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Aftermath pics on tumblr.

Honestly, after watching and reading other gamer experiences, I didn't have all that much hope to beat this revamped boss. I tried joining a NA cross-server guild on the official forums, but it seemed like getting everyone onto one server instance is a really difficult affair. After wrangling with the guesting and overflow system for over an hour, I gave up.

So I threw up my hands and went back to my home server, SBI. Also popped in on their TS channel to see how things were there. I found a pretty large and well coordinated group that hadn't been there earlier in the day (prime time hours I guess). So I stuck around to see how it would go.

In the end, it went surprisingly well. I died only once, and it was at the very end due to Tequatl's death throes (I was on Fiery GS so I was under the critter when s/he went down).

EDIT: Ooh, they track the # kills per server here.
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