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Well, they're calling it the Dragon Bash due to the fact that the official enemies are dragons. But it's still a dragon themed party. But, that's not the important part. The important part is this:


*makes grabby motions*

I found the scelerite weapons in the last update too meh. The SAB skins were fun and I got a GS for the guardian and a staff for my mesmer. The Fused weapon skins before that were too hard to get (from black lion boxes... I don't gamble). So here's hoping these skins are more available. Cuz *grabby*

I want the axe & longbow for my ranger, the shortbow/sword (and possibly daggers/pistol depending on size) for my thief, the staff & focus for my ele (don't care if colors clash, or maybe I'll make a necro for it), and the shield to just sit in my inventory until I have a character I can use them on (engi?/future warrior?)

EDIT: Ok, preliminary reports on the RNG for these aren't promising. So looks like I will need to prioritize. And farm farm farm.
Priority: longbow > sword/staff > shortbow > shield/dagger/axe

EDIT2: Official patch notes thread

EDIT3: Event is now over. Only got one jade weapon ticket (via casual playing; I wasn't about to farm for it). Used it for a shortbow on thief (since it matches her color scheme).

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Date: 2013-06-11 12:18 am (UTC)
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*makes grabby hands* Wait, what am I doing? Need to focus on writing. Geh. ;_;

The torch does look really pretty tho'.
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