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I found this site for all my LOTR mapping needs!


- Dang... movie made it seem like Pelargir was right outside the Paths of the Dead, but it's actually 5 days ride away. And then it takes 2 days by ship to Minas Tirith. I'm probably going to need to scrap going that way altogether for the fic. Damn it, and it was a nice scene. Hm... maybe not... let me see what I can do.

- Going by the fact that Frodo & co. went from Henneth Annun to the Morgul Road within a day (dawn to dusk at most), it should be reasonable to assume that Gollum could get from the Dead Marshes to Henneth Annun in four days if he took no detours and very little rest outside of looking for food.

- Thoughts: there's no way Z-man could've just walked between Isengard to Anorien/Rammas Echor during the time frame between our heroes rescuing Gandalf and leaving Rivendell. I am positing that he probably teleported directly somewhere near Minas Tirith after Isengard, before the jamming came up. Why there? Cuz his sight was probably fuzzy near Mordor, and teleport untrustworthy. So he had to find the staircase to Cirith Ungol his own. Which is why he spent several days there and our heroes managed to catch up with him at Shelob.

- non-map note: I just realized that Gimli is only a little undiplomatic. Legolas is a diplomatic disaster. Think about it - outing Aragorn in the worst way possible to Boromir, what he said to Galadriel about Gandalf (for which he's rebuked), meeting Eomer... It's probably a good thing he stays quiet most of the time.

EDIT: More thoughts on the fic...

Yes/No to Legolas still hearing the gulls?

Well, I guess it doesn't matter for his sake, since sooner or later in his eternal life he'll get to Valinor. But if he doesn't go in the next few decades, he won't be able to take Gimli with him.

So the real question is, should Gimli still get to go West? More more importantly...would Gimli care?

I mean pro - he'd be with his BFF and may be the only dwarf to get to meet Aule. But con - he'd spend his dying days surrounded by elves and no other dwarves.


More thoughts after re-watching ROTK.

1. Movie!Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli have superspeed. Yes they do.

See, in the book it took the Grey Company 5 days to ride from the Paths to the Dead to Pelargir, and that was on horeback riding in haste. They were sporadically fighting from Linhir onwards, and they reached that on day 3.

In the movie, the three of them lost their horses before Erech, and then managed to reach the banks of the Anduin in 2 days (Elrond tells Aragorn at Dunharrow the Corsairs will be at Minas Tirith in 2 days, so.) Now, I'm guessing they skipped Linhir and Pelargir (so those places burned?) which skims off 2 days.

It still means that the 3 movie guys on foot took 2 days to run to where a company of riders spent ~3 days getting to. Yep. Superspeed. (WTF)

Also, they had no food & water with them during this run. But then, neither did they seem to when chasing after the uruk hai in the beginning of TTT. Numenoreans in movie!ME don't need wussy things like water or food, man.

2. The mountain of skulls at Erech wasn't any less cheesy the second time around. Aragorn's speech was kinda meh too, but eh...

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Yes to Gimli going to Valinor-he wants to see Galadriel one last time before he dies. Granted, that"s a book-canon issue, but I am in favour of it.

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Date: 2014-01-16 03:22 am (UTC)
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So, yes, also, Legolas should hear the gulls.
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