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Photos are up on Facebook, opened to public (there's no images of me in there anyway and I was careful not to mention names). I've put in captions to the albums and photos as much as I can. Facebook does resize the images that are larger than normal, so if anyone needs a better quality copy of a photo (and assuming I've kept a better quality image), let me know and I'll pass it on by email.

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This story came about from reading one too many Stargate AU/crossovers on SB forums. (Especially this one.)

The "original" timeline used will be an AU. I'm ignoring all of the time travel episodes. There is no solar-flare induced time travel option to the gates, and the timeships that SG1/SGA found were abandoned precisely because they didn't work/couldn't change the existing timeline.

However, for those events which do take place in canon and here (the black hole system, Tollan's evacuation, etc.), I'm using the original air date of the episode in question as a rough guide for when it happens, since I'm using a different "season" system than the show.

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AU FleeTech SpaceTime Cast Errata
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NOTE: Chaos MUD was shut down in 2007 and I lost my characters. T_T
It reopened in 2009

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Well, actually, I've been back for two days now. But I've been spending the last two days catching up on stuff.

My trip to China's been a blast, except when I got sick and the flight back. I've put up backdated entries for the entire experience up on my journal. Here's a menu for easy access (and bookmarking):

12/20 Day 0 - SF to Shanghai
12/21 Day 1 - In Shanghai
12/21 Day 1 - In Nanjing
12/22 Day 2 - Stayed In
12/24 Day 4 - Shopping
12/25 Day 5 - More Shopping
12/26 Day 6 - Family Lunch
12/27 Day 7 - Shopping for Bootleg
12/30 Day 10 - Another Lunch
01/01 Day 12 - More Family Time & Lunch
01/02 Day 13 - Family Visit
01/03 Day 14 - Another Family Visit
01/04 Day 15 - Shopping Again
01/05 Day 16 - Bad Karma
01/06 Day 17 - Sick
01/07 Day 18 - Still Sick
01/08 Day 19 - Nanjing to Shanghai
01/09 Day 20 - Leaving Shanghai
01/09 Day 20 - Stop at Japan
01/09 Day 20 - Stop at LA
01/09 Day 20 - Back Home Again
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