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So I mentioned a few posts back that I'd started a new mesmer. Once I had finished up getting my last few pieces of exotic gear for my 3 level 80's, I went back and started playing on my lowbies some more.

That mesmer is now level 72. The thief is still around the 56ish range, and my engineer got some play and hit 38. Yeah you can see where most of my leveling effort went. I thought I'd share some thoughts.

Mesmer has come a long way from what they were in GW1, where they were the unwanted stepchildren of PvE. Well... the unwanted PCs of PvE and godly when brought along as AI driven interrupters. In GW2 the mesmer is one of the top wanted classes for "elite" PvE dungeon groups, and still considered pretty critical for PvP/WvW. The only thing it might not do well is PvE farming, possibly...

And levelling, supposedly. I was initially leery of the class because all of the feedback I've seen on the forums was that it was really hard to level. However, as it turned out, the class wasn't hard to learn or play at all. Aside from possibly a small slump at around lvl 30-40, I was breezing through PvE content the whole way. It actually felt as if I was dying less than I had on my guardian, which was one of the classes hailed for its easy-rolling PvE status. Nor did I find I have to go scepter or staff attrition build in order to beat mobs as some forum vets suggest. In fact, it was easy to go full offense and greatsword + sword/focus.

Maybe part of it was due to the fact that my general playing skill improved after running so many dungeons on my ele. Certainly I feel a lot more confident and skill on staff play on the ele, comparable to when I had first discovered D/D. Part of it may have also been that I can now afford to splurge often for masterwork gear to keep my lowbies geared up.

Anyway, some tips/milestones that I recall fondly for the mesmer:

- 20 Dueling trait for Deceptive Evasion is the first thing you want when hitting level 40. Once you can churn out clones on every dodge, you're pretty much set for life.
- There is food that will grant +endurance regen and might on dodge. This is awesome for feeding the dodge-clone factory.
- Stand behind your clones relative to your enemy. They're sometimes better than ranger pets at taking your damage for you since they are expendable and easily respawned.
- Feedback is awesome and there are many mobs that do projectile damage, including the most annoying ones like centaur archer/casters, bandit/dredge shooters, karka/windriders, etc.

As for the thief... it's kind of okay, but getting kind of meh-ish. Currently the most squishy char I have, up with the ele back when I wasn't very good at it. I think a big part of the problem is that I don't have an end goal in mind with it, and it doesn't have as much eye candy as flashier classes like mes/ele/guard does. I'm thinking of eventually doing WvW with her, but...eh...it seems like there's some pretty heavy expectations of thieves in WvW, so that's not set in stone.

My engineer I have actually been doing some playing exclusively in WvW. I figure since I'm not all that good when playing against other people, I might as well go in expecting to die anyway. Taking a character that's low level means less cost in repairs, and less of a hit to the ego when I do die, often. Mostly though I just tag along with the mob and leech off the zerg. It's a good way to level up, and I even managed to get my monthly done really early this month!
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