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Finished Part 3 today.
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- Massive, massive rewrite from the original. Basically everything in Rohan was rewritten. Most of my PC's scenes were also reshuffled and altered.

- Most of the changes was to 1) account for the previous changes made in the storyline and 2) shift the appropriate characterizations and plot closer to movie canon.

- Eowyn's role was revamped, and I'm still debating whether she goes to Gondor at all. Arwen's role got cut. I'm not running a movie where I have to meet a quota for female romantic lead. (And for female lead there is already my PC anyway.) I think it makes more sense now given the backstory and characterizations of these characters.

- The main battle got a revamp after I read this analysis of the dumb parts of Hollywood logic. I tried to make my version more...eh, less stupid. I'm not an expert at strategy/tactics stuff though, so advice on that part is appreciated.

- Boy did Saruman like to monologue in the movie. I think I also made him fight a little smarter, possibly make up for not having the time to build up as much resources as in canon. His ultimate fate... I'm still thinking that, so it's been left vague for now.

Now, as I start on the next section...

- Shelob part is probably going to be pasted in as is, which will save some time.

- All of the Gondor parts will need to be scrapped. Probably not going to be separate Pelennor/Siege/Black Gate fights. Still letting that percolate.

- Still wavering if I should kill Faramir off instead of Denethor. The fireworks when Boromir gets home would be spectacular.

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Date: 2014-01-14 08:55 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ossian
I vote for Faramir's demise. Chalk it it up to my disdain for a character who is so perfect in every way. p
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