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I hurt from 10 hours in the car...

Spent Thanksgiving long weekend in San Diego. Go to visit the famous Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and Seaworld. Still copying over the photos and videos I took from my portable hard drive. I'll figure out the logistics of what/how to put up tomorrow, and then I will probably backdate the entries.

EDIT to add: I also have various videos which would be too much of a pain to upload at once. So I will just list the files here, and only upload the ones requested. Note that most of these will be posted in f-locked posts.
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Seaworld is like Marine world, in that there are shows with the animals performing tricks at set times, and there are a few water rides. I didn't do any of the rides since I can get that at Great America. I did attend the shows for the dolphins, seals, and orca and took some videos of the show segments.

Aside from the shows there's also a few aquariums, which was difficult to take pictures in as well due to the dark lighting and the fact that digital cameras can't seem to focus very well through glass onto small objects.

Here are the ones I was able to get pics of: )
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We were able to get to the zoo at about 1 PM and stayed until it closed at 5. Unfortunately, during the last two hours, a lot of the animals (mostly the mammals) all went to sleep, so it was difficult if not impossible to get pictures of some of them (like the polar bears, the grizzly, the red panda, etc.)

I did however get an inordinate number of monkey photos, largely cuz we got lost around the area of the monkey trails and spent maybe an hour getting back on track. -_-

Anyway, the photos... )
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Friday morning we visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Due to constraints on time (we also planned to hit the zoo in the afternoon), distance, and energy, we didn't do the Into Africa Tour, which is retrospect is kind of sucked. We did get to see the rest of the exhibits that we could walk to however.

Some photos I took: )
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It took us 11 hours to make it to San Diego, which is longer than it really should have, and all due to taking the scenic route (Highway 1 along the coast) instead of Interstate 5 all the way.

We did get a little lost in Salinas trying to get from 101 to highway 1, and then again in San Luis Obispo trying to get from highway 1 back onto 101. In the end, we found that the on ramp to 101 in San Luis Obispo was actually in the middle of a residential area, literally right in front of somebody's house. Man, those folks must have a hard time getting in and out of the house, especially during weekday rush hours; not to mention the noise.

Highway 1 was very scenic, very pretty. Lots of high cliffs and beaches. It was also very hard to drive (and I drove 80-90% of the entire way to SD) due to the up/downs/twists/turns. Nerve wracking at times, and not very conducive for the driver to enjoy the view off to the side, for fear of accidentally swerving off a cliff. Also, not good for anyone prone to motion sickness. I was getting a bit sick and I never get that while driving.

Took some photos and videos, but they all have people in it so I wont bother posting. We made it to our destination at about 6 PM.
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