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Part 5 is done.
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Yeah I still haven't decided on Faramir's fate yet. *shrug*

I dropped all the extra dragons and stuff from the original version, because honestly, they're not needed. I think I've kept things more in line with canon and still made for an effective narrative.

Plans for part 6...I want to incorporate more of Mirkwood and possibly Dale/Erebor - which means that part won't get written until I see Hobbit 3 and decide what to keep/discard. I did have one scene already with Thranduil, and that is also still subject to retcon.

As for the segue into the Afterlife arc, it doesn't make sense anymore for Aragorn to bring up the connection. If [personal profile] ossian approves, I want to use character from the Simarillion. I have two potential candidates, so let me know who you prefer.

* Tuor - He's similar to the PCs in that he wasn't born immortal, which gives a mechanism to introduce some background meta stuff. Canonically known to have dropped off the map, so to speak, for a long time. His Edain heritage may give him the freedom to 'travel beyond the circle of the world' which sounds like an euphemism for d-travel. Also, he would bring together 4 generations of direct lineage (Tuor - Earendil - Elrond - Elladan/Elrohir) which could make for some interesting family drama.

* Maglor - Another wanderer whose fate is unknown since the end of the First Age. He would introduce lots of potential conflict/drama. Given that as long as the Andromeda is around, Earendil's Simaril is technically within reach, a lot of people (including the PCs) would get all paranoid about the Doom with Maglor around. Elrond would likely have some mixed feelings about the guy due to being kidnapped/raised by him. And even putting aside the Silmaril, I suspect Earendil would not like him for the same reason.

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Date: 2014-01-31 01:32 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ossian
Eh, go with Tuor. I never really cottoned to that Maglor guy. Don't ask me why. :p
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