the place is just that it had a good view of the Sydney opera house.

Stop two was St. Mary's cathedral. Which honestly is not that different from any of the other cathedrals in Europe.

Stop three was the Opera House itself. Nice place. Definitely interesting architecture. It's too bad I've never been inside the new opera house in Beijing built for the Olympics for a comparison.

After that we stopped at some shopping district (The Rocks) so some folks can exchange their money.

Last item of the day was a cruise plus dinner in Darling Harbor. Not a very filling dinner since the day's schedule meant we only had a light brunch at the end of the plane flight and then nothing else til dinner. But the food was well cooked. Shrimp vermicelli appetizer. Fish and potatoes main course. Coffee cake dessert. Good views on the water.

Got into the hotel around 7 pm local time. Will need to get up early for a full day tomorrow. Hopefully the good weather from today will hold and there wont be any summer storms.

Oh yeah. It's summer here down under which is nice. Weather is kinda muggy but the constant winds from the ocean offset it. Kinda nice, really. Have not spotted any huge venomous bugs that Australia is known for (along with the world's most poisonous everything else). Here's hoping that will also last.

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Date: 2014-12-23 02:33 am (UTC)
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Have fun in Australia. And let me know what you think of the latest and last installment of the HOBBIT when you get around to seeing it.
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