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- Going with a saner Paths of the Dead thing (see last entry). Which means we only get quickly where we are going due to explicit cheating rather than via the magic of scene change. Also, ditching the CGI ghosts at Pelargir because it would be a little too anti-climatic to bring them to Minas Tirith, since I don't plan on having more than just the one big battle there.

- Just realized while researching while rewriting: Shelob is a Bug/Poison type by pokemon standards. Bug/Poison are vulnerable to Fire/Psychic types. CBY, who killed Shelob, used Fire (lightsaber) and Psychic (Dark Side Force) attacks. Wow, it all works out!

- Feeling really sorry for Faramir after everything I've done (and will do further) to him. By the same respects, if I need Denethor alive, it'll be so I can torture him. Narratively speaking, that is. My PC doesn't do torture.

- According to wiki, Theodred is like 10+ years older than Eomer/Eowyn. However, his movie actor looks really young. So I am retconning my continuity based on the movie actor and making him the same age as Eowyn, and thus younger than Eomer.

- Eowyn does end up going to Gondor with the army anyway. So... who else should I kill/maim off? *eg*

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Date: 2014-01-18 04:35 pm (UTC)
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I've totally started to read chapter 1 (although I'm due to run out in a bit, so uh, no feedback yet). Already my first thought is "Why on earth would anyone want to be called Z-man?" :p Also, I see pokemon shipping and am pointing and laughing.
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